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Abusive Chris Brown + Vampires Feeding on Human Blood Aren’t Too Risque for ABC


ABC, scared of Adam Lambert’s gayness infecting America’s children, has once again opted for America’s “violence over sexuality” mantra, choosing to book Chris Brown for a 20/20 interview just days after refusing to let Lambert back on its airwaves. The segment, which airs Dec. 11, points out the network’s absolute mockery of standards policies: Straight men who abuse their girlfriends are welcome to come on the network to rehabilitate their careers, but gay men who show any sense of sexuality are heretofore removed from broadcast. And if that weren’t disappointing enough, while Lambert’s same-sex kiss during the American Music Awards was too graphic for ABC, last night’s 20/20 aired a segment on real life vampires and showed them feeding from each other’s self-inflicted wounds — let alone the risk of HIV and Hepatitis infection. (Video here.)

That, friends, is not too risqué for ABC.

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  • Michelle

    Where can we write to complain?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What do you expect from the network and program–20/20–that brought us Elizabeth Vargas claiming that Matthew Shepard was a whoring junkie who brought on his own death; while one of his killers was really bisexual and therefore the murder was not a hate crime?

  • schlukitz

    Is there no end to the insanity called America?

  • terrwill

    What the Gays need to do, is have a way to mimic what the rightwing-nutbag zealot lunatics do (Good god did I just say that????) Unfortunately it does work. For those of you who don’t know I am gonna give ya a bit of learnin’ here now: As soon as the AFA gets a report of something “offensive” they send out a mass e-mail to their minions with all the info about the “offensive incident”. All pre written, ready to go. All they need do is cut and paste it and send it to whom ever they are directed to do so. There is a forumala which executives decide whether to act or not. I do not know the exact multipliers. They know each person “offended” by the incident is not going to actually put the bon bons down, get off the couch and do anything about it. They base it on the amount of effort one must undergo to send out the message. So they extrapolate out the amount of effort required. A phone call, the easiest to do simple pick up the phone. Represents X amount of outraged viewers, An email is given a little more weight (because you need to boot up the computer and wait until you can send the message). The missive with the most weight is a letter for obvious reasons. When one of the methods reaches a certain threshold of viewers which has been extrapolated out, they begin to consider on acting on the issue. Hence there were enough lunatics who got the message to act and did so about Lamberts performance. While there actually is some twisted logic in this method, they do not take into account the fact that a vast majority of the complaints are generated by a single source. And that a good majority of those sending out the complaints wouldn’t know Adam Lambert if he was grinding his junk in their faces. If we had a similar method of sending out missives that stated how much we loved Lamberts performance he would have been on GMA. Maybe a Gay organization can actually tackle this issue and make some headway into something the right wing has been doing for years………………………..

  • Jurlesia

    EVERYONE: Please take a moment to send your complaint to:

    It’s very quick and easy, I promise…

  • schlukitz

    I went to and sent in my complaint.

    What I got back, was an email with lots of choices about where to go, literally. While politely worded, the “f**k you for sharing”, was loud and clear.

    Screw ’em. Choosing not to watch their programming will hurt them more than sending email complaints that they are not the least bit interested in hearing anyway.

    Obviously, they prefer hearing from the 1500 or so religious right complainers who confirm and support ABC’s homophobia.

  • Attmay

    ABC is the network that tried to “straighten out” Steven Carrington on “Dynasty”. That’s why Al Corley quit the show.

    They also gave us “Full House,” an unmitigatedly appalling sitcom about three guys raising three little girls in San Francisco. In real life, take away those un-cute little brats and their awful dialogue and you have a menage-a-trois.

    And it’s not just on things gay where ABC is, as the French say, sans clue. Ask Garry Marshall about what ABC did to one of his mega-hit series, “Mork and Mindy”, starting in its second season. They took a top 5 hit and mangled it beyond repair.

    Almost every hit show ABC has ever aired has been either plagiarized from another source or is an outright adaptation of it. Ask me to make you a list of examples.

    This shit doesn’t surprise me. Deep down, they’re still, like the other networks used to call them, the “Almost Broadcasting Company”.

  • wwwl

    Vampires feeding on human blood? You mean the View? Anyway Chris Brown is way cuter than Ike Turner, and weez sho no how much da media lubs dem some black beaters now dont we?

    Interesting how the gay identity debate sits squarely on the shoulders of one young person, namely Adam Lambert. I would love to see a documentary that was about being gay and elderly. I’m sure Barbara Walters knows a ton. Those media goons need to start representing gay people beyond a certain demographic.

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