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Adam Lambert, Cher Tweet The Bachmans A New Hole

Adam Lambert’s turned to the celebrity media vehicle of choice, Twitter, to call out  Michele Bachmann for claiming on Sunday’s Meet the Press that she “[doesn’t] judge gays.” (Glambert watches Meet the Press? Now I feel stupid.)

In response to the interview, Lambert tweeted:

“yup girl, your views are too clear: you’re an extremely ignorant woman who just grins when she’s called out. No thanks”

“I usually steer clear of politics but she is a bully. Kids get teased in school by offspring of this type of parent.”

Lambert’s been riding high on some gay love: On Saturday, he was honored by Equality California for being an exemplary role model for the LGBT community. But maybe he was encouraged to call Bachmann on her shit by fellow diva Cher, who’s been jousting with the candidate and her manly man for weeks.

On Friday, Cher tweeted:

On cover of Newsweek under M.Bachman’s picture it said “Queen of Rage”,but there’s only”One Raging Queen”In her house ! Not mine !

Now excuse us—we’re gonna go watch old episodes of the Sonny & Cher and pretend Cher’s dumping withering insults on Marcus Bachmann.

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  • Anita

    Said I wasn’t coming back after yesterday’s Adam insults by some on this site, but I guess they don’t speak for everyone. Thank you for improving on yesterday’s catty article about Adam and realizing that he is doing a good job of supporting the community. Nicely written article. And yes, Adam is very intelligent and it shows in all his interviews.

  • phallus

    Good for him for speaking his mind without using hate speech and obsenities. And kudos for him for saying that “KIDS” get teased in school by offspring of this type of parent instead of “Gay kids”…….. Well done Adam

  • christopher di spirito

    Adam Lambert has a great rock and roll voice. Love him.

    As for Cher, well, she is the Patron Saint of the LGBT community.

  • meego

    @christopher di spirito: And who the hell are you to order people to love him? Arrogant, presumptuous, pompous ass!

  • rory

    @meego: Think he was just stating that he loves him :)

  • rodca

    @meego LMAO. Chill Out. I don’think @christopher di spirito was barking out orders! BUT (I)Love Him and his music too

  • meego

    @rory: Perhaps. If so, it should read “I love him”, not just “love him”. Avoids confusion :)

  • Jon

    Are you serious?
    A role model for the community?
    Thank you but no I don’t need a role model.
    This may come as a shock, but we’re not all Logo TV loving drama queens lisping our way to a new tomorrow.
    And Cher.. “the patron saint of the lgbt community” as stated in a comment above…. Patron Saint of Botox maybe.

    I do not need some celebutard to inject their opinion and presume to speak for me. You don’t.

  • Cam

    It must be nice to live in Michelle Bachman’s world where you can just pretend something is true because you say it.

    She says she doesn’t judge gays, in spite of everything in the past she has done that is exactly opposite of that.

    But she can just invent her own truth in spite of reality. People like that used to get locked up in institutions and given medication.

  • christopher di spirito

    @meego: Don’t recall telling you or anyone to love Adam Lambert. I said I love him. Get back in bed, sweetie. The nurse will be round with your meds in a few minutes.

  • queenrosered

    Someone needs to ask MR.Bachman about his “stance” in the men’s room. Is it a “wide stance” ala Larry Craig,the former Idaho Senator who was busted for lewd conduct in an airport bathroom? If they were OUT gay men, this kind of sleazy activity wouldn’t ever be necessary! The Bachmans may be one potty break away from their own scandal.
    And perhaps if the Bachmans of this world spent MORE time “praying away the HATE” instead of “the gay” this whole world would be a better place.My hat is off to Adam Lambert and Cher for calling Michelle Bachman out on her pompous hypocrisy!! Thanks for this article.

  • agrimesy

    Several news outlets have commented on Adam Lambert’s tweet calling out Bachmann on her views. Evan as a liberal myself, I’ll admit, I don’t like ALL liberal celebrities, but I appreciate the fact that they are willing to use their popularity to actively speak out for equal rights. Taking a political stance, they risk polarizing their fans. I think Adam Lambert is very brave to take a stand.

