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Adam Carolla ‘Just Knows’ Straight Parents Are Better Than 2 Dads Or 2 Moms

Look, if something happens to me, I’d rather my kids were raised by a heterosexual couple rather than a gay couple, all things being equal. I just believe a mom and dad is better than two dads or two moms. I don’t believe this, I just know this. I’m an atheist, it’s not a religious thing, it’s a nature thing. Whenever I say this, someone says, “Oh, so you’d rather your kids be raised by a bigamist, junkie uneducated, white trash, racist heterosexual couple versus a very loving, well-to-do gay couple?” I’m like, “No, it’s everything being equal. Exact same house, school district, minivan. If the gay couple is a little bit richer and a little bit better and live in a little bit better school district, I’d give the kids over to the gays.”

—Podcaster Adam Carolla, the racial profiling supporter who’s out promoting his new completely non-misogynist book In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks: And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy, on how he’s writing his will [via]

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  • gina

    I’m very pleased to announce this moron’s showbiz career is pretty much down the toilet. *FLUSH*

  • Bertolucci

    With tv and radio not calling and his podcast being what it is. (nothing)
    He has now taken to doing stand up comedy at a ripe old age which he hates- and folks, isn’t that punishment enough?

  • Fred V

    Other than “Crank Yankers,” why did this guy EVER have a career?

  • Joe M

    Yawn. It’s Attempted Carer Revival 101. Say something randomly bigoted against gays to ensure every gay blog mentions it. The resulting controversy will propel you, whatever your hyping and your career into mainstream success. I mean, he has podcast. Not a tv show. A podcast. It must KILL him to watch Kimmell.

  • tjr101

    Adam Corolla is just an aged, heterosexist comedian with zero expertise of value to society.

  • Casey

    My take is Adam is a really angry white guy because his radio partner/game show cohost Jimmy Kimmel is uber famous his career has stalled.

  • Aaron

    I’ve always hated Adam Corolla. He’s a homophobic, sexist, jackass who think’s he’s going against the grain by being “Un-PC”. There’s a difference between Un-PC and just being a jerk, a difference that he doesn’t get.

  • Aaron

    Oh, but he is right about one thing: it really isn’t a religious thing. Religion is just a crutch of sexist men and women who are brainwashed by it. Adam Corolla doesn’t have that crutch. Men like him believe Being a mommy is something that WOMEN should do; not men.

  • Avenger

    Corolla is right. It is better to have a *mom and a dad.*

    Oh, and being a mommy is something that only women can do. Men are fathers.

  • Soupy

    still looking for a gay hook up, Avenger? Try a pay for play site.

  • Chris

    @Avenger: awesome comment! :D

  • Sean

    Another piece of proof that “being an atheist” does not mean “being a skeptic”. I don’t know any self-respecting freethinker who’d be caught dead saying “I don’t believe this, I just know this.” with no supporting evidence.

    I’ll give him one thing though. All other things being equal, a straight couple is a little more likely to do better just because they have a way smaller chance of dealing with discrimination or ostracization. Like with black parents or Jewish parents or whatever. It’s a shame (but totally unsurprising) that Corolla turned a blind eye to that point and went straight for the gut-feeling bigotry.

  • Henry

    He has always been a complete homophobe and asshole. I remember listening to him bait poor gay callers on his radio show with Dr. whatshisname. Just horrendous. Why Glaad has always given him a pass is beyond me.

  • Skeezix

    I don’t know Adam Corolla, and I am not familiar with his work. However, I know that he is a douchebag. I don’t just believe this, but I know it.

  • radqueerboy

    He’s a talentless douche! A giant NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nobody says you need a functioning brain to be in show business, right adam carolla?

    This guy is like on the f-list of who’s-who in Hollywood. I doubt he makes enough to support his beer consumption. Pity his kids, if anything.

  • greenmanTN

    Huh. What a coincidence! I was just thinking about him the other day. Seriously. It was in relation to Jimmy Kimmel having a, you know, CAREER as opposed to whatsisface.

    Well now I know what he’s up to; still being an ass.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He says this in the interview:

    I mean, we were poor. I wasn’t being abused, but we were on welfare.

