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Adam Lambert, Cher Tweet The Bachmans A New Hole

Adam Lambert’s turned to the celebrity media vehicle of choice, Twitter, to call out  Michele Bachmann for claiming on Sunday’s Meet the Press that she “[doesn’t] judge gays.” (Glambert watches Meet the Press? Now I feel stupid.)

In response to the interview, Lambert tweeted:

“yup girl, your views are too clear: you’re an extremely ignorant woman who just grins when she’s called out. No thanks”

“I usually steer clear of politics but she is a bully. Kids get teased in school by offspring of this type of parent.”

Lambert’s been riding high on some gay love: On Saturday, he was honored by Equality California for being an exemplary role model for the LGBT community. But maybe he was encouraged to call Bachmann on her shit by fellow diva Cher, who’s been jousting with the candidate and her manly man for weeks.

On Friday, Cher tweeted:

On cover of Newsweek under M.Bachman’s picture it said “Queen of Rage”,but there’s only”One Raging Queen”In her house ! Not mine !

Now excuse us—we’re gonna go watch old episodes of the Sonny & Cher and pretend Cher’s dumping withering insults on Marcus Bachmann.