Absolut Ads Play For The Gays

Absolut vodka makes more headway into the gay market this morning. The brand teamed up with New York’s SPI Marketing and Moon City to unveil two new lavender-hued ads, a continuation of the company’s long-standing relationship with gay media – Absolut has been running queer-friendly adverts since 1984.

An Absolut spokesperson Jeffrey Moran celebrated the new campaign, saying:

As a long-time supporter of the gay and lesbian community, we acknowledge that you can’t simply speak to gay men and lesbians as consumers, but instead need to make real connections to their lives which
we believe we are achieving with our new creative executions,. As a company, we respect gay men and lesbians not simply in advertising messages, but behind the scenes as well. We’re not gay-washing here.

Moon City president John Nash declared that the new ads were “inspired by a gay point of view,” but insists that “can easily be appreciated by many people.” This one – “Ruler” – certainly speaks to the size queens among us, and will no doubt make the right wing choke with self-righteous horror.

Meanwhile, another ad, depicts a gay proposal at a sports stadium, which won’t sit well with Bill O’Reilly, we’re sure…