ABC’s Ridiculous Policy to Ban ‘Controversial’ Adam Lambert From Daytime Airwaves


Too gay for ABC daytime, and now too gay for for the early morning. ABC, which broadcast Adam Lambert’s mock-BJ performance during the American Music Awards, abruptly canceled tomorrow’s Good Morning America concert. Because the star’s public performances have become too “controversial.”

“Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning,” says an ABC spokeswoman. (Lambert was just fine to appear on GMA back in August.) It arrives on the heels of some 1,500 complaints over Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” debut, which included a same-sex kiss and a man’s face in Lambert’s crotch, which is nothing hetero stars haven’t been doing for years.

But not that fans will miss out. They just have to change the channel to CBS on Wednesday morning, because The Early Show gladly nabbed the Idol star.


It’s a ridiculous premise: Showing a little same-sex sexuality has now made Lambert morally abhorrent. Which is funny, because as commenter Cam points out, this isn’t too sexual for ABC daytime:

And here we thought ABC’s parent company Disney was “the most gay friendly studio in Hollywood.”

Lambert has already dumped on Out magazine for attacking him. Will ABC be next? (Maybe ABC thinks Jimmy Kimmel’s hour is more appropriate for Lambert. Will Adam accept an invite?) So far, his Twitter account has been silent.

UPDATE: Lambert tells Ryan Seacrest after learning GMA canceled the concert: “I don’t feel I owe anyone an apology for anything. I performed, it was late night TV, I did something that female performers have been doing for years, no different. It’s just the fact that I’m me and it’s a little different for people. It’s really not that big of a deal. … I do think there’s a slight double standard. We’ve seen female pop performers doing extremely sexual routines for years and all of the sudden a guy does it and it’s crazy. … Obviously I respect their decision, they gotta do what they gotta do. It’s too bad, I think there were a lot of fans who were excited to come see me. They probably had a lot of pressure coming at them from certain people who weren’t happy about it. I respect their decision – I don’t necessarily agree with it, but they need to do what they need to do.”

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  • christopher di spirito

    ABC: A.merican B.aptist C.hannel

    So 1,500 homophobic, Christian loons called ABC to bitch about Glambert’s man-on-man kiss. BFD? Who cares? ABC is ridiculous.

  • Attmay

    Lousy breeder goyim.

    Looks like ABC is off the list of channels I will watch. Not like I watched anything on it.

  • Eccaba

    I complained. I’m so sick of this nonsense. Sure, gays are great as long as they never do anything sexually explicit. ugh. You can complain here if you want:
    I’d like to think there are more people who would get offended by the cancellation then got upset over the amas.

  • Jason C.

    I’m glad the Queerty is defending Adam now after blasting his AMA performance yesterday. :-)

  • RomanHans

    Here’s a great website to mass-email Disney (ABC’s owner):

    And here’s my letter:

    I am absolutely stunned by ABC’s stupidity and insensitivity today.

    Adam Lambert has been yanked from “Good Morning America” because ABC has decided, after his performance on the American Music Awards, that he’s not fit for American audiences.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see how offensive this is. Is Madonna similarly blacklisted? Christina Aguilera? Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga?

    Nope, just the gay man. Because apparently he’s too stupid to know he’d need to tone down his act for daytime TV.

    You’ve witlessly caved into an orchestrated campaign by Christian fundamentalists to act against gay men everywhere, and there’s no excuse. You need to apologize to the gay community, and you need to apologize to Mr. Lambert. You also need to reinstate him on your show. I will not watch Good Morning America until that happens, and I am going to do everything I can to share this story with everyone I know.

  • romeo

    NY Times ran a story on this on their blog. Comments are mostly positive for Adam.

    However, one lady was outraged at Adam’s perceived mistreatment of women in his performance. She was all up his ass about that “young girl’s face” he shoved into his crotch! LOL

    I just had to sign on and leave a reply to her:

    “Yeah, ma’am, about that very young ‘girl’s’ face Adam shoved in his crotch. HA HA HA HA HA”

    Apparently, Adam is so far out of some people’s frame of reference, they don’t even realize what he’s doing yet. LMAO !!!

  • Glamswarm

    Hi Romeo Mwuahhh!

    #shameonyouABC trended on Twitter to #2 in a flash

    Adam Lambert has trended for 35 hours straight.

    The boy is a star and well loved imo.

    “CBS said on Tuesday afternoon that Mr. Lambert will appear on Wednesday on its morning program, “The Early Show.””

    Everybody needs to bring out their inner fantard and thank CBS The Early Show IMO.

  • Cam

    Thank you ABC, you have now made it look like the gay man is being attacked. This will be great for CD sales. lol

  • romeo

    Hi, Swarm, you little sweetie. Yeah, I’m taking another 180 on Adam after Sunday. Guy’s getting me really dizzy. LMAO !!!

  • Bill

    14 million people tuned in to the AMA’s. Yet only 1,500 complained.


    I’m sorry, but heteros have really become a pathetic, whiny bunch.

    As I drive down Sunset Blvd on my way to the office each morning, I am confronted with Eva Mendes with her crotch and tits hanging out on a huge billboard. I am confronted with billboards of naked women with their boobs hanging out advertising for the many strip clubs on the strip. I am confronted with billboards for hetero-porn movies. I am confronted with the most vulgar displays of heteros and their sexuality that really border on pornography. This is the same if you turn on your TV or open ANY magazine.

    So, it is with little regret that I say to (the majority of) heterosexuals:


    Morality indeed.

    That’s all.

  • Sam

    If he was banned, it should have been for a lousy performance.
    He’ll be doing Broadway (where he belongs) in a year or so-maybe he can find a show to do with Fantasia.

  • YellowRanger

    I’m sure the network responsible for Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and Cougar Town has suddenly developed a sense of moral outrage over sexual displays in primetime TV…

    Double standards and hypocritical bullshit at their finest.

