Activist War II: Africans Still Outaged At Outrage!

A little over a month after issuing a call against British gay activist Peter Tatchell, a group of African gay do-gooders maintain that Tatchell and his group, Outrage!, are still meddling in their business.

They claim that their British counterparts inadvertently brought Nigeria’s anti-gay bill back from the dead, thus leading to more oppression. Dorothy Aken’Ova of Nigeria’s International Centre for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights insists:

Press attention to the bill, even if it is as mild as reporting that it is presumed dead as a result of political tension will be dangerous. Right now, we want silence.

If Aken’Ova truly feels that way, then why did she even speak to the press?

Though Aken’Ova and her peers may be incensed over international involvement, not all Nigerians feel the same way. Activist Alimi Adebisi Ademola said, “Silence does not equate the death of the bill.”

What does Tatchell think of all this? Simple: it’s horse shit.

A week before these activists denounced us, we halted our Nigerian campaign. We have not campaigned on Uganda for five months.

This vendetta has nothing to do with gay rights. Certain groups seem more interested in fighting other activists than in fighting homophobia. Their petty jealousies and political sectarianism is undermining the campaign for gay equality in Africa.

Oh, snap!