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Abusive Chris Brown + Vampires Feeding on Human Blood Aren’t Too Risque for ABC


ABC, scared of Adam Lambert’s gayness infecting America’s children, has once again opted for America’s “violence over sexuality” mantra, choosing to book Chris Brown for a 20/20 interview just days after refusing to let Lambert back on its airwaves. The segment, which airs Dec. 11, points out the network’s absolute mockery of standards policies: Straight men who abuse their girlfriends are welcome to come on the network to rehabilitate their careers, but gay men who show any sense of sexuality are heretofore removed from broadcast. And if that weren’t disappointing enough, while Lambert’s same-sex kiss during the American Music Awards was too graphic for ABC, last night’s 20/20 aired a segment on real life vampires and showed them feeding from each other’s self-inflicted wounds — let alone the risk of HIV and Hepatitis infection. (Video here.)

That, friends, is not too risqué for ABC.