    So welfare was avaiable because liberals correctly decided that America was a nation wealthy enough to help its citizens in need.

    But then he says this:

    I’m not into the welfare state, I’m not into all those freebie lunch programs.

    So he and his family was helped by welfare, yet he doesn’t want todays families to recive the same help. Why would somone who recived help when they need it, not want others to recive the same help?

    Maybe because of this:

    I guess I would be Republican

    In other words, a douchebag.

  • Jack E. Jett

    He has always been and always will be a non entity and a talentless douche of the skaniest kind.

  • scott ny'er

    Who is this guy? No, seriously.

  • Pip

    What a stupid asshole. Let me present an impossible hypothetical just so I can express my homophobia. Ooo edgy!

  • Kieran

    Once an asshole, always an asshole.

  • BjBien1010

    Who cares? This isn’t hate speech or anything. It’s a comedian on his podcast speaking his mind on what he knows.

    It isn’t like he is rallying or doing anything to hurt the LGBT community.


    Let’s get over this.

    I like being gay but I personally am on the fence about children because I love having had both my mother AND my father to raise me and I am sure that all the LGBT who was lucky/fortunate enough to have both loving parents feels the same way.

    I too feel all things being equal that every child should have a mother and a father.

    I am not against 2 men or 2 women raising a child nor their right too but even the lesbian couple I know with a son loves for me to be around often as I provide a positive “male” role in the child’s upbringing and I know the aren’t the only ones that do that. Even single moms raising a son like for their brothers to be around to have a male role model.

  • Chris

    to whoever thumbed down my comment yeah um i was being sarcastic……….

  • Comixbear

    And it surprises anyone who created The Man Show says things like this?

  • GimmeaBreak

    This man is and always has been trash. If he and Dr. Drew weren’t beating off together during their radio show I’d really be amazed.

    I can’t believe he has two kids. He shouldn’t be parenting a goat, much less children. My sympathies to his kids. Hopefully, he’ll be able to afford therapy for them ‘cuz they’re gonna need it.

  • Xtincta

    He wasn’t being literal. He’s a comedian and very pro-gay rights sadly his comedy doesn’t translate well to text.

  • Cung Vo

    Why doesn’t he compare children have no parent or single parent to the one has 2 moms or 2 dads.

    I think this is tiny mind like religion, look at gay thru the sex only not look at the whole personality. So the mind of religion has only sex, nothing else.

  • eyesiq

    So really being homosexual has nothing to do with it. He just wants his kids raised by whoever is richer with a slight preference towards heterosexuals. BUT, in the end, all that matters to him is money.

  • Sug Night


    And why would a gay couple want to raise his kids? No doubt the girl would have an industrial strength unibrow, and we know what a buzz kill that can be for wanna-be Homecoming Queens.
    And with his obviously murky gene pool, they’d all be on the short bus.
    No, no thanks, what-was-your-name-again.

  • damon459

    As someone who was raised by only one parent do to the other one being a totally worthless drunken A-hole I can say I ended up less screwed up with one parent then I would have if my sperm donor off a father had stayed around. I’m sick of hearing how a mommy and a daddy make the best parents it’s not true. I have a friend who was raised by two loving gay men he’s not messed up at all. I have an uncle who has been with his partner for 30 yrs they raised two wonderful children together. I have two aunt’s who stayed in their failed marriages for the sake of the kids and every one of them is screwed up, one even had a child removed from the home do to neglect. Unhappy couple regardless of orientation do not make the best parents. As for Adam I’ve listened to his podcast the man is off his rocker he talks all the time about drinking and smoking pot yet he claims to be such a wonderful parent? Ya cause a boozing drug addict makes a better parent over a loving stable couple? please!

