Accused Gay Airforce Rapist’s Lawyer Blames “Don’t Ask”

Court martial hearings are underway in the case against Devery L. Taylor – the airforce captain accused of raping four men and trying to rape two others. Even though all the men claim to have been drugged by Taylor, thus providing him an opportunity to rape them, Taylor’s defense lawyer, Martin Regan claims the men are lying to stay in the military:

This case is about homosexual activity that is not approved of by the military services in our country at this time. Every one of these individuals but one is either in the military service or wants to be in the service.

While it may not seem like such a big deal, this case will certainly throw more fuel on the fire.

Say for a second that all six men have colluded against Taylor, looking to discredit him and paint him as a rapist, thereby protecting their military careers. If the judge rules they are lying, what does this mean for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’? Do you think the government would be more inclined to repeal the discriminatory law or would it just strengthen people’s resolve against gays in the military. Either way, the plights and perils of queer soldier’s remain front and center in this case.

Considering the recent fury of the Clinton-era policy, we wouldn’t be surprised if this helps knock down that militaristic wall.