“Actor” On Anti-Gay Tour

George Lee Clark sure is a go-getter. The anti-gay activist and self-proclaimed “Soldier of Christ” will embark on an international tour to decry the sins of homosexuality. This trip, which ends in Iran, includes a sit down with Sonia Ghandi, wife of slain PM Rajiv Gandhi and president of the Indian National Congress.

Currently George is visiting several countries to promote gay ban legislation, He will be meeting The Pope at the Vatican and getting his blessings for his International tour. He will be visiting India, Pakistan, China and Iran. In India he will be meeting Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Indian Prime Minister and Law minister and Supreme Court Judges. He will give his formal support for Indian Penal code 377 and request them not to repeal the law.

The press release also labels Clark a “controversial actor,” which implies he’s well known, but we’ve never heard of him.

A quick look at IMDB turns up a few unnotable credits, including a film called Blood Mountain, which is categorized as a horror flick. He’s also credited in a movie called Black Men Can Swim. Both films are written and directed by American Indian filmmaker Parthiban Shanmugam, who also made a documentary about Clark. So, basically, this is some sort of faux-celebrity circle jerk.

Also, how in good God is this man getting face time with the Pope? We call bullshit.