Actress Who Played Sisters To Patsy Stone And Alexis Carrington Has Died

Let’s all raise of glass of Bolli and drink a toast to the terrific character actress Kate O’Mara, who has died at age 74. An exquisite actress who appeared in many BBC dramas including Dr. Who, O’Mara made a splash in America when she portrayed Cassandra, the sister of Joan Collins’ character on the popular ’80s nighttime soap Dynasty. Yet, her best-known work was undoubtedly as Patsy Stone’s viper-tongued sister Jackie in “Happy New Year,” one of the more memorable episodes of the hit Brit-com Absolutely Fabulous.

The role was initially intended for actress Charlotte Rampling, but O’Mara was a sensation as Patsy’s possibly older sister, whose party animal days are long behind her, much to the chagrin of her admiring sibling. The woman had a way with a put-down, such as her dig at Edina’s conservative daughter Saffie. “Never mind, too late to flush her now,” she uttered. And no one who’s watched it can forget Patsy urging her sister to join her and Edina for a night on the town and being silenced with the truth. “Pats, I’m 72,” she admitted to Patsy’s horror.

Watch O’Mara make life miserable for Pats and Eds in a clip from AbFab.

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  • ingyaom

    That’s Stoli-Bolli (and Veuve ‘n’ Bourb).

  • Zodinsbrother

    I was lucky enough to meet Kate a few times and she was genuinely lovely.

  • PeterPiperBoy

    There was a small mistake in the headlines! She didn’t play as Alexis Carrington! She played as the sister of the Alexis Carrington–Caress!!!

  • Jeremy Kinser

    The headline says she played sisters to Patsy and Alexis.

  • bobbyjoe

    She’s the subject of my favorite AbFab scene of all time (“Do us all a favor, babe, go out with a bang”). Thank you for the memories, Kate!

  • DickGreenleaf

    The best part of Jackie revealing that she’s 72 s Patsy stopping to think just how old SHE is. “Take it away and bring me another lover”.

  • hotshot70

    I first saw Kate as The Rani on Doctor Who. Then on Bad GIrls, and AbFab. I loved her tough, yet beutiful ways. She will be missed!

  • PeterPiperBoy

    @PeterPiperBoy: You’re correct about the headline! Thanks Jeremy!

  • Spike

    Apparently no one at Queerty is old enough to have actually watched Dynasty. Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington. Kate O’Mara played her sister.

    Queerty FAIL.

  • Jeremy Kinser

    Spike, what are you talking about? It clearly reads: O’Mara made a splash in America when she portrayed Cassandra, the sister of Joan Collins’ character on the popular ’80s nighttime soap Dynasty.

  • Beachman

    @Spike: Spike-

    Apparently you are not old enough to actually know how to read…but do know how to make yourself look like a complete moron. The headline in Queerty is correct, and you are not.

    Spike FAIL

    Queerty PASS

  • thenameismatt

    R.I.P. Jax. This 35 yr old queen only knew you as Patsy’s fabulous sister. “The wives got the houses, not the hookers!” I hope she went out with a BANG! :)

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