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Actually, Some Shoppers Do Not Want To See Elton John’s Us Weekly Cover

THE SHOT — Evidently that Arkansas grocery store isn’t the only one with a problem seeing Elton John, David Furnish, and their new son Zachary on the cover of Us Weekly. Shoppers really are offended! [via Reddit, under the amazing title, “I’m not even going to bother covering up the names of these assholes”]

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  • divkid

    thanks Q.

    so little time and sooo much anger; where to begin…?

  • Ryanthehulk

    To quote Margaret Cho, “Shouldn’t you be preparing for the rapture? Aren’t you supposed to be leaving soon?”

  • RomanHans

    Um, you found idiots on Twitter. It’s Pulitzer time!

  • Francis

    Hmmm…………..typical anti-gay Christanist behavior. I would be offended if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • divkid

    @divkid (1):

    actually, over reaction much!

    i didn’t read their rants initially, i thought it was objections from ordinary normal shoppers; on reading them there’s nothing “normal” about them: just typical rightist religious, brain dead, hive-mind.

    same old same old. *yawn*

  • just asking...

    did i see correctly two men on the profile picture?
    so, i suppose they are not going to have baby, just fun…

  • GoodboyPA

    Just asked David Crossley to be my friend on facebook:

    “Can I PLEASE be your friend? I have read your comments about “Awakening Faith,” and I do so much want to get to know someone so full of hate!

    Please, oh please, do tell me that you keep ALL of the law… I so want to believe! Please HELP ME TO BELIEVE!

    My, I am so convinced, brother, that hatred and the Law is so much a better way than to follow Jesus and the teachings of Love. I mean, Love is so, you know, like tolerant and grace-filled.”

  • kernelt

    I’m very compassionate and loving person, but when it come to those moron… I can’t stand them!
    If a disaster strike I hope that they are all in it, a cleansing toward a better world… Cheer

  • GoodboyPA

    You know, the real problem is that so many of them are so self-righteous that they truly believe that they are doing exactly as Jesus passionately wishes for them to do. And they are so self-righteous that they can look you in the face and say, “honey, I DO love you and that’s why I must call you out of your sin.”

    Jesus had an answer, something about specks and logs and plucking stuff from your eye. Oh, sorry, I guess I’m wrong about that too.

  • Tyler T.

    Not to stir up shit, but judging from the profile pics, I’d say this is a relatively African American fundamentalist gathering. Why are they so quick to jump on the Christianity bigot wagon when it was used to oppress them for centuries? Not quite sure I understand…

  • Francis

    Because they are brainwashed, Tyler. Although, this isn’t about race. It’s about stupidity and hate.

  • globo

    I fucking want to punch these people hard. I know violence wont solve anything but still..

  • stephen

    I can’t take those people seriously.

  • Riker

    Amazing how many “Christians” are utterly unlike Christ. Jesus was probably a pretty cool guy. I don’t have a problem with him. Its his followers I can’t stand.

    If you take another look at the New Testament, all of the hateful racist sexist homophobic stuff in it was written not by Jesus, but by Paul (a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus). He actually never even met Jesus. What he did was have a hallucination and suddenly think he knew what Jesus wanted better than those who actually knew him, which is where the Pauline epistles come into play. Even some of those the authorship of which is disputed.

    Jesus was about love, not hate. God loves all of his children, including the faggots. Yes, he even loves Christians too, though he probably wants to smack them upside the head from time to time.

  • Erich

    He’s a preacher.
    On his website they have a spot where you can request a prayer request. I asked for one for him to forgive him for his un-Christian behavior.

  • scott ny'er

    Notice how often religion is brought into it. Religion (most likely Christianity) is the root of their evil, hateful thoughts.

  • Jeremy

    Grammar is clearly not important to many of these people.

    At least the gays would have spelled every word correctly. I don’t get it…when a word is misspelled, it’s underlined by a red line. Does that not prompt these people to try again?

  • pete N sfo

    It really is hilarious that these people find having to look at images of ‘gay people’ so offensive…

    Imagine if we flipped that… and complained every time we had to look at images of straight couples? Or complained about having to keep a sense of humor about every Valentines Day event, or every time a couple proposed on TV… ad nauseum.

  • Jeffree

    If the same photo ran with a headline “Brothers Adopt Murdered Sister’s Newborn” I doubt it would have raised an eyebrow!

    I bet half the people who complained had to ask someone “How did two guys have a baby?”

