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Actor BD Wong just outed this famous Disney hero as ‘fluid’

“I don’t want to disappoint anyone and I don’t want to be a coward or anything like that…okay, but you know what. Okay, no. fluidity is a very important thing to acknowledge.When we made [Mulan], fluidity was not a word. We didn’t talk about fluidity. Now we have fluidity. Now we watch Shang and his choices and his actions and see it through fluidity. This whole idea that there’s a needle and it goes from zero to 100 and it doesn’t have to be one place or another. It can move. You can change your pronouns and then change them the next day if you want and that’s good and should be the way it is. So in that case, I’m recalibrating my answer. Of course, he was. Of course, he was! What other reason would there be?” Actor BD Wong, discussing the sexuality of his character Li Shang in the Disney animated film Mulan with comedian Bowen Yang. Over the years, Li Shang has become something of a bisexual icon for his attraction to Mulan both as feminine-presenting, and in male drag. Disney also may have noticed, as the recent live-action version of Mulan eliminated the character of Li Shang.
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