  • B

    QUEERTY: “And here we thought ABC’s parent company Disney was ‘the most gay friendly studio in Hollywood.'”

    Hint: “parent” companies rarely micromanage each and every decision made at a lower level. If you want to complain about ABC’s stupidity, the complaint will get there faster if you send the complaint directly to ABC.

    Probably all that happened at ABC was that the number of complaints was over a threshold for doing something, with the threshold set under the assumption that the complaints were representative of all of their viewers, not a very small but vocal minority. Some low-level staffer probably applied the rule blindly. Once someone with more authority realizes how much money they stand to lose as viewers switch to whatever channel shows Adam Lambert, ABC will most likely quickly change its position.

  • j s

    I think a lot of you are reading way too much into this by stating it’s about being “gay”. Same sex kissing is allowed, it’s on the soaps, prime time TV shows (look at Modern Family which focuses on a same sex couple) and that was fine go ahead. The point is you CANNOT simulate a sex act (man/man, man/woman, woman/woman) like that, and in such a lewd, distasteful manner on broadcast television. Save it for MTV and the VMA’s Adam! Now for the actual song and his singing… I’m not sure which was worse, the fact that he was rarely on key… or that the song sounds like recycled garbage… but that’s my opinion.

  • Glamswarm

    @Romeo, I know hon:)(waitress voice). Welcome to parenthood. A 60 year long roller coaster ride.ha ha

    I think Adam’s taking a vacation in December, thankfully. We all need some damn rest lmao.

  • scott ny'er

    as predicted, it’s affecting his career already. Hopefully, this will die away and his career will explode. It’s a minefield tho.

    I do wish him all the best and hope he becomes huge.

  • romeo

    @ JS #13: The song isn’t that great, but Adam wasn’t off key, he just got a little pitchy, like he said. Who wouldn’t under those circumstances? But you’ll notice, the performance of the song is not what’s being discussed. LOL

  • Felix


    We need to surpass those 1500 first complaints,

  • DSNX

    This is getting blown out of proportion on all fronts.

    ABC is getting massive attention for the AMAs broadcast (when’s the last time anyone talked about that show?).

    Adam is getting a ton of free publicity.

    The 1500 pearl-clutching fan-wavers who were sent into hysterics by the dirty boy on boy action stuff are being appeased superficially via a meaningless cancellation on GMA.

    They’ll soon go back to their peaceful Hasselbeck-y lives. And if the album is a hit, you can bet money that Adam will be back on ABC sometime in the near future.

  • Frank

    Uh, before you totally the whole of ABC Daytime, this ABC News’ division. ABC Daytime includes the VERY, EXTREMELY gay friendly soap opera One Life to Live that features gay and lesbian characters.

    One Life to Live has aired passionate, shirtless kiss between its gay male characters. It also just had a same sex wedding.

    Previously, the soap opera All My Children was famous for long portrayal of the life and loves of out lesbian Bianca Montgomery, daughter of the show’s superstar, Erica Kane.

    Don’t damn the entire network for the news division’s actions.

  • scott ny'er

    i like the way Cam thinks here. Make Adam look trodden upon.

    this is the same network that had the gay couple contemplating a menage on bros and sisters. So, it really can’t be a network thing. It’s more the outrage over the AMA/Adam performance.

  • j s

    @Romeo #16. Is there really a difference? People say “pitchy” but what does that mean… it means they changed their pitch to a note that did not fit… hence off key. either way though. I’m all for freedom of speech, damn the man… and all of that, but if we’ve learned anything from the past… live television is not the time nor the place. It just causes the FCC to make tougher rules and one day there will be no such thing as “live” tv.

  • VegasTeaRoom

    Here’s the deal, GMA is part of the crappy news division which has tended to look more and more like Fox news lately. Just like Fox entertainment made its bone on Married With Children, and now has Glee in board so goes the relationship between news and entertainment. Entertainment divisions love us, news divisions less so. What is striking is that ABC is being run more and more like a Murdoch enterprise.

    Be afraid, the Mouse is turning into Maus.

  • Swarm

    Yeah he’s a really scary dude here rockin the bedazzler. Meanwhile Rhianna had 10 guns on stage?


    Here’s a review from Gossip Candy by an AMA audience member

    SO much to report! Being at the AMA’s was unbelievable. The sound in the room was much better than what you got on TV. Adam’s performance sounded great – not perfect – but much better than the broadcast version.

    The feeling in the room was ELECTRIC. The crowd was on their feet through the whole thing. The boys-on-leashes seemed to get some applause (maybe it was just me) and it felt like he had the audience with him. When the simulated BJ happened – there was a collective gasp – the energy in the room just went WTF! Did we just see that!?! (Some with GLEE some with Horror I guess).

    I think everyone was still trying to catch up to where he was taking us when he took the tumble. From the perspective of the live performance, he handled it so well it was not an obvious mistake. I wasn’t even sure it was a fall until re-watching the video later.

    When he tongued Tommy it was total Shock &Awe in the room. Unlike what was aired on TV, they did not cut away – all the huge screens in the room stayed on the close-up of them kissing. I don’t know how Tommy managed to go back to playing – boy deserves some serious cred for managing to take that in stride.

    You could tell Adam was just really pumped on adrenaline (especially from the fall on) and there was a just-barely-out-of-control feeling to the whole thing. I think most of the crowd was right there too – the adrenaline in the room was crazy (again…maybe it was just me, but I don’t think so. I don’t think I took a breath from the BJ till the end).

    OTT? Sure. But that’s what EVERYONE, including the network that was pimping him all night, was looking for. If the execution got a little rough, the message was clear and unapologetic; I’m here, I’m queer, I’m going to sing my face off (gay enough for you, OUT?).