  • adman

    If you’re straight, low brow, and uneducated, you get a special place on the douche ladder in Hollywood. It’s like the stupid kid in AP chemistry who gets to ask the questions during lecture. Doesn’t the prof know the kid is stupid, we wonder? What can I say, we’re American, we believe in including the hopeless. After that, you’re on your own.
    I grew up in the LA shithole, with lames from suburb county East Coast America “entertaining” me on the radio and local TV. Believe me, to be from LA and to still listen to assholes like this on the radio is to be a known pariah. There are seriously 3 people is Buena park listening to him, so have a little perspective.
    These Man Show trade boys, like Joe Rogan and Corrola had to suck so much dick to keep their jobs, it’s a farce, and you’re supposed to know this and get the “tounge in cheek” humor. And yet, we all know they and their entertainment complex of origin are a giant hole of suck anyway, It’s always weird to me when the rest of the country stirs from it’s stupor and recognizes this though, so I guess the article here is relevant. Whatever.

  • Scott

    This guy is a bag of dirt with eyes and a mouth. I can’t stand the sight of him. The Man Show was an obvious homophobic show for morons who couldn’t get a lay.

  • San Francisco Treat

    @ all of you that quasi-defend what he said:

    Educate yourselves. Several studies have been done over several years to test whether there is a difference one way or the other for children raised by same-sex couples versus opposite-sex couples. The results always show (except for studies funded by groups like the “Family Research Council”) that children raised by same-sex parents are no different than those raised by opposite-sex parents EXCEPT that they are marginally MORE COMPASSIONATE. I know, shock.

    @ 8: Exactly.

    @ 12: Educate yourself, navigating discrimination (or bias generally) is something all families deal with, it’s not unique to families headed by same-sex couples, nor is it uniquely or qualitatively more difficult adaptationally for said children.

    @23: Your argument boils down to “I loved my mom and dad, so it’s probably best if everyone’s family looks like mine.” Children raised by same-sex couples love their parents just as much and could make the same argument you’re making.

    @ Adam Corolla: What you “just know” is contradicted by all the evidence, so maybe you should learn about a subject BEFORE you “just know” what you’re talking about. Moron.

  • Tessie Tura

    He won’t get the support of the Right because he’s an atheist. So there goes a chance of a two million dollar contract with Fux News.

    Perhaps if he convinces his public – all three of them – that Toyota named a car after him.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Example #1,393,294,929,929 why breeders are scum, can’t be trusted around children, and are only fit for filling gas chambers. Where’s the Zyklon B when you need it?

  • Sapphocrat

    And being an atheist has what to do with it? He’s as homophobic as any fundy christianist, and for the very same reason: he “just knows.” No reason, no rational, no intelligence needed.

    What a fucking asshole.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    Hey Adam – FUCK YOU and your heterosexual privilage….go fuck yourself with your old tapes of the trailer trash “Man SHow”

  • ewe

    His kids would be fortunate if something did happen to him.

  • BjBien1010

    @San Francisco Treat:

    I said as someone who was raised by a mother and a father, I believe ALL children should be as fortunate.

    I never said same sex couples COULDN’T raise a child as well and I’m sure they’d do a better job but it won’t replace the fact that either the two gay men or the two lesbian women will feel the need to give their child the a positive opposite sex role model.

    I feel this applies to single heterosexual parents as well.

    Again, I am not against gays adopting or raising children but I do believe that there are clearly MOTHER and FATHER roles that same sex couples can’t meet.

  • Ken S

    The small amount of offense that I felt at reading this (small because I “know” better than he “knows,” and I’m rarely hurt by things that I know aren’t true) was mitigated by the fact that Adam Corolla is irrelevant, and the only thing that hurts me less than ignorant, untrue ideas is ignorant, untrue ideas declared by irrelevant, unimportant people :)

  • JoeyO'H

    Who really cares what this little dicked shit bagged no talent has to say? Really?

  • BjBien1010

    As someone who listens to Adam Carolla’s FREE Podcast, the guy has his opinions and you are free to have your own over his thoughts.

    That being said, all you IDIOTS saying this is his attempt at grab fame, you do realize that QUEERTY is the ONLY place reporting this and the only ones who heard Adam’s rant are FANS OF ADAM WHO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS SHOW ON ITUNES!!!

    To say he doesn’t have talent is also idiotic as clearly he is doing SOMETHING right along side Cathy Griffin in that he has CDs, radio shows, and books out along with TV shows and various other projects.

