Is Human Rights Campaign Hoping For Hillary?

Activist Analyzes HRC Squared

Election season kicks it into high gear tomorrow, when Iowans caucus for their presidential favorites. Hoping to spread the pro-trans word, activist Vanessa Edwards Foster penned an analysis of Hillary Clinton‘s queer policies.

Foster says that of all the candidates with whom she’s spoken – Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd – the former first lady appears to be the least “supportive”.

Foster also wonders if Human Rights Campaign, which threw trans folk under the bus during the ENDA debacle, are already planning for a Clinton presidency…

For anyone not already aware, while HRC has not offered endorsements on candidates, Hillary Clinton is a lock-tight cinch for the HRC endorsement. It’s been a foregone conclusion since summer. Truth be told, she has a Clinton legacy she wants to right for the gay and lesbian community and will be the dream candidate of gay and lesbian America.

Per my contacts on the Hill, the Clinton presidency is exactly what they are scripting and strategizing for in the next session. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has already stated and predicted passage of the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), which will be submitted as sexual orientation only.

Sen. Hillary Clinton will be the greatest candidate ever elected to the White House for the gay and lesbian community. Clinton will be HRC’s dream President. However, we in the transgender community are fully aware of HRC’s history on transgenders, and we should also fully understand the implications.

Foster also points to last summer’s HRC-sponsored gay forum, during which, Foster says, HRC leader Joe Solmonese and his co-moderators offered Clinton “softball” questions, while grilling some of the other Democratic contenders.

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  • ousslander

    In what world is Clinton the “greatest candidate elected to the white house for the gay and lesbian community” ? Not for this fag!

  • Dawster

    Did you see Joe S. during the Logo forum? he was stroking Hillary’s dick the entire time she was on stage.

    Hillary sat there and gave the worst answers of ALL the candidates, and nobody seemed to care. WTF?

  • ee.em.bee

    I’m not sure I agree, Dawster, with “Hillary sat there and gave the worst answers of ALL the candidates”…hers were not substantially different from anyone else’s (except the uber-pandering, dreamland-living Kucinich and Mike “Crazy Person” Gravel) in the “DADT is bad”, “separate-but-equal is good” dept. Richardson was better than everyone on substance but shot himself in the balls with the “choice” comment. NONE of ’em are anything to write home about on GLBT issues, but ANY of ’em would be better than Bush or any of the vile republicans.

  • kwrbear

    I’ve had it with the HRC since they endorsed Mary Bono (yeah, her, widow of Sonny) for re-election to the House of Representatives in the 2006 election here in Palm Springs. Bono has been nothing but a shill for the Republican Party–continuing to vote strictly along party lines. I thought her marrying Connie Mack, a House Rep. from FL a few weeks back would get her of out here–but no such luck!! She’s running again in 2008. I know the HRC caught a lot of flack for their 2006 endorsement–I think they lost a lot of support here.

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