The Actor's Nightmare

Actor Jesse Eisenberg Clashes With Group Of Homophobic Protesters

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Jesse Eisenberg’s latest performance will no doubt pick him up legions of gay fans.

The actor — who’s made a career playing sheepish, socially awkward characters — wasn’t remotely shy when he got caught in the middle of an antigay protest on the outskirts of the UK’s “London in Pride” parade.

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Cradling clunky, unusually wordy signs (“Seek ye the Lord while he may be found”; “Abstain from fleshly lust”), the congregation is listening to a fervidly homophobic preacher performing a boilerplate hate speech about how homosexuality is an abomination.

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“Is your mind closed?” one of the men abruptly asks Eisenberg as he walks his bike down the London streets.

“Is my mind closed?” Eisenberg parrots back, disgusted. Storming off, he mutters, “So fucked up.”

Watch the exchange below.