    The man is a phenomenal, ferocious talent – and THAT will be the punctuation at the end of the sentence when all the digital-ink is done spilling over this HOOPLA. He took the breath away from the collective audience in the room. It was totally Rock & Roll and the most authentic energy up on that stage all night (with the possible exception of Ga Ga). That performance was in-the-moment anarchy of the best kind. Finally – something interesting happening in pop culture. THANK YOU ADAM.

  • RomanHans

    Bill #9: We New Yorkers are obviously faaar advanced of you left-coasters. We discovered a few months back that nobody’d bat an eyelash at Calvin Klein’s billboards of nearly-naked women, but once a dude was involved, well, suddenly every “concerned mother in Manhattan” was up in arms.

    So, the right wing’s heterosexual-sex message is crystal clear: women are sex objects, and their objectification is no great loss. But they expect better from dudes.

  • Attmay

    @10 Bill:

    I’m sick of having the heterosexual agenda shoved down my throat at every fucking turn. I’m sick of vapid boy-girl romances all over shitty Hollywood movies and three-chord pop non-songs. And I’m past the breaking point in regards to the heterosexual smut that is shoved down children’s throats at every turn. How do gay couples with children protect them from this garbage?

    The FCC needs to be stripped of its authority to regulate program content.

  • Joseph

    Frank is right. ABC Daytime is not at fault here: currently, One Life to Live is offering up probably the best gay male romance on TV, complete with passionate kissing (shirtless, even) and characters discussing three-ways and bisexuality. Additionally, a year ago, the show had a woman clearly going down on a male character.

    This was a decision by ABC News, who caved to a mere 1,500 religious right-wingers and it is disgraceful.

  • naghanenu

    I love you Adam… ABC can lick your balls..

    They’ll be begging for you soon

  • Bill

    @ No. 24 – Roman Hans

    I have lived a decade in NYC and a decade in LA.

    I have seen this in both cities, as well.

    And while the hypocrisy is enough to make you want to scream, it is the lack of acknowledgment of said hypocrisy, even when pointed out to them, that makes my head want to explode.

    I heard no one mention Rihanna’s naked body in the film clip before her performance. Or the many guns and weapons on stage with her. So apparently naked women packing semi-automatic artillery are fine, but Adam was not?

    Ultimately, what can you expect from most heterosexuals? After all, they are a group that has chosen to demonize SEX instead of VIOLENCE. And we all know where that has led the world, don’t we.

    As an afterthought, I could care less about Adam Lambert. His performance was a C- at best. Not original, not organic, very staged, and his singing took a back seat to his antics. So, all in all, not a good performance. However, if he really is an artist, and let’s face it, it is really to early to determine that, he needs to give a big FUCK YOU to ABC and continue to be who he is as an artist.

    I believe CBS has since booked him for their morning show time slot, and everyone will be watching that, so ultimately ABC loses on this one. But so does Adam, a bit.

  • The Milkman

    Yeah. I don’t much care about the sexually provocative stuff. It was boring, contrived, and forced. Not just for Adam, but for all of them.

    My beef was with the fact that Adam’s performance was hyped so much, and then the spectacle was utterly painful to watch. Terrible song. Awful dancing. And the singing… oh my dear God the singing… it was bad bad bad. Seriously bad. Stupendously bad.

    My friends who follow Idol told me that he was a great performer with an awesome voice. I hope that Adam backs off with the tired glam-rock eyeliner and sings something. I’m looking forward to hearing him sometime.

  • simon

    Yet that woman in the green dress above is allowed to hang her udders out on ABC.

  • simon

    I’ve noticed that, in the last 20 years or so, there’s been both an anti-male and an anti-male-to-male double standard develop in American entertainment. If you’re a female performer, you can pretty much do anything, including claim to be bisexual, and the press will adore you for it.

    No wonder Katy Perry was able to sing I Kissed A Girl. If a guy sang I Kissed A Guy, radio would ban it.

    Maybe we in the GLBT community dropped the ball on this. While we’re out having fun, we forgot that the entertainment industry was developing double standards.

  • jason


    It isn’t just the right wing who thinks this way. Liberals are primarily responsible for the bisexual double standard, as can be seen in the sexual revolution and the porn industry. Females and female bisexuality are glamorized, males and male bisexuality are segregated and marginalized.

    You shouldn’t let liberals – including women – off the hook on this.

  • jason

    Get your sexually aggressive udders off ABC, Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I don’t see Adam showing testicular cleavage on the air.

  • Quake

    His performance was trash but adam is right, he has no reason to apologize to anyone for that show. Who fucking cares if you were offended its sex, DEAL WITH IT….

  • B-Eek

    Adam Lambert is so unoriginal. I liked (actually, ADORED) him before but now it seems that all fame and popularity went to his head. And saying that it was ‘in the moment’? PLEASE… Give me a break.. It wasn’t entertaining at all. It’s downright disgusting and totally uncalled for.

  • James UK

    Fantastic! I love that ABC has cancelled Adam’s slot. For lots of reason’s but here’s 5:

    1) You just cannot buy that kind of publicity!

    [It reminds me of the 80s in the UK when the BBC banned Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” from even being played on the radio, never mind showing the video on its chart shows. It went straight to number 1 on the back of the ban and was number 1 for weeks. The weekly spectacle of having to announce that the number 1 was a banned song was excruciatingly funny. Frankie’s album went to No 1 as did their next 2 singles, when the BBC failed to learn its lesson and banned “Two Tribes”.]

    2) CBS is running a spoiler – well done CBS, even if baser commercial instincts were the motivation. If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em. I hope that advertisers have the commercial sense to rub it in and defect to the CBS morning show too.

    3) ABC News in cancelling Adam’s concert has damaged its brand. A news channel that caves to an outside threat and agrees to censor itself is always diminished. One that caves in to a threat which hasn’t even been made has all the editorial integrity of say… Fox.

    Of course, we should try to avoid schadenfreude, at least in mixed company.

