Ad Council Fights “So Gay”

Bringing homophobia to the mainstream, the Advertising Council and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network will today launch a campaign against “That’s so gay.”

It’s the first time the council has used its public service announcements to help out the homos.

And, like so many other PSAs, the print and television campaign will employ the most potent cultural power: celebrity, including Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes. Rather than try to hammer the message into often rebellious kids’ heads, the campaign plans a more casual, humorous approach:

In the commercial featuring Ms. Sykes, three teenage boys at a pizzeria are making fun of a silly statue of a pizza chef. One says, “That’s so gay, really gay,” to which Ms. Sykes replies, “Please don’t say that,” and then asks how he would like it if she were to say something she disliked was “so ‘16-year-old boy with a cheesy mustache.’ ”

Some print ads are taking a similar tack. “That’s so ‘Jock who can complete a pass but not a sentence,’ ” one headline reads. Another says, “That’s so ‘Gamer guy who has more video games than friends.’ ” The ads end this way: “Think that’s mean? How do you think ‘That’s so gay’ sounds? Hurtful. So, knock it off.”

The campaign comes complete with a website – thinkb4youspeak – on which people can submit their own “That so [x]” comeback. That’s so interactive!

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  • Buck

    That is SO gay.

  • maria

    don’t say gay unless you mean it!

  • Bobathon

    that’s so ‘trashy cheerleader who can’t spell blow-job but sure can give one’

  • Darth Paul

    Yet another idiotic display of PC assery that will only strengthen the language they’re against…

  • RainaWeather

    That’s so Black. I’m sure that would upset people. OR maybe, that’s so Mexican.

  • Woof

    That’s so ‘you say your straight and have a girlfriend, but after a few beers you are begging me to give you head.’


    That’s so cool! I loved it. You know it reminds of a similar tactic I use when I hear bigots saying that, but due to the new found respect I have just found for Ms. Skyes I won’t say it here.
    Rare indeed.

  • JJ

    What a bright note. I think that this is a real problem among our school children and I’m glad someone is addressing it.

    Using “gay” as a pejorative for anything that is different among young people is pervasive in our country.

    This language breeds prejudice and is detrimental to the developing character of young people, especially those who happen to be GAY and are coming to realize it.

    This is good work!

  • greybat

    But I LIKE saying “That’s so Gay!”…of course, it sounds gayer when I say it.

  • waffle twat

    That’s so Raven.

  • butterpantz

    What a crappy campaign. I really want to see a version where Wanda beats the mustache off that douchebag’s face. Use Wanda Wisely!

    I usually just say “oh it’s that cool huh?” whenever I hear someone say something is gay.

  • butterpantz

    That’s so Republican.

  • RainaWeather

    @ Butterpantz. i use that one quite a lot

  • Patrick Wang

    Most of the time that someone says… that’s so gay around me… I say, “no, it isn’t, it’s more like ‘it’s so lame straight guy’ with no sense”

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