    All while everyone on here is just a name in the internet and Queerty is just an internet site…

  • jason

    I partly agree with Adam Carolla on the notion that masculinity has been de-valued and that men, in general, have been demonized by the feminist movement.

    Feminists do not want equal rights. Rather, they want privileges. It’s obvious in things like the modesty double standard (check out the clothing) and the bisexual double standard (compare society’s treatment of female bisexuality to male bisexuality). Women exploit these double standards to get preferential treatment.

    Where I disagree with Adam and many other straight guys is in their patriarchal attitudes. Consider their attitudes to homosexuality. If it’s “two hot chicks making out”, it’s a homosexuality they’re for. If it’s two hot guys, they’re against it.

    Message to sleazy straight guys: you can’t be for one form of homosexuality but against another. Wake up, dorks.

  • Michael Letterman

    Well put Adam and with the exception of your last thought I agree with you completely.

  • San Francisco Treat

    @ 40: You can “believe” that all you want, but it doesn’t make it true. Same-sex couples perform all the traditionally conceived “masculine” and “feminine” parenting roles as opposite-sex couples do. You said “all things being equal, a child should have a mother and a father.” As I pointed out before, that’s merely you projecting what you remember as a happy childhood on the rest of the world. The data is very clear on this subject, children are happier when they have two parents, it’s wholly irrelevant to them what sex their parents are.

    Further, whether a couple chooses to introduce a “role model” in their child’s life is irrelevant to the point here. The point Mr. Corolla and you (originally) attempted to make is that in a vacuum, straight parents are better than gay ones at parenting.

    I’m telling you that’s not JUST homophobic (heteronormative really), it disproven by all the objectively accrued data. You can “believe” that as much as Mr. Corolla does, but neither of you “know” what you are talking about.

  • Geo

    One thing that all kids have in common, whether they’re raised by straight or gay parents– when they grow up they’ll all have no idea who the f*ck Adam Carolla is.

  • Trish Spencer

    Can I just say I don’t think he meant anything by it. At the end of the statement he says if the gay family could offer better living conditions he would send his kids there. We can’t tell someone what is right for their children. It seems small minded thats about it. I was raised by one parent who was such an asshole sometimes. so I would deff take 2 dads over one mom. But as I’m sure we’re all pretty aware 2 dad or 2 moms doesn’t guarantee a happy house they can fight just like mom and dad lol… I saw first hand from uncles Bryan and Tom, whom I love very much, growing up

  • Giovannidude

    I’ve always disliked Adam Carolla, but never knew exactly why. Now I know why.

  • Sexy Rexy

    I used to enjoy watching him with Dr. Drew on MTV’s Loveline. He’s always been a bit un-PC, but came across as more gay-friendly than he is here. I am a little shocked, but after Mel Gibson, nothing surprises me anymore.

  • Alex

    I hope hetero males aren’t still in change in fifty years.

  • Michael Letterman

    Alex: hope away however there will never come a time when the normal heterosexual population will subjugate to the homosexual population before that will happen I’d rather see aother nation nuke us all to ashes.

    prohomo: While you cannot seem to make a point without being insulting and making it personal I’d say you were the one full of shit. I proved nothing as I have nothing I need prove I stated my opinion and belief. You make an assuption regarding my religion (which has no bearing on this subject) the most famous of Letterman’s is David Letterman who is well known to be a Presbyterian so to claim to devine my religion based on my name is ludicrious. If you feel the need to liken my claims to those of Hitler go right ahead, however like a broken clock even Hitler had to be right once in awhile after all while he was an insane megalomaniac he also won Austria elections with 98% of the vote.

    No I do not want anyone discusing their sexual preference or their fetisihes or their perversions with my minor children and anyone who does so will face the wraith of my anger in a way I’d rather not even think about. I can speak of my wife and children all I want that is a normal family and speaks of no sexual perversion or deviance (from normalacy) and as they are the pride of my life I will speak of them often and with much volume. When I’m convinced homosexuality, gay, queer or whatever is normal then I’ll change my mind. Until then I will consisder it a perversion of what is normal and when I see or hear queers who cannot make their point without resorting to insults and vulgarity then I don’t see my opinion changing anytime soon.

