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Adam DeVine describes the sounds his body made when he filmed that explicit Netflix scene

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During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live!, a caller asked Adam DeVine about that very explicit full-frontal scene he shot for 2018’s Game Over, Man and what it was like watching the watershed moment with his family members.

35-year-old DeVine admitted that it was a little awkward having his mom whisper compliments in his ear “as my d*ck was [swinging] like clack clack clack.”

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To which Cohen replied, “Does your d*ck go clack clack clack?”

“Yours doesn’t?” asked DeVine. “Okay, well, we know that about you now.”


Later in the episode, DeVine talked about final season of Modern Family and whether fans can expect a Pitch Perfect 4 anytime in the near future.


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