Accused Cannibal-Killer Magnotta Requests Jury Trial, Refuses Psych Eval

Now extradited back to Canada from Germany, accused killer Luka Rocco Magnotta has requested a trial by jury.

Charged with murdering and dismembering Chinese student Jun Lin, then mailing body parts to government officials, Magnotta  appeared at the Montreal courthouse yesterday to plead not guilty. He did not request a psychiatric evaluation, even though his attorney, Pierre Panaccio, had earlier said he’d consider one.

Videotape has surfaced of Magnotta, who has appeared in several gay-porn titles, of sexually defiling and eating Lin’s body.  There is also suspicion Magnotta may be connected to several gruesome murders in Los Angeles.

Joining Panacci on Magnotta’s defense team is Toronto lawyer Luc Leclair, who told reporters outside the courthouse that his client “trusts the Canadian judicial system.”

Magnotta’s trial is scheduled for March 2013.