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  • Ashton C

    Whom he chooses to sleep with?? Hmmmmm….

  • daveny


  • Reggie

    You see thats the problem right there. This site is a LBGT site and half the time when I come on here the article about Adam is snarky and sometimes negative. Even something as positive as this video, Mr Tedder makes it seem like a joke, when this is serious. Our people are dying out there because of bullying and you think its funny by having that little caption underneath his video. This is why it does not get better because of people like you. How are bullies suppose to take ourselves seriously when some people in their own community are against each other. They look it a say well if gays are hating on others gays, then its ok we should hate them too, because they dont even like each other. If we want progression, it starts here with us. We have to set aside all our difference and faults to come together as one. It starts with us, and then the rest of the world will get it. We can not be like the bullies. Lets out smart them. I am just a little bit dissapointed by the writer of this article for letting the bullying take part of him and not standing up for his fellow man in his community. Go Adam, go! You get it Adam and I just pray that others will get it too.

  • Diz

    Why are there always snarky comments? Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, P!nk, Adam Lambert. They’re all big supporters of gay rights, yet all I ever see from this site is negative comments. Why be a bitch to those trying to help? Start showing love and acceptance before expecting from others.

  • Avenger

    What do you expect when you’re a grown man who wears mascara?

  • justbe

    this is not the time for satire, sarcasm or snarkyness, please stop this within our own community. We bring ourselves down with this sh*t, It saddens me so much, when I see that we defeat ourselves. Children are killing themselves out there haven’t you heard? Push more love, less self-hate. When we come strong within our own and embrace the differences in our own community, then we can take on the the rest of world. This? This kinda crap does not help. We need 2 encourage people that are speaking up. Whether you are into them are not. I’m so tired of this. I see this self cannibalism everywhere, within our sites. We demand equal rights, understanding and tolerance for ourselves who are considered different, yet we can’t even do for other people.

  • Shouldn't certain gay sites & their commenters stop bullying gays too? ( John from England)


    Very true Avenger! People should follow THE rules da**it! Whatever they are!


    Wellcome to the gay blog world. Hopefully any young kids reading Queerty, which is the only site that is cruel to gay people are not taking it seriously.

  • Larry

    More examples of the gay establishment not helping by being snarky and nasty. I used to find this site educational and interesting. It has started making me just feel sick to my stomach!

  • Susan

    How sad! Even posting this inspirational video brought you to be snarky towards Adam! Tell me, what do you think YOU are doing to the struggling gay youth with your words? You are one of the main problems that is causing all the teen suicides! You bully Adam Lambert every chance you get! This is one more attempt at your bullying! You disgust me! Adam’s message is real, inspiring and comes from his heart! He lives on with this amazing positive attitude inspite of bullies like you shoving hate down his throat! All Adam wants to do is entertain and he has this amazing gift to do it with but in the process he is changing lvies through his positive attitude and music! What are you doing?

  • Devon


    Adam Lambert says he’s gay, then he turns around and talks about how much he loves making out with women, pimping that obnoxious pseudo-bisexual line to keep his female fans moist. Not to mention the whole “I can’t look too gay on your cover” ordeal with Out magazine.

    Katy Perry went to a high school and performed “Ur So Gay”, a three minute anthem for everyone who uses gay as a catch-all insult for anything negative. And then there’s I Kissed A Girl, which pushes the idea that bisexual/lesbian women are only doing it for attention.

    And Ke$ha…Well I just plain don’t like her.

  • Trey

    @Avenger: Agree – she’s a mess…

  • Craig G

    I don’t think snarky comments regarding Adam are related to bullying. I think it’s largely due to his over rated talent and that fact that he is just not that likable or nice a person. Maybe it’s part of his professional persona he’s attempting to create, but he’s just kind of bitchy and although I am usually open and hip to most pop culture phenoms, guy liner is a glamour don’t that he will look back on and regret.

  • swarm

    @Devon it’s pathetic you have to go back one year to still misquote and misstate what he did and said. He never said he LOVES making out with women. He never said a word a word about being bi-sexual except to say he was unequivocally NOT. He never said a word to Out magazine about “too gay”; the line you are quoting came from Roger Widynowski, RCA VP, his handler. Who is supposedly gay but failed in dog whistle school when FUBARing the pre interview with novice Out ragazine Shana Naomi Krochmal.

    I’ve been posting here a year about Adam Lambert so don’t make me waste my evening going through old history to prove you wrong. Further there are several threads about this right here.

    Based on your recent appearance on Queerty, I highly doubt you’re queer anyway. And if you were, you’d already know there is hardly a gay man alive that has NOT experimented with women whether seriously or just for fun. OH…except Adam Lambert one time. eyeroll.

  • swarm

    @Craig G When you can substantiate something you said get back to us. Not a single person on the planet has ever accused Adam Lambert of being unlikable, un-nice or bitchy of all things. Quite the opposite.

    Snark? Oh like “hang him from a noose” “die faggot” …snark like that?


    Obviously, here come the trolls.

  • jamison

    @Craig G: yeah everything you said bout adam, being untalented and not that friendly are definitely true.

    pfft. maybe on opposite day.

    i love adam. haters back off.

  • Dollie

    My respect for Adam seems to skyrocket with every passing headline.

    Everyone needs to put personal bias aside and realize that this video is going to reach youth. Adam has an array of fans, old and young, but his primary support seems to come from youth. When I was fortunate enough to catch a stop of his tour this summer, I noticed an abundance of tweenage boys in the audience. TWEENS! Those are the ones who need this message, and to hear it coming from their idol’s mouth? That’s profound and beautiful.

    Thank you, Adam. And thanks to everyone participating in this campaign!

  • Adam

    Mercy, the fan girls are out in force.

