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Actor Daniel Newman addresses nude photo leak and the thirst is real

Daniel Newman was apparently the latest celebrity victim to have a nude photo leak online, but it seems the actor is taking it in stride.

On Friday morning, the Walking Dead star shared his reaction on Twitter, writing: “Ummm.. about that Nude photo of me that got leaked across the internet yesterday (with no one warning me) can all of you please DM it back to me so I can destroy all copies? LOL wow… Well now I guess you know WAY more about me than even my parents omg LMAO.”

Glad he’s retained his sense of humor, at least!

We haven’t seen the photo, and neither, it seems, have many of Newman’s fans, who flooded the comments wishing to examine the evidence firsthand:

Others offered sympathy and support:

One commenter even managed to combine sympathy and thirst:

Newman joined OnlyFans back in 2020, where he said would be “PG to maybe R-rated…no X.” He did say he was open to sending more explicit content in DMs, so perhaps someone broke the cardinal rule of the platform and leaked the image.

At least a few of Newman’s followers claim to have seen it, and they approve: