Ad Campaign Peddles Gay Rights

Bermudan activists are taking their politics to an advertorial level. The so-called “concerned citizens” have launched the “Two words and a comma” ad campaign to raise support for gay inclusion in the Human Rights Bill.

One advert implores:

I don’t know what my son’s sexual orientation is going to be and because I don’t know, I am about the business of creating a world where he can express himself in ways that are healthy and where is safe to be who he is.

A little wordy, but it’s the thought that counts.

Queer inclusion in the nation’s Rights Bill has remained one of the island’s most contentious political issues since the first debate in 1981. It’s come before the legislature a number of time since then, including May of 2006. According to Pink News UK, MP Renee Webb put the bill before her political peers. The lawmakers, had nothing to say – literally, they just sat in silence.

The issue became even more contentious after Evangelical protesters wagged a finger at Rosie O’Donnell’s cruise line, which planned to land on the island for a little fun in the sun.

The cruise organisers were put off the island by the threats of church groups to picket their arrival. Many other Bermudans were horrified that their country was being painted as homophobic, and Anglican and Catholic churches distanced themselves from the evangelical churches.

Bermudan premier Ewart Brown also distanced himself from the anti-gay crusaders:

Bermuda is a democracy that welcomes all people of all races, coloors, creeds, and sexual orientation.

While the government of Bermuda has done everything we can to welcome the Rosie O’Donnell-hosted cruise, we understand and respect their decision, however saddened we are by it.

We stress to the international community the Bermudian government’s position of inclusion and acceptance of all who wish to visit our beautiful and friendly country.

How sad do you think the Bermudan government is over O’Donnell’s company’s decision? So sad that they’ll include gays in the Human Rights Bill? Or just sad enough to pay lip service to the media in the hopes of getting tourist dollars?