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This actor did not appreciate the nonconsensual kiss from Jared Leto

“I do this scene with Jared Leto and he’s supposed to be intimidating me. He comes in, he’s the Joker, and he starts squeezing my t*ts. He’s like [panting and moaning] ‘You’re a big guy’.

“This is while we’re filming. Then he f**king grabs me and kisses me. On the mouth, full kisses me.

“I thought, OK, I’m just gonna go with it. But then he’s like, [panting and moaning again] ‘Did someone piss their pants?’ I’m like, now I did because you said I did!”

He said Leto was seeking a reaction and “he got it. He was so nice and normal and so cool – I was a fan of his. But then he throws in all this weird shit.””Snatched actor Ike Barinholtz to Howard Stern, describing a take while filming Suicide Squad that ultimately did not make it into the final cut. Barinholtz played Officer Griggs in the film. Leto has peviously said about his role that “The Joker is somebody who doesn’t really respect things like personal space or boundaries.”

h/t OMG