Mystery vamp

Did Adam Driver drag out his SNL monologue to cut transphobic skit?

If you’re a fan of Adam Driver’s brooding intensity, you probably enjoyed his recent hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. But a line during his opening monologue, interpreted by the live audience as a joke, is now making fans wonder — was a transphobic skit really slated to close out the show?

It’s tough to say, but the evidence could point to the possibility that a sketch was cut from the close of the show due to time. The episode ended with musical guest Halsey’s second performance, which breaks from the typical run of show.

And then there’s Adam’s monologue, which taken at face value, says outright that the mystery sketch made the host uncomfortable.

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“I’m just trying to drag this out because honestly at the end of the show, there’s a sketch I really don’t like, so I’m hoping this goes long and it’ll get cut,” he said, adding: “I play a woman in it, and I can’t tell if it’s transphobic or just really dated.”

The comment got a laugh from the audience, as it fit in with the monologue’s overall theme.

You can watch it below. The remark comes at the 3:52 mark:

Many viewers praised the move:

While others were less convinced:

Still… we find it odd that the episode ended with a musical number instead of a sketch.

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Then again, Driver’s monologue clocked in at a very average 5 minutes — here’s a rundown of the last five opening monologue lengths:

Eddie Murphy – 6:02

Scarlett Johansson – 5:00

Jennifer Lopez – 4:54

Will Farrell – 6:11

Harry Styles – 4:45

And to that end, why would he wait until air time to voice his reservations if he felt that strongly about it?

What do you think? Was it a joke or did Driver really vamp to cut a sketch?