  • Sebastián

    @meego, my native language is not english and I totally understood she was trying to say she loves him. And even if in the remote case she was saying to us “love him”, what’s the problem? She didn’t say or u love him or you’ll die bitches, she just said something very clear and you made a whole thing about it b*tiching and showing no respect.
    Why there’s always have to be hateful comments (in this case meego’s and jon’s). If you don’t like these artists you can totally say it but like it or not there are celebrities very well known for helping and being gay icons such as Cher, Kylie Minogue, Adam Lambert, Madonna, etc. I don’t like Madonna, for example, but I have to recognize most of the gay community loves her so of course she is an icon.
    We have to separate our thoughts with the general thoughts and be objective and neutral.
    Stop the hate. Why not better read: Personally I don’t like Cher or Adam but it’s good to see they support the LGBT.
    Seriously, everyone stop bitching about everything and have a life.

  • J.Taylor

    @Jon Maybe you don’t need a role model, but a lot of younger kids today do need to see Out & Proud singers, actors and other public figures to help them feel OK about themselves. Growing up having visible role models who are like you and understand you can make a huge difference in feeling secure and proud of who you are. I see people tweeting Adam all the time thanking him for helping them feel good about themselves.

  • slanty

    That sounds painful.

  • karen

    good lord, grow up! Christopher is saying he loves him, not ordering anyone else to love him – sheez!

  • maryann


  • hf2hvit

    @meego: If anybody is a pompous ass here, it’s you. You need an enema because your shit is spewing everywhere. YOU STINK!

  • One

    @J.Taylor: Well said, and @ Jon, you must be so lucky and well adjusted and confident in yourself that you don’t need a role model, good for you. Maybe you haven’t been bullied and harassed for being who you are, but alot are, and that is what love is, about helping those in need, who have been through something like that and can share and support. I hope one maybe with our confidence you could be a role model for a fellow human being in nedd.

  • meego

    @hf2hvit: There is such a thing as the use of proper grammar (something obviously lost on you) and I’m educated enough to use it. Education is obviously something which you are also sorely lacking. You write like a spoiled, idiotic teenager. Good luck in being taken seriously with that kind of language!

  • David Gervais

    Buen dichó Sebastián.

  • christopher di spirito

    @meego: There’s such a thing as knowing when you fucked up with a group of people and backing off. With each comment, you dig a deeper hole for yourself. You lecturing anyone on Queerty about being taken seriously is akin to Casey Anthony giving parenting advice. You are now officially the schmuck on the hill.

  • Daez

    Some day these two, which share a single brain cell, will realize that Michelle has based her entire political career on exactly this type of attack.

  • Elvis

    So Adam has finally decided to represent instead of whine. Awesome, I guess. He’s so 2000 and late to the party all the time though.

  • Jeff

    @Elvis: Adam NEVER whines. He has been OUT AND PROUD since he was 18. Anyone who wasn’t clear on whether he was gay while he was on Idol is either blind or pretty stupid IMO. He acknowledged that the kissing and drag pics uncovered were of him and said “I have nothing to hide”. Idol contestants are NEVER allowed to give full interviews while competing on the show. Did you want him to come out on stage and say “I am gay” before a performance ? Should all the straight contestants also make a show of announcing their sexuality too ? In what way is he “late to the party”? He has changed hearts and minds by the thousands simply by being himself. He is loved all over the world and many people see gay people differently now because of their love for Adam.

  • James A

    I applaud all who speak out against those that belittle, such as Michelle Bachman. How she has been able to continue her position in congress in beyond me. I believe the world will be a much better place as our younger generation reaches the age that they will be able to vote in actual caring an accepting individuals into our government. I would only hope that parents today open a discussion on acceptance, and how anti-gay movements only hurt, not help. Teach your children that it is okay to be different. Aren’t we all?

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