    4) It is a public demonstration of the homophobia and double standards that Adam warned about immediately after the AMAs and reminds those with the capacity for critical thought that “post-gay” is a figment of the imagination. To be proven right almost immediately is way more effective than anything Mr Hicklin had to say in his little magazine.

    5) I wonder who will take Adam’s GMA slot? Sarah Palin would be perfect.

  • romeo

    @B-eek #34: What you saw Sunday night was exactly the opposite of letting fame and popularity go to his head. If that had been the case, his performance would have been a lot safer. Maybe you prefer him safer, and not so gay?

    Swarm: thanks for reprinting the review. Nice to know how it went down in the theater itself. Adam is not letting himself be beaten down by this I notice. He’s turning into exactly what I surmised and hoped he would turn into when I first started watching him on AI. He will be a legend! LOL

  • Mike Fourth

    If obviously doesn’t give a crap about gaining new fans. He is happy with the loyal ones he has.

  • Suburban

    From what I understand his performance was much later in evening, so It shouldn’t be the end of the world. Think back to the 90’s when NYPD Blue was on with bare asses and all, and that show lasted for over 10 years. Gay poeple see str8 folk kissing all the time. Is seeing 2 men kissing really all that bad. Did America expect to see him kiss a woman (oh, he says he does). If anything he got tons of publicty for his new CD. Someone will figure out to how to top it in the future and Sunday night will seem tame. Are parents afraid if their kids see 2 guys kiss their kids will become gay? His didn’t kill soemone?

  • Swarm

    @Romeo exactly. The guy’s adrenalin and “FU for this week bitches” took him to another level imo,he finally cracked the discipline of 17 years of theater training. I’ve been waiting to see that. Not easy. Today on radio he said he was proud of that and the ninja roll “I didn’t even know I could do that”. I don’t think he knew he had that sweaty defiance finale in him. He needed that imo. I was over the moon about that performance for all the reasons opposing the “experts”.

    Watch now. He’s doing the National Anthem at Steven Speilberg ADL benefit Dec 9 at the Beverly Hilton (if ya wanna stalk lol).

    Freddie Mercury:

    “A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It’s a theatrical event.”

  • Swarm

    adamlambert twitter:

    My video “For Your Entertainment” is now up on!!!!

  • nakhone

    A Boycott of ABC anyone? Let’s start tweeting and getting the word out. Here’s mine: BOYCOTT ABC FOR CANCELING ADAM LAMBERT’S CONCERT BECAUSE OF HIS AMA PERFORMANCE:

  • romeo

    Swarm: live about 15 minutes from the Beverly Hilton, but don’t imagine I could get anywhere near a Spielberg event. LOL

    BTW: bought 10 copies of the CD full price yesterday. Giving them as Xmas gifts. So how ’bout the rest of you bitches ?!?!

  • Keith Kimmel

    Sounds like a good time to Boycott ABC.

  • but wait, all is not lost

    He should gain back some of the homophobes with his video, which features scantily clad babes climbing all over him.

  • mojojojo

    Could someone post a link to a clip of the kiss?

  • Attmay

    @40 Suburban:

    “Think back to the 90’s when NYPD Blue was on with bare asses and all, and that show lasted for over 10 years”

    Dennis Franz’s ass = acceptable

    Adam Lambert performing fake sex = blackballed from daytime

    ABC = Asinine Breeder Corporation

  • PEter

    @Jason #3 – It’s because Queerty’s not an activist website. They twist in the breeze asmuch as they can to generate web hits.

  • Carole

    I think everyone is playing the gay card incorrectly here. I have to be one of the most liberal minded people around and am married to a T. I just found Adam’s performance to be a little over the top considering that he is a newbie to the music scene among other things. He had an opportunity to gain some fans and instead he seems to have lost some of the ones he had. I loved his “Time for Miracles” video which showcased his voice beautifully. I didn’t watch the AMA’s as I’m not really into most of the music on there but I did see the video before it was yanked.

    Quite honestly, I was disgusted with his “choreography”, disappointed in his vocals and overall, very much against that “performance”. It could have been a guy, a gal, straight or gay, and it would not have changed anything. Adam’s performance was in very poor taste and he should get his ego back in check before he destroys what could be an amazing career.

  • Danny

    I agree people are playing the gay card for no reason. Britney Spears had a number pulled back in the day for her nude suit. Women have taken flack for overly sexed up performances. Adam is no different and it has nothing to do with sexuality.

    People of all ages should be able to watch the AMAs so he was out of line. I don’t know why he chose to lie and say it was in the moment. Every move is rehearsed multiple times.

  • staciegirlie

    I’ve already lashed out at ABC earlier today, however, thanks for the “complaint” link. This will be my 3rd complaint to them today. Here’s my letter to them (my 3rd letter).

    I’m outraged by your decision to YANK Adam Lambert’s GMA concert. Adam IS the reason AMA ratings were the highest since 2003. He’s certainly the only reason I tuned into your SNOOZE FEST excuse of an awards show. I was much more offended and fearful of what influence Emimen’s rape and murder advertisement would have on my kids. I will boycott you to no end and tell my friends and family to do the same. Bravo to Adam for being snatched up by a COMPETENT station such as CBS.

  • staciegirlie

    People, don’t start with the, “He’s playing the Gay card” thing. He’s being discriminated against. There are soooo many sexually charged performances by women and straight male stars that slide under the radar just because they’re straight. So why pick on Adam?

    BTW Adam was interviewed on the Elvis Duran show. He explains a lot, even his fall. Here’s the links in order. Enjoy.

  • romeo

    @ Danny52, Carol51, think you’re both missing the point about what’s going on here. Trying to play “cards” as you put it is precisely what keeps us outside the door. We get nothing by assuming the position. We’ll only be respected when we stand up. Yeah, it’ll be messy. And, Danny, nothing happened in Adam’s act that hasn’t been put in that time slot on broadcast. ABC caved like a bunch of schmucks.

