Courting the muses

That achingly beautiful Sufjan Stevens song from “Call Me By Your Name” now has its very own video

When you first heard Sufjan Steven’s “Mystery of Love”, you no doubt spent the rest of the day lost in reverie, bumping into annoyed pedestrians on the street as you swooned and stirred; irritating straphangers as you wriggled that tri-colored streamer in the air, flitting and flirting through an unconscious interpretative dance; yearningly staring out at the snow-tipped peaks as you dabbed dew from your brow and mused over the urgency of young love…

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Well, the reverie is not yet over. That aforementioned song so subtly weaved throughout Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name now has its very own video, so prepare to lose yourself once in that dreamy, delirious world where incorrigible, ready-for-anything young men fall inexplicably in love with inscrutably wooden scholars.