Rotten Woods

Actor James Woods owned by after tweeting anti-trans rant

Noted Hollywood jackass, #MeToo offender and Trump supporter James Woods has opened his mouth again. True to form, it spewed something ignorant.

“Please join me in using proper grammar, syntax, and spelling,” Woods said in a tweet. “The correct pronoun usage in the English language is “he” for a singular male and ‘she’ for a singular female. ‘They’ is used for the plural of either males, females, or both. Don’t be bullied by hare-brained liberals.”

Other Twitter users wasted no time schooling Woods on his ignorance. The best response, however, came from in a rebuttal tweet.

“They has been in use as a singular pronoun since the 1300s,” tweeted. It also noted that Chaucer, Shakespeare and Jane Austen used “they” as a singular pronoun.

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Woods’s comments were directed toward transgender and non-binary people, among whom “they” has become a popular pronoun due to its lack of gender specificity.

Woods has a long history of homophobic comments on Twitter. In 2017, he had a heated exchange with actor Armie Hammer after Woods criticized the film Call Me By Your Name for endorsing pedophilia. Just this week, Woods also appeared to endorse conspiracy theories surrounding the attack of actor Jussie Smollett, insinuating that the actor faked the violent assault for publicity.