ABC’s “Bachelorette” Thinks The World Is Ready For A Gay “Bachelor” Series

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 2.38.54 PMDesiree Hartsock stopped into HuffPost headquarters this week to chat live with fans about life as a reality television star and her latest role on “The Bachelorette,” ABC’s primetime show that exploits polyamorous relationships and promotes rushed marriage between strangers.

Of course, the burning question on everyone’s mind during that interview was “When will ABC give us a gay bachelor or lesbian bachelorette?”

It’s a tough shoe to fill, considering the lackluster ratings Bravo’s 2003 series “Boy Meets Boy” received after throwing straight men into the cast like it was some sort of gay circus attraction.

“I feel like it’s still relationships,” Hartsock responded. “There’s still dates, and there’s still feelings, so yeah, I think it could work.”

There you have it, folks! ABC’s current Bachelorette believes a gay Bachelor series could work because we have dates and feelings just like straight people! Bless her soul. We definitely support that idea, so long as the producers don’t replace the iconic rose with a rainbow pinwheel.

Would you watch a gay Bachelor series?

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  • alterego1980

    I can’t lie. I would probably check it out if it was on just because of the gay factor. But really, I think the Bachelor(ette) is one of the most contrived and ridiculous shows/ides on the planet…

  • Wingfield

    It really couldn’t work… Not if they follow the same bachelor format. Imagine it… 15 hot gay guys living in a house…. They wouldn’t even need the bachelor. What makes it work the way it is is that the heteros living together have 0 attraction to one another.

  • Jollijerk92

    Ummmmmmm yes, but I dunno how the logistics of it would work..I would think everyone would just start fucking…U’d have to make the gay bachelor someone all the other hotties would be vying for, and keeping their dicks in their respective pants.

  • Jollijerk92

    Also, I would like to see a gay version of bad girls club- lolz Bad Boys club lmfao

  • Ridpathos

    Can we opt out???

  • Caleb in SC

    They already DID have something like this on TV. The twist was that one of the guys was actually straight.

  • Spike

    Oh good gawd no. With that said, Reichen has probably already applied.

    Please I hope not if such a show is produced, it’s over on Logo where no one will see it. There is enough out there already portrays the gay community strictly for the entertainment of str8ts.

  • samantharinne

    Yes to lesbian. No to gay. I don’t hate gays, just not into guys. I can’t connect to them at all. I’m transfeminine, so I identify as female.

  • Carlafalvo

    I was interested in being the main 53 yr old gay woman bachelorette tv show. Who would i contact. All my friends and family believe it would be the number one watched show

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