Actor Posts Nude Pic To Convince Redbox To Stock His Gay Film

#WantAPieceActor Rib Hillis is very proud of his body his LGBT-themed film Birthday Cake. So proud that he will do almost anything to get you to see it — even if it means posting a nude photo to get your attention.

Hillis, along with Chad Darnell, who produced, directed, wrote and costars in the mockumentary, just want their movie to reach as wide an audience as possible. With a cast that includes Helen Shaver, Peter Paige and Jane Bader, and scores of awards won while on the festival circuit last year, the film is scheduled for theatrical release May 20.

But to reach a truly broad demographic, the producers hope to get Birthday Cake into Redbox’s ubiquitous red rental kiosks. The problem is Redbox doesn’t have the best track record for offering LGBT films, particularly after the backlash it received for stocking the powerful marriage equality documentary Bridegroom. Hillis and the filmmakers hope their film will be an exception, but they’re asking for help from the LGBT communities.

“I’m really proud of the film and the response the movie has received all over the country,” Hillis said in a statement to Queerty. “We made this movie specifically to show that gay families are just like any other family in America: they bicker with each other, they love each other and they get stressed out trying to plan the perfect child’s birthday party. We hope Redbox will consider carrying the film. The company received a lot of backlash earlier this year for carrying Bridegroom and we hope the gay community will support us and continue to support Redbox by demanding good films involving gay stories.”

In the video below, Darnell further explains ways you can help get their film reach an audience.