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About That Photo That Did Not Make Rep. Aaron Schock a ‘Gay Icon’

aaron_schock_poolThere goes the New York Times, calling the ab-blessed Rep. Aaron Shock a “gay icon” when he’s not. (That’s different from calling him somebody we’d like to bang.) The dude is against same-sex marriage — he is not somebody this community celebrates, reporter Ashley Parker should note. And the stupid delineation all started with that photo of him by the pool, which came about innocently enough.

“It’s a funny story,” Mr. Schock said, and began to tell it. When he ran for the Peoria school board, his opponent got him kicked off the ballot on a technicality. Mr. Schock engineered a grass-roots write-in campaign and won by 1,942 votes. Bob Hall, the lawyer for his opponent, soon became one of his biggest supporters, and one day when Mr. Schock — then the youngest state representative in Illinois — was lounging by the pool at the River City Athletic Club, Mr. Hall’s daughter popped up behind him in a bikini and asked for a photo. “And so I looked at the photo and said, ‘All right, if that ever gets out, I’m going to kill you guys,’ ” he said with a grin.

Please. He enjoyed the attention. Particularly because it pit him with a well-endowed young lass. What Schock actually hates are photos that make him look gay. Which he totally isn’t, you guys!