  • Wicked Glitter

    I hate to be a bitch again, BUT WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU PEOPLE BEEN? Start standing up for the man, OK? I quess it’s better late than never, right? Wrong! Adam has needed your support all along, but instead you have done nothing but bitch about him. You have crucified him about everything from his skin, voice, weight, blah,blah blah. I am so angry at all of you right now. So if he kisses a woman next time on stage are you going to turn on him again? I hope not. He has the right to perform the same way as other performers, without people bitching, and clutching at their fake pearls. I wouldn’t blame Adam if he left this country. Then we would loose one of the greatest entertainers of our time. That’s just great! Good job! So today is a new day. Start the boycott of ABC, and all of their sponsors until they include Adam in their lineup. I sent two complaints, and told them that I would be boycotting. I think we should start this campaign all across the internet. This needs to become a cause that we have to stick with. If they don’t feel it in the wallet, then their not going to care. Stick together, and stop bitching about Adam!

  • romeo

    @ Wicked: you don’t know shit about what’s been going on here. That’s your problem.

    And I e-mailed ABC, and other guys have here too.

    Hey Swarm: Won’t dare set foot in Adam Official for the duration, LOL, but if the vid has girls climbing all over him, but it’s the guy he kisses at the end, sounds like we’re right on point! LMAO

  • staciegirlie

    @Romeo–Awe, don’t be like that. Adam Official isn’t that bad. The homepage has no fan threads. Just the video and some info on how to by the deluxe album or a download. Look at me. I’m brave enough to come over here, and you know how many times I’ve been jumped on.

    Whatcha eating?

  • romeo

    Stacie: That joint is wall to wall women, and it scares the hell out of me. LOL

    I’m getting ready to nuke an Amy’s Indian vegetable korma. Very good and only 14% carbs. How about you?

  • staciegirlie


  • staciegirlie

    I had a very stripped down sub sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Can’t have lettuce falling all over me while at work. The phone only rings when I’m trying to type a comment. LOL.

  • staciegirlie

    I know that last sentence was random, but true.

  • romeo

    You’re still at work?

  • staciegirlie

    Unfortunately yeah. I won’t be out of here until nearly 12:00 am. But I’m still getting up bright and early tomorrow to watch Adam.

  • Swarm

    @romeo Adam just interviewed with mtv that the defiance was a big fu for all the people hounding and criticizing him that week. He’s happy he let go, got inspired by gaga and a bit competitive lol (kid-brain duh she was lipping) and long live rock and roll. Indeed. He also said the video was scrubbed since Sunday.

  • Martin

    I’ll admit, I wasn’t on Team Lambert before this incident, but now that the man is being attacked wrongly by the media, I have no choice but to side with him.

  • Swarm

    @romeo oh @god half of them are in need of straight jackets; stick with Gossip Candy for news and wit not angsty at all. But yeah you can go to the video avoiding the forums.

    No sadly no kiss, but Tommy is rubbing against him during the final moments when they jump to him with the band (no band in the thing till the end). He’s all twink-like and rockin the feathers and lace. It’ll come. He’s free punk and totally Adam’s type.

    @wicked glitter you’re about a day and a half late following. And Adam’s not going anywhere he’s divining & manifesting his own destiny and he knows it.

    OK peace, out :)

  • Sexy Rexy

    Look how big Hasselbeck’s titties are!!! Somebody milk de cow!!!

  • alan brickman

    He’s deal with it..Jobriath still rocks…

  • ericblue64

    ABC Productions is presenting several shows UGLY BETTY, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, BROTHERS/SISTERS to name a few featuring strong positive role models for the LGBT community. Positive representation on network television is slowly becoming part of the norm in broadcasting including members of the Good Morning America anchor team. I applaud Barbara Walters for shaming ABC/Disney for allowing themselves to be bullied by a small group of ignorant hating bigots.

    Kudos to CBS for stepping up and bringing Adam Lambert to morning television so that the country and the world will get to see the talent and intelligence that our community has to offer.

    I hope that the LBGT workforce at ABC-TV and GLAAD are working together to help the network revisit it’s diversity plan and develop new guidelines and policies that will help the Company address issues of prejudice and bigotry.

    Best wishes to Adam!

  • Swarm

    sorry to spam so much


    Meanwhile, Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” is also outperforming sales expectations, despite—or perhaps because of—the risque performance he turned in at the American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 22. Label and distribution sources project that “For Your Entertainment” could sell about 225,000 units in its first week.

    That’s a good number.

    Subo is at half a million (expected, she’s on tv all day and qvc)
    Gaga at around 200,000
    Rhianna underperforming at 160,000
    Kris Allen under 85,000 in another article

  • Jonesy

    I’m a hetero who’s also religious and I find it ridiculous that ABC has banned Adam Lambert from daytime tv. He’s completely right, it’s a double standard and his act was completely appropriate and was not remotely obscene for the time in which it was broadcast. Anyone at home who picked up a phone to complain about his act but cheered Madonna and Britney on is just plain bigoted.. Drop the hate folks, people are people regardless of gender or orientation. Phew. Glad I got that out of my system! In other news, best of luck with the campaigns for marriage equality and the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell!!

  • Wicked Glitter

    I’m probably late with this news too, but have you seen Adam’s official video for ‘For your Entertainment”? its on Youtube from glitter4adam. OMG, Adam looks so hot! He has a video on his offical fan site too. Its gorgeous, almost a “Ring-like ” feel to it. Adam gives that sexy smile towards the end. God I love that man!

  • romeo

    Just watched the vid on Adam Official. Actually it’s sort of gender neutral with equal parts men and women feeling him up. Good presentation of the song soundwise. Visuals are tame. Think I recognize a few of the dancers. If so, one of the “girls” ain’t. LOL

    Looks like they shut down the discussion rooms.

  • romeo

    Swarm: are those Billboard projections for the album or just the tune? In either case YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

    Saw Boyle’s vid for “Wild Horses.” It’s so disconcerting listening to that incredible voice and watching her. LOL Bless her heart. Not surprised she’s selling well.