    My prejudice, as you call it, may be old but then some of the finer things in life are old fashioned and while the homosexual movement may be getting lounder so is the anti homosexual one.

    Let me state I am not anti homosexual, I am anti homosexual behaviour. What you do in privacy is your concern not mine but when it spills out into my world then it is a consern to me.

    Put your gloves back on, if we are to fight we’ll need remember it’s called the Sport of Gentlemen, besides I’m sure you wouldn’t want to catch any of my heterosexual germs and vice a versa.

  • Hans

    Carolla is insanely talented. His podcast is the #1 podcast in the country. You gays are so thin skinned. People have to be 100% in lockstep with you or else they are huge biggots. Adam is great, all of you who call him homophobic or misogynistic aren’t being fair. Not everyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with you is a bigot.

    I remember I listened to LOVELINE with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla when I was growing up gay and in the closet and confused and it really comforted me to know that I had an ally in Adam.

  • ewe

    Adam Carolla AND Tony Perkins have crusty smelly assholes.

  • ewe

    @Hans: “YOU GAYS”??? Not a bit narrow minded huh? Those “straights” that keep poking their judgemental noses in the private affairs of others is what the topic is about.

  • $0.02

    Well I have to say if something happened to me or my partner I’d rather our children come up in a proper Gay or Lesbian home the way it’s supposed to be. I KNOW this. No problem with the straights but my family have morals we must stick with…

  • BjBien1010


    I dunno if your joking but that is a PERFECT reply.

    If anyone LGBT was raising a child and the LGBT parents died, do you think they would want a STRAIGHT couple raising their kids or a LGBT couple?

  • Michael Letterman

    BJBien1010: Does it matter what that LGBT parent would want? Haven’t they already proven they are incapable of making the correct decisions in life, they have by their choice of lifestyle, proven to live outside ‘social norms’ and as to top that they brought a child into the mix. I think our legislators have the right idea and Adam is but mirroring what society at large thinks is right.

    This is why we fight so hard to prevent homosexual marriage, adoption and so on. It’s not a vendetta against homosexuals but it is an attempt to confine their social behaviour among themselves without allowing it to influence young minds. I can only wonder what the parents of someone calling themselves BJ think of their child and their childs chosen lifestyle.

  • John

    @Michael Letterman:

    BJ is a nick name I got in the Marine Corp.

    I watch alot of MMA/UFC and a fighter I like is called BJ PENN.

    I shaved my head in Baghdad and some guys commented on how much I looked like the guy and thus, the nick name began and stuck.

    It also doesn’t help that my real name is Johny Bryan either but the nick name JB is taken for our squad leader, Justin Brodie.

    Take your mind out the gutter.

  • Michael Letterman

    John: Thank you for your service, however my leap of imagination re your handle should be par for the course in this venue. My mind isn’t in the gutter but my eyes need dart there when I’m dealing with a minority in this place. I aplogize for any offence you took from my comment, however I still back the general gist if it.

  • ewe

    @Michael Letterman: Fuck you. You got some nerve putting down gay parents. FYI: Gay parents do not have to qualify their love to anyone the likes of you and gay parents definitely deserve equal rights. Not only do you think you deserve something you are willing to deny other people but you have the audacity to come on here and say that sexual orientation dictates what a better parent is. You are a freagin nut case pig. Ignorant asshole. Fuck off. The only you just did on here was stick your filthy fucken bigoted nose in a place that none of your fucking business. Piss off. You and people like you are the reason why gay people seek justice through the courts. No one is waiting around for you to grow up.

  • ron

    @Michael Letterman: Does it bother you that nobody here cares what you think? What are you doing here anyway – is your local glory hole closed?

  • ewe

    @Michael Letterman: Did your delusional gODD tell you that crap to make you feel better than other people?

  • ewe

    @BjBien1010: That’s how you feel. It does not make it true for children.

  • John

    @Michael Letterman:

    No worries. I just wanted to make it clear that my screen name reflect that and has nothing to do with oral sex.

    @ EWE

    What does that statement mean?