  • Jay

    hm i know this is to make us aware, but I wished they’d stop posting shit like this. Most of us have to deal with such people on a day-to-day basis, the last thing I want is to have to deal with it online. :-(

    No, I’m not trying to belittle the situation.

    I wonder if people have a prob with Neil Patrick Harris and his babies? He’s hot, so probably not lol

  • priscilla queen of the jungle

    WOW! This is perfectly chilling, all the more so because these are young folks, not the “old” homophobic crowd.

    One of them (Nolan Kimble) said: “God is a killer of those who don’t obey His words.”

    How far is it from THAT to actually killing a gay yourself? Not far, for some.


    I looked him up on Facebook and he only has a h.s. education. Bitch, please! You are not the vanguard.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    Some people really need to be lead. Like Donkeys. Or horses.

    We’re a really dumb and shor sighted species.

  • Nic

    I think we, as gays and lesbians, should add all these people on this thread to our friend list. Keep your friends close…

  • kenny

    Omfg I am so sick and goddamn tired of these hypocritical hateful holy rollers. I happen to have some wonderful Christian friends whom I love dearly .They dont judge ever they just love and spread love and they even fight back against people like these narrowminded unstable individuals.Christians are supposed to be LOVING not hateful not cruel not heartless not vindictive and those individuals are all of the above.How dare they call themselves human beings much less Christians.

    I kept noticing the comments they made about praying for the children and about what a disgusting horrible position for those kids to be in.They are right THE OTHER WAY around that is their kids are fucked and I am a non believer but we need to be praying for THEIR children god help them having parents and people like them indoctrinating and brainwashing them.

  • priscilla queen of the jungle


    I, too, noticed their repeated references to “the children”…the poor children, indeed!

    Unfortunately, these people will be contributing the high suicide rate of the next LGBT generation, including their own children. And, all the while, praising their [f’d-up version of] God with sanctimonious, self-congratulatory smiles.


  • Morgan T

    I don’t condone any of the hate mail that I know people have been sending these commenters. I sent a few messages to about four of those people in that picture and they have been nothing but polite to me. Obviously we disagree on the core principle but that doesn’t entitle me to go all apeshit, nor anybody else. It would be a different story if they were trying to come after my child, or lobbying for the child in question they are discussing to be removed from his parents. But they aren’t so the rest are just made up of beliefs and opinions, those of which won’t be changed by flaming.

    I sent this to one receptive chicky in that bunch, don’t you think this is a more productive way of conversing?:

    I haven’t had one negative response yet and I can appreciate people who show respect.

    I do still think some of the things you argue are a bit misguided but I don’t know you in real life so I can’t expect to arbitrarily change a mind. I will say this though, my mother died when I was a toddler and my father wanted to adopt me out of the family, but instead my grandmother took me and raised me. So it is true that I was created out of the love between a man and a woman however sometimes that love is not enough and in this case it wasn’t and didn’t keep the family together like the perfect world you are trying to defend.

    I disagree with the idea that EVERY child is best suited in every single household with a male and female combination, and banning EVERY gay couple from adopting at all, is a good thing to advocate. Here’s why:

    Even when biological parents are “seen” as the ideal, that ideal you cling to includes convicted felons, child abusers, people whom don’t pay child support, leave their children behind, or have been married countless times. To say yes to every person who knows how to shove their genitals into the opposite sex and no to all those others who can’t but seek other ways of making a family… seems like a misplaced value (to me). I mean, assuming adoption agencies work properly and children are given the option of being placed with the best possible, loving, caring family, why should it matter that in in SOME cases, a gay couple will be chosen on their merits as human people? Not many people are Gay, and we’ll never be anywhere near a majority. But we are here and I believe we have a helpful purpose, especially when it comes to the prospect of taking care of children whose heterosexual parents failed them. Not everybody is perfect, although we try.

    That’s my view. Sorry for rambling. I don’t expect you to agree, obviously you are united with a certain type of faith that compels you to think the way you do and I don’t seek to alienate you from that because I think faith is good. But that is my view, and if it enlightens you even a little bit I will know I have done some good today.

  • priscilla queen of the jungle

    @Morgan T:

    Wonderful letter; you make a fine spokesperson for our community! Let us know what comes of this?

  • Pickles

    Their son is NOT adopted. Why do folks keep saying Elton John adoption his OWN biological child.
    Ridiculous Christian Fundamentalism.
    ALL Christian Fundamentalists are Homophobic regardless of race.

  • anonymous

    hehehe. I think we should send these names to 4chan and watch their lives fall apart. where’s their god now?

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