ABC’s Ridiculous Policy to Ban ‘Controversial’ Adam Lambert From Daytime Airwaves


Too gay for ABC daytime, and now too gay for for the early morning. ABC, which broadcast Adam Lambert’s mock-BJ performance during the American Music Awards, abruptly canceled tomorrow’s Good Morning America concert. Because the star’s public performances have become too “controversial.”

“Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning,” says an ABC spokeswoman. (Lambert was just fine to appear on GMA back in August.) It arrives on the heels of some 1,500 complaints over Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” debut, which included a same-sex kiss and a man’s face in Lambert’s crotch, which is nothing hetero stars haven’t been doing for years.

But not that fans will miss out. They just have to change the channel to CBS on Wednesday morning, because The Early Show gladly nabbed the Idol star.


It’s a ridiculous premise: Showing a little same-sex sexuality has now made Lambert morally abhorrent. Which is funny, because as commenter Cam points out, this isn’t too sexual for ABC daytime:

And here we thought ABC’s parent company Disney was “the most gay friendly studio in Hollywood.”

Lambert has already dumped on Out magazine for attacking him. Will ABC be next? (Maybe ABC thinks Jimmy Kimmel’s hour is more appropriate for Lambert. Will Adam accept an invite?) So far, his Twitter account has been silent.

UPDATE: Lambert tells Ryan Seacrest after learning GMA canceled the concert: “I don’t feel I owe anyone an apology for anything. I performed, it was late night TV, I did something that female performers have been doing for years, no different. It’s just the fact that I’m me and it’s a little different for people. It’s really not that big of a deal. … I do think there’s a slight double standard. We’ve seen female pop performers doing extremely sexual routines for years and all of the sudden a guy does it and it’s crazy. … Obviously I respect their decision, they gotta do what they gotta do. It’s too bad, I think there were a lot of fans who were excited to come see me. They probably had a lot of pressure coming at them from certain people who weren’t happy about it. I respect their decision – I don’t necessarily agree with it, but they need to do what they need to do.”