Super b*tch

The Academy Award-winning director of ‘Precious’ is planning a gay superhero movie

Dremon Cooper, Lee Daniels, Super Bitch, gay superhero

If you’ve spent any time on social media, chances are that you’ve seen videos of 19-year-old Dremon Cooper (aka Super B*tch) flipping around and dispatching bad guys in his thigh-high pink high-heel boots.

A recent video of Cooper doing just that went viral, catching the attention of Academy Award-winning director Lee Daniels. As a result, Daniel now wants to make a superhero movie starring Cooper as the lead.

In a recent Instagram video with his arm around Cooper, Daniels — the sexually-fluid director of Precious (2009), The Paperboy (2012) and The Butler (2013) — said, “Okay, do y’all remember, maybe 10, 12 years ago, I said my dream was to make a gay superhero film? Well guess what?”

Looking into the camera, Cooper says, “It’s about to happen. Super B*tch is here… with the Lee Daniels!”

Daniels then laughs and says, “Dreams do come true, and I found my superhero. And America, world get ready ‘cause…”

“I’m about to give y’all a combo,” Cooper concluded, repeating one of the catchphrases he says in his videos before giving bad guys the beatdown. Cooper snapped into the camera.

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Here’s a taste of Cooper’s Super B*tch action, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Cooper is reportedly a dance teacher from Washington D.C. who identifies as gay.

There aren’t any details on the film just yet, but if the film happens, it’d be a huge friggin’ deal as it’d be quite possibly the only feature-length film with a queer superhero of color.

Thus far, Marvel Studios has erased the sexuality of its queer superheroes in Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2  — both films had characters that were queer in the comics but were not depicted as such onscreen. While Marvel Studios reportedly has two trans actors in its upcoming film Spiderman: Far From Home, it’s unclear how large a role they’ll play or if their queerness will be explicitly shown onscreen.

GLAAD’s 2018 study of major Hollywood film releases from 2017 showed only 28 visibly LGBTQ characters appearing in 109 major studio film releases. Of those, only 28.5 percent were black.

Lee’s films tend to be brooding indie arthouse dramas with limited release. While it’s possible that his gay super film could go the same way, here’s hoping that it’d find a wide audience hungry for Super B*tch to take the world by storm.