What Gay Things Did Accused WikiLeaker Bradley Manning Post On His Facebook Wall?

The Public Broadcasting Service’s news program Frontline has just published the entire Facebook archive of accused WikiLeaker Bradley Manning. Amazeballs. We’ll update this post as we continue digging through it, though right now news outlets are concentrating on his interest in DADT and Prop 8.

UPDATE (5/24 9AM): Here are all the overtly gay things from the B-Man’s FB Wall:

– Openly mentioned his open-relationship with his blonde, long-haired boyfriend from Brandeis, Tyler Watkins. He even posted pictures of the two hugging. Later on they broke up and Manning mentioned “taking an emotional hit” and feeling “betrayed.”

– Hugged San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome.

– Read Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, spent a lot of time posting about Prop 8, joined the group 1,000,000 Strong For Daniel Choi, and “liked” Women’s Rights, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Washington Blade, the Stonewall Democrats, and Fancy (whatever the hell that is).

– Was quoted as an “anonymous soldier” in a Syracuse blog, “I was kicked out of my home and I once lost my job. The world is not moving fast enough for us at home, work or the battlefield. … I’ve been living a double life.”

– Manning got into fights and reprimanded for tossing chairs and yelling at fellow soldiers at Fort Drum. He even once got demoted for hitting a female soldier in the face. He also got referred for counseling, but has to seek it off base because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

– According to Wired, Manning’s superior officers reprimanded him for revealing sensitive information in YouTube videos to his friends and family.

– Worked at Starbucks, American Eagle, and reportedly joined the military because his dad thought he needed “structure.” He also made a remix of Fergie’s “Glamourous” (because he is just that gay).