Abercrombie And B*tch, Please: CEO Mike Jeffries’ 5 Worst Quotes In GIF Form


There are a lot of words one can use to describe Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries. “Awful” immediately comes to mind. As do: “lawsuit waiting to happen” … “ironic punchline” … “youngishly old Gary Busey” … “80s movie villain” … “Jocelyn Wildenstein.” We could go on, but now that Jeffries has apologized for openly insulting anyone who doesn’t fit the pre-shrunk mold he’s worked so hard to build, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect. We’re looking at the world’s oldest teenager’s worst quotes as illustrated through GIFs of Abercrombie’s most homoerotic offering to date. Because why not?

Check out Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries’ 5 Worst  Quotes in GIF form.

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  • Snapper59

    DListed refers to Karl Lagerfeld as “Kunty Karl” for his amusing opinions and this guy is Kunty without the charm. I doubt Chanel caters to the plus-plus sizes but Chanel also isn’t in your local mall.

  • gaymaniac

    He is simply an idiot.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I wouldn’t want to know him.

  • TinoTurner

    This guy seems repulsive on many levels. Even when I was in his target age demo, I was never into the clothes and his cliche/boring “sexy” ads were always lame. Having said that…don’t ALL fashion companies only want cool/skinny people wearing their clothes? No one specifically goes out and targets fat loads….so the entire fashion industry blows.

  • avesraggiana

    Oh dear, he’s got the trout-pout-gargoyle gaze-thing going full tilt. Someone get him another plastic surgeon! A competent one will do.

  • fredo777

    “…and it’s not black”

    That kind of goes w/o saying, Mike. Funny, though, that the exclusionary outlook that Jeffries voiced + is being criticized for is reminiscent of the types of “guy candy” who are nearly always coveted or spotlighted within the gay community.


  • miagoodguy

    I find it funny gay men are criticizing a man and a company that target the type of people (guys in particular) that gay men lose their brains and common sense over. I guess his biggest crime was actually stating what A&F was doing for years and made it an extremely sought after clothing line, especially by GAY men. Hypocricy abounds.

  • viveutvivas

    Well, to be fair, the article is misquoting him on A&F being “not gay.”

    The full quote is “And it’s not gay, and it’s not straight, and it’s not black, and it’s not white. It’s not about any labels.”

    Paraphrasing this as saying that he said A&F is “not gay” is being intentionally obtuse and inflammatory on the part of the journalist.

  • Pete

    Unfortunately one issue he does call attention to is the negative impact ‘gay’ has had on the highly sentimental, mostly ‘platonic’, friendships that develop between members of the same sex during adolescence. These days teen boys are afraid to get too close to each other lest their peers accuse them of being ‘gay’.

    Gore Vidal insisted that there was a much greater prevalence of homosexual activity in the period prior to Stonewall and Gay Liberation. While the 10% figure is way, way off, Kinsey was probably pretty close to the truth when he stated that, in 1949, >90% of men had engaged in some kind of homosexual act.

    When I was growing up in the 80s, homoerotic rites of passage like circle jerks were unheard of — ‘dude, that’s like, so gay!’ Male sexual development has been deprived of its homosexual moment when you experiment with the familiar before moving on to the ‘other’. This observation may account for why so many so-called of today’s ‘mature’ relationships are characterized by immaturity.

  • Pete

    Those blond highlights are a “Death In Venice” reboot: Gustav Von Auschenbach as the world’s oldest dude-bro!

  • GayTampaCowboy

    @miagoodguy: I have to agree with your post 100%

    I find it pretty funny (if not sad and ironic) that so many gay men are attacking this CEO for KNOWING his market – and marketing to it. Just look at your local gay newspapers and magazines promoting events at bars, venues, etc. They are LOADED with images of buff, young, handsome guys. How is that different from what this clothing company is doing?

    OH, i get it, he actually opened his mouth and spoke the truth! So, it’s ok to market your gay product, service, company, bar, etc. and have that advertising include an image (or images) of scantily-clad men – but not A&F?

    Oh, and before you think A&F is the only one doing it, did you know that the LARGEST panty size sold by Victoria’s Secret is a size 16 (34″ waist)…..Hmm, how dare they show all those sexy women parading on TV in just their bra and panties….OH, guess what, that’s the EXACT same maximum waist size that A&F offers for men’s clothing!

    So very 2-faced of so many guys on here posting their fake-outrage!

