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How an act of plagiarism at Trump’s inauguration wound up funding LGBTQ rights

It looks like something that angrily chased Dr. Who back in the ’70s, but that’s not why this giant cake may seem eerily familiar to you.

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Donald Trump‘s inauguration definitely looked familiar to Ace of Cakes‘ celebrity baker Duff Goldman, who tweeted the remarkable similarities between this particular treat and the one he baked for Obama back in 2012:

Those stars and banners made of icing. Those Presidential seals, equally mouthwatering. Is this moist ten-tier monstrosity an unprecedented case of shameless cake plagiarism? Perhaps.

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As Entertainment Weekly reports, Goldman was more impressed than offended by this designer knockoff dessert, and the bakery that whipped it up has since released a statement — in which one little detail will be of particular note to you:

D.C.’s Buttercream Bake Shop, hired by Trump’s administration to replicate Obama’s cake from top to bottom, casually mentions that every dime from the job will be donated to LGBTQ advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign — a sweet aside in this otherwise tawdry tale of diabolical doppelgänger desserts.