“Actor” On Anti-Gay Tour

George Lee Clark sure is a go-getter. The anti-gay activist and self-proclaimed “Soldier of Christ” will embark on an international tour to decry the sins of homosexuality. This trip, which ends in Iran, includes a sit down with Sonia Ghandi, wife of slain PM Rajiv Gandhi and president of the Indian National Congress.

Currently George is visiting several countries to promote gay ban legislation, He will be meeting The Pope at the Vatican and getting his blessings for his International tour. He will be visiting India, Pakistan, China and Iran. In India he will be meeting Ms. Sonia Gandhi and Indian Prime Minister and Law minister and Supreme Court Judges. He will give his formal support for Indian Penal code 377 and request them not to repeal the law.

The press release also labels Clark a “controversial actor,” which implies he’s well known, but we’ve never heard of him.

A quick look at IMDB turns up a few unnotable credits, including a film called Blood Mountain, which is categorized as a horror flick. He’s also credited in a movie called Black Men Can Swim. Both films are written and directed by American Indian filmmaker Parthiban Shanmugam, who also made a documentary about Clark. So, basically, this is some sort of faux-celebrity circle jerk.

Also, how in good God is this man getting face time with the Pope? We call bullshit.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    Is he an FTM? looks it.

  • CitizenGeek

    Yeah, it’s hard to believe he’ll get to meet with the Pope, or the Indian PM.

  • Bob

    Yes, take a look at his myspace page! Gospal? For someone who is so “religious” he must be borderline (I’m being kind)retarded if he can’t spell gospel.
    I guarantee this loser is hiding some dark secret about himself by pointing the finger at Gays. Anyone want to take a guess?

  • joe

    I guess he must be a gay too. As the matter of fact I have seen him in ATL where he was arguing with some people near the out book store

  • Teresa fahs

    I have met Parthiban and he is no more than an over amibitious con-man who is taking advantage of ego-driven George- who is, let’s just say, cognitively disadvantaged. I have met George, and he is a scary guy, like pyscho scary. These two are long friends who con people over and over to get their footage and then blast the Internet with PR a press releases that are written by other friends.

    Faux-celebrity circle jerk is EXACTLY right. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • George lee Clark

    This article is a lie, that tags my name. I made a movie, “You’re Rejected” which has currently won several film festivals. The Pope watched the movie at the Indigo film festival and admired. I can’t help it if people, majority, liked my performance. As of homo-sexuality It doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that any liberation within legislation mocks what was taught to me in my upbringing. We know the Bible suggests it is a sin. If liberation happens then what will happen to the integrity of the Bible? Is it fair to a country which is “one nation under God”?(our pledge of allegiance), Is it fair to our currency?(“In God we Trust”). Most importantly to my freedom I enjoy today, One being freedom of speech, Which shouldn’t anger anyone because they have the right to nicely speak their piece. Many men have fought and died for this same freedom against non believers of God, Communism. Remember? Being Gay I have nothing really against, but when we suggest it is alright publicly this goes against the integrity of the Bible. Many people love Jesus and rely on pray during hardships. New Generations seeing a society opposing the understandings is not fair to my children or any. Please keep you sexual interests private. You have human rights the same as I. Cant that be enough? Please don’t ask me to forget my Creator. I Know life is a gift, Mother Nature show her beauty each Spring. She dresses beautifully. She has also given me a beautiful women, Her intent. I love her Gay children that she brought into this World too, but Society taught me the Bible, Society taught me Jesus, and Society taught me God is Against the sin of Homo-sexuality. Was the Catholic church wrong what they taught me? Any how Look at the birds flying, see the beautiful flowers. Touch the flowers and smell them, Were they made just for me to love? should we respect Mother Nature for her gift of the opposite sex? She knows more than us. We had to figure out aviation, she already knew. What about a Cactus that has thorns that say “don’t touch”, but will give you a pretty flower saying “I still love you”. It is a very confusing life. But something from nothing is impossible and ex specially all the beauty we see. Lets respect our Creator and intents. I have several Gay friends in the past and present. You are people the same as me. But if I want to read a dirty magazine I will do it privately and not try to condone to respect to the ones it could offend. This Gay right activist subject is not needed you are people the same as me and do have rights. So be understanding of children and give them a fair chance to enjoy the moral teachings of the Bible. It will pay for all. The Bible has done wonders for our Society. We all want to stay one nation under God. I love you all and wish us the best. “Soldier of Christ”, George Lee Clark

  • George Lee Clark

    Teresa Fahs had commented against me because our production company couldn’t use her work. She has blasted our reputation which will get her nowhere except possible law suits. I know nothing of this girl and she the same to me. She has no right labeling us and she may answer to her severe charachter assanations. She is not a medical doctor to be diagnosing me I will remind that Parthiban and I are involved with several projects that are selections to Cannes, “Pizza Story”, which he and I wrote. I can also say “You’re Rejected” was a winner in several festivals, Philafimfest, Germany, India, Canada, Africa, Australia, Turkey, Italy and it goes on and on. This “con-man” she claims Parthiban Shanmugam also made a documentary called “Celestial Brides” that was made to stop the cruelty to gay people in India. It was also an award winner. Every thing Parthiban and I do gets recognition. I my self worked with Doc Hollywood, before knowing Parthiban, and was the head of the “Soccer for Peace” event at Emory for the aid to the lost boys of Sudan, I was the host speaker. My action led to college universities devesting stock to major petroleum companies funding revolt. My work will not stop because of hateful people like Teresa. I will continue to be a peace activist, writer, actor, and love everyone. If people saw the movie “Your Rejected” instead of thinking I am hate, you would turn around and realize this documentary only brought out society questions of homo-sexuallity. I ended up being the Reject. So I will continue to fight ignorance but don’t we all everyday? And as of you Teresa concentrate on your own life and mock others that don’t accept your work. If you continue to make judgements about me without even knowing me, I will take you to court. I am ready to swat a fly. George lee Clark

  • todd

    racisism, sexism, homophobia all have their origin in the cult of religion especially catholic-cult – when will we look at the history of the worst tortures done to humanity by this cult – we let it carry on and hail it – now another attack at the freedom of sexual preference – i say fight as we have been attacked – stand for the freedom we have gained – extinguish cults forever as we come out of the mind rape of the dark ages that popism led and still leads – evolve with me to being myself with your and my choice to live

  • Tim

    This guy is gay he worked in a gay bar in Down Town Atlanta and had 3 diff boy friends that I know of …..this guy is crazy …… and never turn your back on this man EVER!!!!

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