    So happy Adam is selling well, but I kind of expected that performance Sunday would turn the corner for him. I really wanted to see him throwdown. Looks like a lot of people felt the same way. And there’ll be more!

  • damon459

    as others have already said I find it funny this site chooses to support him after bashing him yesterday make up your mind Queerty you can’t have it both ways either he’s good or he’s a pervert this isn’t faux news lol

  • jason

    Look, I’m not really for sleaze in music. This lowering of the bar is tacky and simply alienates people who just want to hear good music. However, Adam does have a point about the double standard. He ought to be applauded for raising it.

  • Swarm

    Shield your eyes, simulated bj on ABC Dancing with the Stars @2:21

    @romeo yes the album!

    Early show early recap:

    Censored Adam’s kiss and showed Britney’s …oh the irony

  • Swarm

    8:20 The whole show is about him and going great. There’s a set outside with fans surrounding.

    They are playing the ENTIRE ALBUM in the background.

    They said they want Adam Lambert there daily for the next 5 years based on the crowd. “the draw of Adam Lambert is remarkable”

    One woman flew in from TOKYO for this. jfc.
    One fan came from Pakistan?

    He’d love to go to Japan. He hopes to tour in the spring. Didn’t say it would be international, it was a different question.

    His interview in the studio held up well. Smart not to do it where the fans will boo. lol.

    Their narrative was it’s broadcast tv and kids watching. He said he is not a babysitter and it was 11:00 at night. He’s a live theater based performer and was playing to the audience he saw in the theater. He then listed all the equally adult material that night Eminem with 17 rapes, Gaga breaking whiskey bottles, Janet Jackson grabbing male crotch. He noted Jackson TWICE very clearly so it didn’t get missed lol.

    They did a little faux pressure on the “will you apologize” (“NO”) and faux assertion that gay has nothing to do with it (he disagreed).He said he’ll try and stick to the rehearsal version in the future for tv. lol

    They were/are being nice, fun, and enthusiastic about the appearance. They’re making a point that it’s a diverse audience. One guy got to ask a question but he wasn’t wearing a boa.

    @Romeo I hope you taped this cuz he’s rockin the natural face no visible makeup- pleather/leather pant-high pompadour-with knee high patent leather boots…his legs look about 5 feet long. lol

    OTOH, the other parts of the show are ugh and I missed going down to my lobby for coffee.

  • Swarm

    There could not be any better cultural statement than suffering through Robin Williams discussing his new heart valve and trying to make his physical condition entertaining.

    Then cutting to Adam Lambert who says yeah, he met Robin William’s daughter out one night and they are friends now. LMAO

  • Swarm

    Oh good , singing in studio. Monte’s guitar had condensation on Letterman from the cold.

  • Joseph

    I’m pissed at CBS News. They showed the AMA performance and censored the male-male kiss but then, for perspective, showed the Britney-Madonna kiss (which was much more obvious) without censoring it. Call them and let them know that Adam was right about the double standard and it’s wrong:

    CBS News
    524 W. 57 St., New York, NY 10019
    Phone: 212-975-4321
    Fax: 212-975-1893

  • Swarm

    The performances were good. There’s a backing track. I was fixed on seeing that Adam wasn’t lipping it.

    Mom is there. And interviewing. good move.

    After singing went outside where some middle aged women made jackasses out of themselves. Also no gay sightings. (sigh) Image police = FAIL

    or maybe that was on purpose on second thought.

    Other than that there is nothing the wouldn’t make you like if not love this kid if you are the mainsteam, so A+

    need. coffee.

    You can see clips on Gossip Candy. FYE album is 5 on the overall chart itunes facing Rhianna, 2 Gagas and somebody else i forget.

  • Swarm


    The single has 2500 ratings at 4 stars. 1590 5 star and 520 1 star.

    There are two albums. 4.5 star again with the 1 star dragging it down from 5 star.




  • Jules

    This should be a must-read for anyone buying into this poser’s cries of discrimination.

    “Whereas just over a year ago it seemed like gay marriage was an inevitable wave sweeping the country – and a tsunami in New England, New Jersey and New York – now it feels like the tide has turned. The hate crimes bill victory was followed by a vicious hate crime in Puerto Rico. We have hearings on ENDA, which could go either way. We have Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell hearings which are being put off until 2010. We have a President who isn’t sure he is our friend.

    And what is the mainstream most worried about, Adam Lambert? Why are they afraid of our partnerships, our service to our country, our working lives, our families? They are worried because they think gay life is exactly what you portrayed on the American Music Awards: focused on the kind of sex that turns people into animals (almost literally, in this case, with crawling dancers leading you on leashes), geared toward enticing children (ABC is a network owned by Disney, for heaven’s sake), degrading, rapacious, empty.”

  • romeo

    Jules: Try reading some of the comments to that post at Huffington. I watched the campaigns for marriage equality here in California and Maine. Lots of gay people shown behaving just the way you would like. We’re losing some, but not all, of these battles. And we lost them before Adam did that simulated BJ at 11:00 p.m. Sunday. What he did was what rockers in a mix of hip hop and pop and rock & roll are supposed to do. The fact that he did it as one of US is the point. it was about affirmation.

    Right wingers are going to do their hate thing no matter the face we present to them. They’re minds are made up. Begging and pleading only gets their contempt. Yes, the columnist is quite correct. Most of us lead ordinary lives doing ordinary, normal things. Most people generally see us in the world and know this about us. Adam’s performance doesn’t change any of that, as witnessed by the relatively moderate level of complaints that ABC got. Have you seen the number of positive messages? Way outnumber the complaints. Adam chose to assert himself in a perfectly appropriate venue for it. He took the risk, and people seem to be respecting him for it.

    Maybe it’s time we got past our fussbudget and martyrdom phase, and stood up for ourselves. Young people struggling with their sexuality could use a message like that.

