Bi the way

‘Broad City’ star Abbi Jacobson is really, really talented. BTW, she dates men & women.

Name: Abbi Jacobson, 34

Who She Is: Actress &  Broad City writer

What She Did: In an interview with Vanity Fair promoting a dramatic turn in the film 6 Balloons, Jacobson came out as a bisexual, acknowledging that she’s dated both men and women.

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Why We’re Proud: Jacobson has had a great year. Besides the ongoing success of Broad City which co-created, wrote, and starred in, Jacobson also scored a leading role in the much-anticipated animated series from Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons). Jacobson will play the role of Princess Bean when Disenchantment debuts on Netflix this August. Oh, and she stopped in to judge an episode of Drag Race.

All of her accomplishments have endeared Jacobson to those of us who love all things fabulous. Her revelation in Vanity Fair, however, is what made us especially proud this season. Though she says she doesn’t apply labels to herself, Jacobson acknowledged that she dates both men and women.

“The world is my oyster,” she said at the time.

Indeed. Jacobson’s next big project will be rebooting A League of Their Own as an Amazon sitcom.

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