Adam Barta Records Tribute Song For Hot-Mess Octomom

Nadya “Octomom” Suleman continues her train-wreck of a year—which has already included a porn video, a sloppy visit to New York’s XL nightclub and an extended stay at Chapman House Treatment—with a tribute song, “I Need a Doctor,” written and recorded by gay pop prince Adam Barta.

Barta, whose song “Q&A” was named “Ultimate Sexiest Video” on LOGO’s Click List, already recorded “Sexy Party” with Suleman earlier this year. “I Need a Doctor” is his homage to Octomom’s “epic struggles and triumphs,” according to a press release. He says he wrote it “to inspire her to finish her stint in rehab and look forward toward the bright future she has waiting for herself and the kids.”

“The words will speak for themselves and people will have to listen very carefully to really interpret what it is saying. I wanted Nadya to know that I love her so much by writing this just for her, because to me, music can cure the soul. This chronicles the struggles and triumphs she has endured recently.

The world will be her oyster when she is done and we may be back in the studio to work on new music together, or we may focus on performing “Sexy Party” like everyone has been waiting to see.”

Yes, we have all been waiting for that. Ahem.