    That columnist’s pique aside, continuing to follow her road will lead us exactly nowhere. The haters count on us doing exactly what she’s talking about because that’s easy to dispense with.

  • alicia banks

    will he blame his PR crew for this error too?

    how was OUT mag too gay but this prime time porn show not???

    stupidity trumps cowardice always…

    alicia banks



  • Swarm

    Alicia Banks: I love your column so much yesterday. Thank you for the Obama discussion which I 100% believe he IS as you describe.

    Regarding Adam, you’re missing a few facts. He stipulated immediately that he asked the PR guy (gay) to request politics be off limits. It was Hicklin who put it on the head of RCA before hand. The “gay-gay” moniker has yet to be explained by Hicklin, the most ridiculous actor in this story. I can quite see “We’re not going for The Village People here so not too gay-gay ok?” They had the option to fight or rescind the offer at that time.

    Lastly, the show was the culmination of a week of hell for a 27 year old attacked by all sides but mostly from the gay core of his being. So put that together with adrenalin and you get the performance. Porn show is irrelevant to me. Can you even fathom performing in front of 15 million people after being attacked all week and putting a new band and performance together in 3 weeks? My kid is 26 and can’t remember to renew his driver’s license.

    There is no gay-Adam controversy now. He did more for LGBT with two tweets and a 5 minute show than Out magazine has done in their entire recent history. IMO.

    Regardless you can dismiss my argument and Romeo will perhaps reply and much more eloquently than I, but think about it. He’s still on tv today saying there is gay discrimination because of the censorship of the stupid kiss.

    I know 20 young LGBT girls who were heartbroken over his Hicklin treatment. They cried “I want to be normal and not feel like a freak in my own house and Adam understands that. Please stop dividing us.” Pretty damn insightful for teens.

    And about 200,000 homo and hetero fans who are raising LGBT kids and grandkids. See the whole picture before assuming ok?


    @Romeo, morning bb, shutting of this machine now and will likely put it in my car LMAO.

  • Jules

    ” Adam chose to assert himself in a perfectly appropriate venue for it. He took the risk, and people seem to be respecting him for it. ”

    Which people? The ones that play the gay card at every opportunity, and fail to see that his sexuality is not an issue here?

    Straight people have BDSM clubs, too, and there would be just as much outrage if one of them chose to take that act to prime-time TV network. In fact, aren’t you forgetting the Janet Jackson boob incident? She is straight, and so is Justin Timberlake.

    Adam’s Idol persona was completely fake, and he flipped that finger to all the little girls who voted for him on the show, and all their parents who allowed them to stay up and see that nice boy he played on TV. Instead, they were treated to an act that belongs to a night club where people who go in know in advance what they are about to see.

    AMA reps are saying that he did not simulate oral sex in rehearsals. So, either he did it deliberately, and cannot be trusted to stick to the script on live TV, or else, as he claims, he got carried away, and therefore, cannot be trusted not to do it again. That’s why he got booted from GMA.

    It’s not like he is the first gay person that was going appear on that show, you know. There have been others, but they were smart enough not to fake blow jobs on the air.

  • Keith Kimmel

    Step 1: Join this Facebook Group and Invite All Your Friends!


    You can copy and paste this entire post into an e-mail for your non-Facebook friends.

    Step 2: Send ABC & Disney a Letter

    When calling, ask for the contact named. You’ll get thier office, but thats where whining matters. Whining to a switchboard operator will accomplish nothing. However, annoying an executive’s adminstrative assistant will.

    ABC, Inc.
    Attn: Anne Sweeney, President Disney-ABC Television Group
    77 W. 66th St.
    New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 212-456-7777
    Fax: 212-456-1424

    The Walt Disney Company
    Robert Iger, President & CEO
    500 S. Buena Vista St.
    Burbank, CA 91521
    Phone: 818-560-1000
    Fax: 818-560-1930

    Dear [ Name ],

    As a regular viewer of [ABC STATION], I am outraged to hear that you have decided to ban Adam Lambert from your network after his performance on The American Music Awards, which you broadcast. I was even more shocked to learn that you decided to edit the west coast feed to hide various parts of Lambert’s performance. As you are undoubtedly aware, Brittany Spears has performed numerous publicity stunts similar to those recently performed by Lambert. Those stunts were well-received, joked about and enjoyed for the entertaining moments that they were.

    By not banning Spears and banning Lambert, your network is clearly allowing a double standard which is homophobic in nature and this is unacceptable. I am offended that ABC chooses to discriminate against gay people in its programming choices. I do not support discrimination and therefore I can no longer in good conscience support your network.

    Therefore, until you issue an apology and reverse this poorly conceived and hastily made decision, I will not be watching or supporting ABC or its affiliates in any way. I will also be sure to avoid a vacation to any Disney-owned resort or watching any movies made or released by Disney or its affiliated studios.

    Sincerely Yours,

    [ Name, Address, Phone, E-mail address ]

    Step 3: Boycott ALL ABC-Owned TV Stations & Disney Stuff


    If you MUST watch TV shows only avaliable on ABC, download them from a Torrent site. That way ABC gets NO money from it.

    Avoid any trips to Disney resorts. Don’t buy, rent or watch movies made or released by Disney Studios. Cancel your subscription to the Disney Channel if you have it.

  • Douglas

    Come on people, girl on girl the audience is like f..k yeah, guy on guy not so much~!..Girls I know you love watching guy on guy action…what the fu…k! Pure discrimination…stop ringing your dishrag hands girls and guys…speak out…ya, I love this!!!!!!

  • RomanHans

    From the Huffington Post:

    > This is why mainstream America votes against gays, Adam Lambert.
    > Not because of people who have families and jobs and bills and
    > weddings. Because of people like you, who use sexuality thoughtlessly
    > in order to advance your own agenda, instead of thinking about the
    > very real consequences your actions will have on others’ civil rights.