  • evdanker

    One one hand he is saying what other clothes companies believe but won’t say. On the other hand…OMG, he is homely as a mud fence. Wear a mask, dude, you’re scaring the children.

  • Magnusmina21

    A&F is so yesterday! Who cares, who wears it? The straight college-age kids, that are in debt up to their eyeballs, is all that I see wearing it!

    The CEO is in serious need of a new plastic surgeon – enough of the botox and filler already! God, Tab Hunter looks better at 81! Ohe Vey!

  • hotshot70

    I went into an A&F, looking for socks. The “models” at the door looked at me like I was a bull in a china shop. I felt like they were all saying “who let this old fatty in?” I know I am not skinny, and I am 42, but I think I look damn good for my age. A word to you A&F models, eat one pizza or get a wrinkle on the face, you are history.

  • chuck

    His clothing appeals to people who want to look like they are from old money. Phony clothing for phony people. Sorry, but that’s what I think.

  • Batchain

    He makes me think of Ron Perlman except Perlman has a ton of endearing personality while this schmuck has all the qualities of a flatfish. Hey! Raise a flag for L.L. Bean! Hah!

  • MSMiller

    It’s nice to see some of these quotes that have been circulating in nasty sound bits given a little more context–“We’re not gay” is not the same thing as “We’re not gay and we’re not straight,” for example. They’re still bitchy, but no bitchier than you’d hear in the marketing departments of Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, A/X, or any other fashion retailer you’d find along 5th Ave. from 42nd St. to Central Park, or in any upscale shopping mall in the world. Is this really surprising to anyone?

  • ridgelineranger

    My partner and I went in because we liked the music they were playng, then we noticed some lounge pants, and were looking at them. A clerk came up and ACTUALLY asked, “Looking for something for your granson?”……Abercrombie and BITCH indeed !

  • spacegod

    Omg. THAT’S the owner of AB and Fitch?
    No WONDER he likes good looking naked people to model for him–that’s the only way he’ll get to see any.

  • Batchain

    @2eo: I’ve been hearing this lunacy all my life and never understood it: “I feel soooooooo A&F!”, or whatever the brand name. How the hell can you “feel” like a bunch of fabric with a name printed on it? File it under, “more faggot nonsense”!

  • queerty1958

    Since A & F hire only good-looking people, I could not imagine them even hiring the CEO. Her certainly ain’t very good-looking.

    The best thing to do is to ignore A & F and never buy their merchandise. That will send a strong message to their CEO.

  • stanhope

    He’s a miserable old turd that was doubtless in the lesser crowd in school. His insecurity shows not his brand brilliance. I call to mind that this was the brand that had no Blacks, Latins or Asians in the promotional material nor sales people until the class action suit forced their hand. The clothes are good. The marketing sucks proven by the losses they have sustained of late. This fool needs to resign…bring back the catalogue and the more male on male images which pushed them up the ladder in the first place. By the way, the idea that every sales person in AnF is great looking is laughable.

  • streeteditions

    The botox shots have floated his face from his skeletal structure. Welcome, Mr. Jeffries, to separating facade from substance both in person and in thought, which in your case is as ludicrous and arrogant as what you must see in the mirror every morning.

  • Cam

    So apparently he and Meg Ryan have the same surgeon.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    He could become a James Bond villain, when his company needs to be sold to K-Mart.

  • southsam7

    I wouldn’t target fat people either. Why is he taking flak for being a smart businessman?

  • Joetx

    @fredo777: You’re right, unfortunately. Queerty’s own “Morning Goods” is a prime example, along with practically all of the gay media.

  • scoobydube

    @evdanker: Yes, a ‘face’ that a ‘mother’ can only love ….

  • Niall

    My lawd, his face. that’s all I have to say. I guess in his desperation to be “hip”, “young” and “cool”, he’s had some really awful work done.

    Though while #3 is repulsive, I can’t really blame him for that one. Like someone said, it’s now the entire fashion industry thinks, he’s just receiving the flak for being the only one tactless(brave) enough to say it out loud.

  • Tone

    Authentic people are not swayed by spin doctors or advertisers and their attempts at peer pressure, and we are rarely dazzled by pop culture. We are not so shallow that we discount anyone based on appearance. I won’t discount this guy for his appearance either, just for his words, which are bloody awful. Wake up, the beautiful people were an advertising gimmick fifty years ago.

  • TheBigOne

    I am soooo glad that I don’t (1) shop at A&F, (2) follow trendy fashions, (3) care what 18 yr olds think, (4) have this self-loathing queen’s plastic surgeon.

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