  • Michael Letterman

    ewe: Thank you for restoring my opinoin on you. I stand by my opinion and only wish to discuss it with those who can do so in a calm and inteligent manner, this would obviously exclude you. Keep in mind that justice is exactly what I’m talking about and the courts are exactly where we will prevail.

    ron: OF course not. I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. I don’t know anything about glory holes where I live and I truly doubt there are any so you’ll need keep your filthy habits to where you live.

  • hephaestion

    Adam Carolla is one of the most ignorant men on our planet. Why are we being told what he thinks?

  • ewe

    @Michael Letterman: You are most welcome. You are a dispicable egomaniac with a delusional gODD concept. You will lose in the courts because your fundamental religious excuse of a reason for your warped bigotry is not legal. Choke on your morality while you’re at it. Thanks for the complement.

  • Michael Letterman

    ewe: Thank you for your humorous comment. However I did not bring either religion or G_d into the discussion, you did. We will not lose either in the courts, Congress or majority of public opinion. In fact we keep winning battle after battle but then I don’t enter into every battle just the ones asking for special rights based on whom you choose to sleep with.

    I am neither a bigot as you claim or a racist as another has. I am a representitive of that which you fear most, the common American man. One who will be outspoken for his beliefs as you feel comfortable being about yours.

    While you may wish me to choke on my morality I’d rather not think about that which you, yourself may choke upon.

    Furthermore you may consider changing your handle from ewe to ewwwwww, it would be more appropriate for you.

  • Ace Rockolla

    You people have no idea what your talking about saying his career is in the toilet. The man is literally a multi-millionaire. He’s an extremely intelligent comedic genious. The only reason he’s not on radio right now is because his station flipped their format to strictly music so all of their talk radio programs had to go.

    Def. one of the funniest people around right now and the beauty of Carolla is it all comes right off the top of his head, theres no rehearsing or writing up material in advance.Not only is he a comedic genious but he’s just an all around smart guy, some of the ideas he would just pull out of his hat on loveline on how to run a better society were just pure gold. I truly believe our country would be a better place if Adam was in charge.

    So if you think his comments are just an attempt at a career revival you obviously don’t know anything about the guy. First of all most of what he says is done so for comedic purposes, plus thats just his opinion, you don’t have to agree with him but I think his honestly should be respected. He’s not afraid to say whats on his mind.

    One of his famous quotes from Loveline from when a girl called in complaining of being offended at something he had said earlier was:
    “This is what makes me so good at my job, I never think for a second theres anyones listening, and don’t care, and don’t think anyone looks up to me. And that way I’m free to talk, because if I ever closed my eyes and pictured a bunch of people looking up at me I would stifle myself and then it would be boring.”
    I think that sums it all up right there.

    He could get another radio gig any time he wanted to if he really felt like it but being that he was still getting paid for the full years salary even while not working he decided to use that money and invest it into starting his own network online. Still gets to do the same show he was doing basically but on his own time and with no guidelines from radio station heads. Now free to express his creativity with out being held back by censors.

    Yeah the podcast started out a little slow but now he’s gone on to build up 1 of the most successful podcast networks on Itunes right now along with Kevin Smith’s Smodcast Network. Now he’s got a few advertisers and people sponsoring the live shows and can actually earn a decent amount as things keep rolling. I don’t think its near the money he was making in radio yet but I believe it will get there in time. Podcasting and the instant gratification of internet download entertainment is the future and Adam is leading the way.

  • Soupy

    Let me state I am not anti homosexual, I am anti homosexual behaviour. What you do in privacy is your concern not mine but when it spills out into my world then it is a consern to me.

    That’s quite a “consern”. I wish you would quit “spilling” your own heterosexual behaviour into my world. There are enough graphic depictions of it everywhere. Does that “consern” you?

  • Michael Letterman


    Yes, indeed it is quite a concern (thanks for pointing out my error), fortunately I am one of many, in fact the majority, who have the same concerns. I agree with you there are too many graphic depictions of all types of sexuality. However; heterosexuality is still considered to be normal and as such is the predominant form of sexuality you will see in the world in which we must share. I as yet do not see people trying to change the laws or attain special privileges based on heterosexuality while I do see it happening with homosexuality.

    So while you have the right to champion your belief so do I.

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