wide open

Adam DeVine shares his unfiltered thoughts on “butt stuff”

Adam DeVine is the latest celebrity to participate in Buzzfeed’s thirsty tweet video series. The 35-year-old actor and his Workaholics co-star Blake Anderson recently sat down to read some of the filthiest things being written about them online.

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“Adam DeVine could call me a bitch and I would still let him tear me open,” one particularly parched fan tweeted.

“How about I call you nice names and then I enter?” DeVine suggested instead before lamenting about the “too aggressive” youth of America. “I want to caress and enter, not call you a bitch and tear you open.”

“I have a wide hole for Adam DeVine,” another fan tweeted, prompting DeVine to wonder aloud, “Does anyone want a wide hole?”

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And then there was this gem: “When will Adam DeVine eat my ass?”

Unfortunately for whoever tweeted that, the Pitch Perfect star isn’t down with analingis.

“Hey, I’m not going to,” he replied. “These kids are all into butt stuff, wide open, eating butts. When did the eating butts thing take over?”