  • virginia

    @Craig G: What??????? Over rated Talent and not likable!! Ohhh no that’s it, you might not like him personally, but no way in hell you can say he is not talented.

    And YOU SHOULD THANK ADAM LAMBERT, before him, I hated every single gay artist out there, hated that they weren’t proud of who they were. Liars, cowards, pretending to make money deceiving, then the other ones that were “gay cliques” Now Adam Lambert made me respect you.

    Stop making fun of him, cause you can’t control him as a puppet!and thank him.

  • Devon

    @swarm: @swarm:

    Lol calm down, no need to stir up a stampede or anything.

    >”Based on your recent appearance on Queerty, I highly doubt you’re queer anyway.”

    You’re right, I’m not queer. I prefer the term gay…But as long as we’re making wacky accusations about each other based on nothing, I accuse you of being a 50 year-old, probably obese woman pretending to be a gay man.

    >”And if you were, you’d already know there is hardly a gay man alive that has NOT experimented with women whether seriously or just for fun.”

    LOL WUT?

    I’ve never felt the need to stick my tongue in a girl’s mouth, or anything else in any of her other holes, and I don’t know many gay men who have TYVmuch.

  • AdonisOfFire

    I see the sparkle cows have arrived to defend their fat fugly banshee overlord.

  • swarm

    Oh look. No wonder Queerty’s thread makes no sense. “Hasn’t had time to record his own video”.

    Who is that up there in the video, Queerty? An imposter?

    It seems they took [parts of] it from Autostraddle and just scrambled it. What? You can’t even write two sentences yourselves?

    I guess it’s not plagiarism if you just change the sentences around even if they don’t make any sense eyeroll.

    I know Queerty used to be owned by two college kids a couple years ago but who the hell is running this joint now?

    Quote Autostraddle:

    “Since Glambert was all tied up last week dealing with the Malaysian government, he needed til the weekend to make his “It Gets Better” video. He confesses that he is still a victim of bullying today, despite the success of his career, and cites the comments section of articles written about him as often containing some form of homophobic abuse.”

  • Sam

    Isn’t is funny how every article re: Adam Lambert consists of comments using the “Idol” lingo. Doesn’t it get tireing, Idol Fantards, stalking everything “Adam”.

    @AdonisofFire: Your reference to Adam’s fanbase has gotten quite old. Come back when you have new material. Nah..on second thought….stay the hell away. You’re about as irrelevant as this site has become. Such a pity and a real shame.

  • swarm

    @Devon No shit Sherlock. It’s no secret I’m a woman since I’ve been posting here for a year. A sister of a dead gay man who put up with assholes like you his whole life.

    I post more about Obama, GLAAD and Gay Inc. and Queerty posters obsession with “Obama is secretly in favor of gay marriage”…than Adam Lambert.

    I particularly enjoyed LMAO about your recent epiphany on the Gibbs thread.


    “There’s a very clear, very obvious pattern showing just how this administration feels about gay people…It’s not a good one.”

    Ya think? Facepalm much? It seems you’re the one who’s ~slightly behind figuring things out. eyeroll.

    Common sense says you really should know who and what you’re making accusations about before putting your foot in your mouth.

  • JMJ

    Girls, girls, girls. This flash in the pan pop princess is hardly worth this fuss. Let’s focus on important issues.

  • sure fire losers

    i hate adam lambert posts

    they always bring the sparkling menopausal stockshow into town

    mooove along ladies

  • Random Medley

    Oh you queer boys are so cute when you hiss at each other. I especially adore the whinny ass superiority that runs naked through here. I watched the “flash in the pan pop princess’s” video, which to my stupidity, I imagined had the intent of encouraging young people to be strong, brave and pay attention to the positive. But I knew right where to go to see the “comments” Adam was referring to. Congratulations for your continued undermining of the self-esteem of our youthful gay children that don’t measure up to your high standards. Now that’s what I call Gay Pride.

  • Yellow Bone

    @Diz: It’s Queerty. They’re the Perez Hilton of LGBT news.

  • Tonic

    Great video and message. I actually think his song MASTER PLAN could and should have been a gay anthem. Don’t understand the hate – he can wear eye make-up or whatever else the hell he wants as far as I’m concerned.

  • Red

    Comments here make me think that the US just doesn’t deserve to have successful openly young gay artists. With all the lack of respect, especially in the US gay community, to straight women who support someone like Adam who is breaking through the mainstream barriers while being open about his sexuality, you deserve to have all your young artists locked in their closets. The fact is that American music(& movie) industry execs are not willing to invest in young American males who are openly gay because they don’t think an openly young gay male can be attractive to the straight female audience. There is a shockingly homophobic situation. And many gays are only helping this homophobic situation by making a fun of straight women who are attracted to gay male singers/actors.

  • DR

    I’m sad to see that some people here are under the delusion that gay artists start and end with runners up on an over glorified karaoke contest. Learn some freakin music history. *rolls eyes*

    Having said that….enough with the nasty comments. Really. This is his “It Gets Better” video, and all anyone can do is criticize? I may not be a fan of the man, but hey, where are YOUR videos?

  • Kevin

    I was in that room before the concert started. He was actually very kind and ridiculously attractive in person. And I’ve gotta say that he’s rather admirable for all the work that he’s done, it probably isn’t easy being a gay icon in the mainstream music industry. And funny thing, there was a group of religious protesters outside the concert stadium telling his fans that they’re sinning and then handing out brochures of Adam kissing someone.

  • Giovannidude

    Wow, those brochures of Adam kissing someone would turn me on.

    Queerty, things are bad enough as they are without you piling on. Stop trivializing Adam. He is the real deal.

  • Greg


    Um, Kevin, I hate to break it to ya but he’s no gay icon and I have yet to see any of “all that work he has done” that isn’t primarily self-promotion.

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