    A rocker. Using sexuality *thoughtlessly*.

    That’s got to be the STUPIDEST editorial I’ve read in years.

    Yes, Adam: this idiot actually wants you to sit there and KNIT so you don’t piss off bigots.

    Nobody said Mick Jagger was turned folks off to heterosexuality forty years ago, so only an idiot would make a similar claim for a gay rocker today.

  • alicia banks



    we agree to disagree

    i adore janet…but her pastied/naked breast had no place at a superbowl
    unlike the cowardly justin timberfake
    janet apologized
    hopefully…adam may do so too

    the ama was NOT the venue…
    adam’s kiss was not just a madonna brit like kiss
    it was much more!
    it was akin to the now brazen gaybashing jehovah witness prince’s deep tongue kisses of brown mark

    and if madonna had forced brit’s face into her vaginal area
    i think there would have been similar protests

    see more at:
    eloquent fury
    alicia banks

  • Scully Johnston


  • Jason

    Sorry but Adam is an idiot and set the cause back. It’s not about the kiss, it’s about the simulated blow job that people are up in arms about. When Madonna kissed Brit Brit and X-tina it was on cable and no geered towards a multi-generational family audience like the AMA’s, Adam crossed the line for network prime time with his antics. Look what happened to Janet Jackson’s career after the Superbowl, the woman was a SUPERSTAR, huge album sales, hit singles and everywhere. After that fiasco her career has been sidetracked and she’s never recovered. If that happened to a legend like Janet who does Adam think he is?

  • nakhone

    @Jason. You might wanna look in the mirror cause the idiot you’re talking about is staring right back at you. Adam doesn’t have to think about who he is. He is the next big megastar, whether you like it or not.

    @Keith Kimmel. Great job with the boycott. The letter is well crafted.

  • scott ny'er

    janet jackson’s career has been going downhill for years. The superbowl was just the topping.

    and while Adam could have shown more finesse with what he did, I think it’s interesting how Adam did so and so but on that same show there are examples of crossing the line behavior. Sheesh Michael Jackson had been grabbing his crotch forever and yet nobody deemed that offensive.

    i bet if Adam was more popular and established, he would’ve had a somewhat easier time with this situation.

  • romeo

    Actually, guys, it looks like it’s turning into a boon for his album sales. It’s going to be a bit ragged for him, but he got street cred for that show, and that will help his career. As for us generally, it won’t effect us one way or the other. Watch!

  • romeo

    BTW: as of last night, Adam was #3 on iTunes album sales chart. LOL

  • Josh

    If people want to support Adam– then buy his album. If you get it on Itunes you get two bonus tracks (Master Plan and Down the Rabbit Hole) and some behind the scenes footage.

  • GimmeABreak

    Since Lambert can’t sing, I guess it makes since that he decided to entertain the audience with his antics.

  • Paula

    This Adam Lambert disaster has nothing to do with him being a gay man. It has everything to do with indecent behavior on national television. Mr. Lambert’s actions were indecent for television. I cannot believe the responses from straight and gay persons here that are so oblivious to the rules of television stations. They cannot show indecent actions that is the rule! There are television limits. Simulating oral sex and putting his fingers in a womans private part, and a women fondling his private area, is to most people an indecent thing to portray on television. I am not understanding how several people are not having a problems with this. Gay or straight the fact is you do not behave this way on television period! Adam refuses to apologize, and this disturbs me greatly. He is proud of performing in a perverted and twisted way disregarding the impressionalble youngsters that voted for him. this Mr. Lambert is a frightening ignorant man and anyone who agrees with him is frightening and ignorant.

  • romeo

    @ Paula #109: What’s the matter? Pissed that his album sales went up? That performance was shown at 11 p.m. after an evening of other performer’s crotch grabbing and boasting about rape. That’s popular music today, so that what happens on the AMA’s. And what Lambert did is way mild compared to what the kiddies are exposed to in pop music videos now. Like he says, he isn’t a baby sitter. If Lambert had been straight and those had been all girls he was playing around with, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now. That’s the REAL point.

    You’re shook, Paula. We get it. Most people aren’t from the looks of things — ’cause sex doesn’t bother them. America isn’t the country you think it is, and you don’t own it.

  • staciegirlie

    Adam says, “Sex is not the enemy.” From his song Kiss and Tell.

  • RainaWeather

    Even though I’m totally fine with what Adam did, simulating oral sex on tv is kind of a big deal.

  • Quake

    @ Paula

    I agree with Lamberts performance. Its just sex, if your kids are curious answer their questions and move the fuck on. Fucking is how those kids got here in the first place.

  • Rob

    You’re kidding right? This many self respecting gays support what that Adam character did? I’m gay and I was ashamed to see that on TV. And I don’t blame ABC at all for pulling him. His act belonged more on a Gay Pride Float than National TV. At least with Gay Pride Floats you expect some tackiness and lame attempts at sexual humor.

  • CandyGirl007

    I am with Lambert on this one. He’s right, when people can air slutty female performances on family shows, then why do they make a big deal on this? Damned homophobes need to die.
    But honestly, this was HOT.

  • Mik

    ABC overreact? In my book they did, but Adam Lambert decided to push the envelope and he received a negative reaction. Tough. He’s also flippant about it and doesn’t mind telling anyone watching to “deal with it.” Are sex displays or graphic sex talks always acceptable? There are a lot of gay men who don’t mind mixing up the sex talk anywhere they happen to be. To those of you who believe that is the highest level to which you can aspire, you may want to investigate personal boundries in your life that help you not only respect yourself, but help you to at least appear you respect values of those around you. It’s easy to claim to be a very sexual being and then do or say anything you want at anytime you want. Restraining yourself to develop at least a minimal sense of decorum is a mark of a civilized man. Maybe that’s asking too much. Forget it. Anarchy is only a step away. Go have fun.

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