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Actor To Stop Taking Gay Roles Because Audiences Keep Thinking He’s Gay

Alwyn Uytingco, the 23-year-old Filipino actor who’s part of Star Magic, Inc. (sort of like Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club), says he’s no longer going to take parts that call for him to play gay, like he did in last year’s comedy Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na ‘To!) (Your Only Mom (It’s final!)). How come? Because it has some of his fans thinking he’s gay in real life. Note to John Travolta: start screening your movies in the Philippines first.

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  • TheRealAdam

    The same fears plague Hollywood in the States with its male actors. Male homosexuality is always wrong, while female homosexuality – or bisexual/lesbian leanings – is OK.

  • Comixbear

    That’s why I stopped talking with single women….It makes people think that I’m straight and I can’t have that sort of reputation.

  • scribe

    @Comixbear: You I flirt with women all the time thinking that they get that I am gay. Last week one of them asked me out… So i’m re-thinking things.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Good. Now maybe more gay actors will be able to get work.

  • Gigi

    Not a problem for James Franco!

  • Rick Gold

    If he TRULY wants people to stop thinking he is a homo, he should stop being Filipino as well.

  • Cam

    His next step to prevent people thinking he is gay is to stop having sex with men.

  • jak

    Sorry, but you would be perfect for the role of Anacleto in the remake of Reflections in a Golden Eye.

  • Francis

    He needs to take a look in the mirror and figure out why he’s so insecure in his sexuality.

  • Harbo

    Just looking at his picture, I’d never believe he was gay. OMG, he looks line a linebacker to me!

  • Mangina

    Forget being offered gay roles. How about accepting stupid parts in crappy films? From the looks of the film trailer, I think he has more to worry about than being offered the gay casting couch.

  • so,,,



    Stop talking crap at this guy. It take guts for a straight guy taking on a gay role. especially facing anti-gay bashers. If you all think that gay bullying here is harsh. In some parts of asia you get picked on 10x fold.

  • McMike

    I guess I’ll say it since no one else is saying it… The guy looks gay to me and it’s usually the gay actor who doesn’t want anyone thinking he’s a homosexual. I would think any heterosexual actor wouldn’t mind playing gay roles since he had nothing to hide but it seems to me, IMHO, this kid has something to hide.

  • justiceontherocks

    Right. He’ll star in the Filipino version of Conan the Barbarian now that he’s cleared that up.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    LOL – Though funny there some truth in this. I have that problem with straight women. They meet me and we click very well, then later down the road they find out and I get the cold shoulder.

    This is happened too many times. And I try to make it obvious (rainbow bracelet, etc.), still they don’t always get it.

    As for the actor, he’s a cutie. No wonder. And the trailer looks great but is there a subtitled version?

  • Silas

    Gay or not, He’s really cute!!

  • Cam

    @RIKKU: said..

    “Stop talking crap at this guy. It take guts for a straight guy taking on a gay role.”

    Since when? Straight actors are the only actors who seem to TAKE gay roles.

  • Tommy

    Really? Who cares what a 23-year-old is doing with his career! He’ll figure it out when he gets older. This isn’t news.

  • John

    I guess no one here has ever acted huh?

    I work as an assistant to a certain actor and will say that this sort of type casting does happen and it happens all the time.

    The client does a really good job in a role and then gets offered many more that are basically the exact same role but if you don’t believe me, think of Topher Grace from THAT 70s SHOW. How many roles since that show has he played a wise cracking smart ass?

    Another is Guillermo Diaz for example. How many times have I seen him play a thug Latino gangster? Even in MERCY with him as a male nurse his past was as part of a gang banger neighborhood.

    Zac Effron also passed on the remake of FOOTLOOSE because he was asked yet again to play a teenager even though he stood to make quiet a pay day on that property.

    An interesting example in the business is that of Ian Somerhalder who was quiet convincing in THE RULES OF ATTRACTION as a gay college student [and fearless in his gay scenes] and for a while he had a hard time shaking off the image but then LOST came around and used that to spring board on to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES where he still plays on his sex appeal to both genders.

    In the case of this young man it is already hard because many think of Filipinos as gay or queens PLUS he himself is very good looking with soft features.

  • Joey O'H

    I don’t know who this actor is so I could really careless what he thinks.

  • Bobby

    The Rules of Attraction was a good movie, though paul was bisexual

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I only watched the whole trailer because I was stoned.

  • Will

    This article title sounds like something out of The Onion.

  • Glenn Beck

    To me all Asians are gay looking whether straight or not. This actor should stick to gay roles at least he will get some role.

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