Absolutely nobody is buying Ivanka’s desperate attempt at a “rebrand”

Ivanka Trump has been desperately trying to rebrand her image since leaving Washington, D.C. back in January. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working very well.

The former first daughter has been keeping an unusually low profile as of late. In addition to taking a hiatus from social media, she hasn’t done any interviews and has only made one public appearance at a food drive alongside a vehemently antigay pastor.

But she has been staging several carefully coordinated photo opps with paparazzi.

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The Daily Beast reports:

Ivanka, always her own best publicist, has been snapped by paparazzi dutifully camped outside her Miami home ever since she moved to a shiny $3.2 million waterfront condo.

These photo opps allow Ivanka to do her thing—look busy while accomplishing absolutely nothing. She jogs on the beach with Jared. She takes her kids for ice cream. She points at things while her assistant watches. Basically, as the familiar Ivank-adage goes, she’s a woman who works. Doing what, well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Many have also observed the shift in Ivanka’s style. She’s traded in her designer button down blouses, pencil skirts, and pumps for oversized tunics, jeans, and flats. You know, cool, casual, relatable stuff.

Never mind the fact that she and her husband are worth an estimated $1.1 billion.

The gossip site She Knows reports:

While we know she’s not targeting Senator Marco Rubio’s Florida seat, she still has political ambitions — and her Miami move was definitely a part of an image makeover. She’s hoping to become more relatable to middle America by dressing like the mom you know from down the street. Her clothes will probably still cost more than our Target favorites, but the designer gowns have been replaced by neatly pressed khakis. …. Ivanka wants you to think she’s just like you — working mom-of-three who struggles to balance it all. But her life really isn’t like ours — ever.

But if Ivanka thinks all this will help win over future voters if she decides to run for office, she can think again. Because according to her cousin, Mary Trump, her chances at any sort of political future are slim to none.

Speaking to Insider last week, Mary said, unlike their father, Ivanka and her siblings don’t have the “charisma” needed to win an election.

“He has a certain charisma that appeals to people’s lowest and basest instinct and gives permission to people to be their worst selves,” she said. “He can be charming. It makes sense to me that people can be taken in by him. They don’t have that.”

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Then, of course, there’s the added complication of all the looming legal battles Ivanka faces.

“Donald and possibly two or three of his children are going to be embroiled in lots of legal actions, starting in the future and the not too distant future,” Mary, who, so far, has never been wrong about predicting her family’s future, added.

Twitter is also not buying Ivanka’s transparent attempt at a rebrand. Here’s what people are saying…

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