Adam DeVine didn’t use a prosthetic for this incredibly revealing scene: “There it is.”

A headshot of actor Adam DeVine in a green sweater against a white wall.

In Netflix’s new feature lengthy comedy Game Over, Man!, a team of hotel employees with big video game making dreams must fight for their lives when their posh workplace is taken over by terrorists.

If you think that sounds absurd, it is.

The film is led by three names that will sound familiar to fans of Comedy Central’s hit series Workaholics, which left the air in 2017 — Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson.

Even more absurd is one scene that’s already generating attention from outlets large and small, gay and straight.

In it, Adam DeVine autoerotically asphyxiates in a closet as two guys make out.

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Spoiler alert: Things don’t go well and DeVine’s character ends up dead.

Usually, a realistic prosthetic would be used for the, er, detail shots, but in this case, what you see is what you get.

In an interview with Thrillist, DeVine said:

“The script went through many incarnations, and a lot of things were shifted and changed and completely removed, but this scene was one of the first ones that when we started to pitch to our friends and producers and agents, everyone was like, Ah, that is so funny! So we had to keep it.

I think if we would have written that scene and then sold the movie and made it right away, I would have been more nervous about it. But I’ve known that I’m gonna do this scene for like six years, so when the day came, I had no problem dropping trou. [Editor’s note: He’s not wearing a merkin.] They asked if I wanted a prosthetic one, but then I was like, I’m answering more questions about… if you just… it’s, anyway, that’s what my dick is. You know? There it is.”

To see what all the ado is about, head here, but best not while your boss hovers over your desk telling you about her son’s science fair project.

And just for kicks, check out these *charming* photos of Adam DeVine, below:

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