Accused Cannibal-Killer Magnotta Requests Jury Trial, Refuses Psych Eval

Now extradited back to Canada from Germany, accused killer Luka Rocco Magnotta has requested a trial by jury.

Charged with murdering and dismembering Chinese student Jun Lin, then mailing body parts to government officials, Magnotta  appeared at the Montreal courthouse yesterday to plead not guilty. He did not request a psychiatric evaluation, even though his attorney, Pierre Panaccio, had earlier said he’d consider one.

Videotape has surfaced of Magnotta, who has appeared in several gay-porn titles, of sexually defiling and eating Lin’s body.  There is also suspicion Magnotta may be connected to several gruesome murders in Los Angeles.

Joining Panacci on Magnotta’s defense team is Toronto lawyer Luc Leclair, who told reporters outside the courthouse that his client “trusts the Canadian judicial system.”

Magnotta’s trial is scheduled for March 2013.

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  • Alex

    Can you please show me any evidence or links that suggest Magnotta may be linked to several gruesome murders in Los Angeles. As far as I am aware this is old news and these are completely unfounded allegations. I am no fan of Magnaotta, far from it. I am also not a fan of sensationalist media reporting and if you have some evidence yourself then I suggest you contact the police. If you have been basing your article around online reports, which I think you have, then clearly you will have seen that the police have said they are not investigating any links to any murders in Los Angeles so why have yu put that in your artile? Shoddy journalism or do you know something we don’t?

  • Bailey

    This poor boy is innocent and will be vindicated! We love you Luka!

  • MiltonHarvey

    @Bailey: Pretty hard to think of him as innocent when there is security camera footage of him mailing the body parts. There were also security cameras in his building which clearly show him, several times, taking out bags of stuf which turned to be more body parts, bloddy clothing, etc. To say nothing of that disgusting video, clearly filmed in his apartment, and showing him killing and hacking up Jun Lin.

  • Riker

    @MiltonHarvey: Nonetheless he is innocent until proven guilty, which is the very foundation of modern justice systems. Of course, I think he’ll likely be convicted, but he hasn’t yet.

    On another note, how can he refuse psychiatric evaluation? One would think that a mentally unstable person would not be capable of making rational decisions about treatment.

  • MandyS

    @Bailey. How can you say hes innocent have you not seen the video of what he did to those poor cats or the one of him actually dismembering and eating his partner. yes hes innocent until proven guilty but think of this, would an innocent man run and hide?

  • canadian

    His only defence would be either criminally not responsible (insanity plea) or that someone else committed the crime at his apartment and then he came home and found the body there. My understanding is his face is not shown any of the crime videos so they will also have to prove it is him in the video. Having said that, it does seems like a slam dunk for the prosecution.

  • Bailey

    @MandyS: OJ ‘ran’ and he was innocent.

  • B

    No. 4 · Riker wrote, “On another note, how can he refuse psychiatric evaluation?”

    He didn’t – he just did not request one at this time. Queerty’s headline is misleading in that regard: check the original article Queerty linked to.

    BTW, if he is found to be legally sane, at least sane enough for a trial, it is in his interest to have the evaluation as late as possible: then it is easier to argue that the evaluation is not indicative of his sanity when the crime occurred.

  • Hermann Jacques Keyser


  • I won't grow up

    This is Canada boys and girls, their laws differ from those in the US. But you can bet his lawyer will try everything (to no avail) to get him off.
    In addition, whenever a DA has an unsolved case they always try to solve it by trying to link it to some other nut in another jurisdiction.
    The biggest mistake a person can make is to think they are smarter than the cops or DA.
    In any case this whack noodle is guilty as hell and should spend the rest of his life behind very tall walls.

  • B

    No. 7 · Bailey wrote, “OJ ‘ran’ and he was innocent.”

    Odd. I thought OJ drove. Of course I missed it – had been out of the U.S. on a business trip when it happened. I noted a lack of newspapers on the Saturday morning after my return trip on a Friday, and someone said that the papers must have been gone because of OJ. My first thought was what could possibly have happened to orange juice!

    When I heard that they had arrested OJ for murder, I initially figured that something must be wrong – it sounded so unlikely – until I heard what the evidence was. It just goes to show that, if you can afford the collection of lawyers that OJ had, you can get away with murder. You’d have to be a really first rate porn star and do a lot of it to get the kind of money that would let you hire those lawyers, so I wouldn’t give this Lukas guy much of a chance of I were betting on the outcome!

  • Karl

    Not another publicity seeker like that ghastly Andreas Brevik. He’s only doing this so he can preen and pose for the cameras and give his side of the story. At least Brevik hasnt been declared insane so he cant get away with his crimes.

  • MandyS

    @Canadian his face was shown in both videos not to mention he talked in the one with the cats and he hummed a little and sang along with the music in the one of him dismembering his partner (i watched both) hes got that on him a hoodie doesn’t hide you. as for OJ i didnt follow that due to religious reasons at the time. Magnotta wont get off. Unfortunately theres strong evidence against him atm and regardless of whether or not he pleads insanity hes still guilty and will still get locked up. also its kind of weird that the 1 boy 2 kittens video was uploaded from his computer as was the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick (you can find it on regardless hes wanted for killing the kittens still a lengthy prison time for that.

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