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ABC’s Modern Family Is Riddled With Stereotypes. Hoorah!


THE SHOT — A poster on a NYC subway advertising Modern Family, ABC’s new family comedy marking Ed O’Neill’s big return to TV, and which pairs cross-cultural parenting and gay dads all together now. Except as blogger Craig notes, “I think this is what Jay Leno meant when he told Ryan Phillippe to give him his best gay face.” Yup, it is! But it’s also how a show like this (premiering tomorrow night) has to work: with stereotypes.

There’s the grouchy white dad, the Colombian mom (and child), and yes, the gay dads, raising a baby together. And you can bet your ass that every lowest common denominator punchline (Mexicans ride donkeys!; the gays wear mud masks!) will make its way into the script.

At the very least, producers aren’t making any one group out to be any more or less stereotypically offensive, so we’ve got that going for us. Oh, and Diana Ross:

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