Adam Lambert Is American Idol‘s Most Out & Proud ‘Mo Yet

It’s hard to find something negative to say about American Idol contestant Adam Lambert — so we won’t! The musical theatre wonder stole the show last week with his closing rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.” He’s the type of contestant who doesn’t just sing, but performs. Lambert, also, is a big old ‘mo, so we present these man-on-man photos (and performance videos) with admiration.

[via Vote For The Worst/DudeTube]

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  • Hint

    Love this guy. He is a mega-diva in the making.

    His 4 non blondes cover of “What’s up” on the youtubes is flawless.

  • scott

    Gay? Really? I have no gaydar. At all. Because I never would’ve guessed.

    Well, the more people know that he’s a mo, the more I think he won’t win American Idol. Hate to be negative or realistic. And I so hope I’m wrong, because it would be nice to have a gay American Idol. And better yet, a successful gay American Idol. But, I just feel that American is ready to vote a gay guy thru. But then I was wrong on Obama, so who knows.

  • ChristopherM

    I do love the proud sissy boys, but this kid wears me the hell out. His performance last week was less rock star as everyone seems to think than it was Broadway person starring in a musical about a rock star and attempting to play a part.

  • Hint

    He doesn’t need to win. Just needs to get far enough to get the exposure, then his fabulousness will cement his gay icon status and he’s good to go.

    Go Adam!!

  • Nick

    Yeah, I’m not overly fond of him. Yes, he can sing, but he beats every single song he sings into submission. Tone it down, dude…show us some nuance, or you’re just going to be Meatloaf, Jr.

    If anyone “stole” the show last week it was Kris Allen. He had zero screen time up until last week, and he made it through to the finals on talent and cuteness alone. I don’t know if he’s a mo or not…though he gives off a bit of a vibe, but since he’s from Arkansas, I don’t see that popping up anytime soon.

  • Cam

    Idol will force him back into the closet.

  • Hint

    @Cam: I think it’s safe to say that ship has sailed. Looks like Idol producers are trying something new this year.

    Now its our duty to keep this queen in the game!

  • jbw

    ok, it’s now official. i luh-luh-luh-love him.

  • James

    Are you kidding? He screeches instead of sings. I think he’s awful.

  • Alan down in Florida

    He’s been doing musical theater since he was 10. How could he not be gay? I thought his performance was shrill and more like a contestant in a Next Judas Priest Cover Band competition. Hate the hair.

  • Mark

    he’s appallingly bad.

  • Hint

    Just wait until he really busts out the ballads.

    His range is crazy. I’m just saying, he’s the most entertaining contestant in many years. For me.

    He’s def one of those love him or hate him types. But he owns it.

  • David

    I liked him. In the weeks leading up to his performing with the top 36 there was a lot of speculation going around about his sexuality. A lot of people were already aware that he was gay when he made it into the top 12, so that could be a good sign.

    Either way I hope he at least makes it into the top 10 so he’ll be able to go on the tour!

  • Chris

    He’s obviously gay and that’s great. But sexuality aside, he is awful and that was the WORST performance of a Rolling Stones song I have heard in a very long time.

  • 7SnowyNights

    If you’ve never heard of The Mars Volta, look them up. His voice is almost an exact twin of the lead singer’s.

    I think he’s fabulous, but I want to see him do something more subtle, like Radiohead. If he can do a good version of, say, Karma Police, then I love him.

  • 123

    I think he’s a screechy mess. No thanks.

  • Sebbe

    @David Hauslaib – I’m surprised and a little disappointed you watch this show. LOL

  • Charles J. Mueller

    A male version of Mahalia Jackson?

    He sounds like a screechy Gospel singer.

  • Sebbe

    @Charles J. Mueller – I don’t watch this show, I’ve never seen any season, but I just LMFAO at your comment!!

  • atdleft

    @Sebbe: Heh. I stopped watching Idol after “The Sanjaya Season”. I dunno, it just doesn’t seem as original anymore. But hey, I may start watching again if Adam Lambert stays on this season. Finally, some real talent… And some open gayness! ;-)

  • Sebbe

    @adtleft – Yeah I don’t really know the format of AI. Is it now only down to the ones that are actually in it? If he makes it far enough in I might watch. Although those intentions might turn into youtube, aren’t their ratings way down?

  • Charles J. Mueller



  • scott

    I think it’s 2 or 3 more weeks before they have the final 12 (or something like that). It’s now voting in the final 12. There are like 36 competitors still (well they’ve chosen 6 of the 12 so far, so it’s really 24 competitors left and 6 chosen).

    I think he’s a little screechy actually. I think it’s his high tenor.

  • David

    The judges picked the top 36. The top 36 were split into 3 groups of 12 so they could perform for America. So far 2 of those groups have performed and 6 people have been voted into the “Top 12.” This week (either tomorrow night or wed. night I’m not sure which) the last group from the top 36 will perform and America will vote 3 more people into the top 12. Additionally the judges will pick three contestants that America did NOT vote for to fill the final spots in the top 12 so they can have a second chance.

    After this week we’ll be down to the ‘Top 12’. Every week after this these 12 people will sing and America will vote for their favorite one. Every week one more person will be voted off until someone wins.

    In a shorter version: There were 36 contestants, 24 of them have already performed for America and 6 of those 24 made it through.

    There are 12 contestants left from the top 36. They will perform this week.

    Next week should be the top 12. (Which is really the only group that counts.)

    That was for the people who don’t know how it works. I’m not sure I explained it very well lol.

  • Mister C


  • Mister C

    @ Charles J. Mueller No#18 I’m assuming the Mahalia reference was an insut to her, or am I misunderstanding you? And to Scott No#2 what does Obama has to with this queen?

  • vince

    I hope that it doesnt go out publicly in the media that he is gay. I sooo did not know! And i thought he was just a typical straight emo rocker. I agree that if america knew he was, i dont think the voting public in the south and those conservative folks out there wont be happy….

  • Hint

    @David: You forgot that there’s a wildcard week in there where the best of the top 36 who did not make it are asked back to sing, then….either America votes or the judges/producers just choose their 3 favorites to fill the last three spots.

    Last time there was a wildcard round 4 people moved on to the top 12 from it, one who got America’s vote (Clay aiken) and each judge chose a contestant (Jennifer Hudson was one of them). Now that there are only 3 spots to fill and 4 judges, not exactly sure how that will work….

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Mister C:

    No, Mister, You assumed wrongly. No doubt you’ve heard the old expression “When you assume, you make an ass of you and me.”

    Mahalia Jackson had a beautiful voice and I was life long fan of hers.

    My comment was my critique of Adam Lambert’s poor attempt to sound like her.

    Christ, what is it with people on these boards anymore? Everyone has become a member of the “thought police” and seem to be cruising for any excuse to pick a racial fight or disrupt these boards.

    Get over yourselves, for crying out loud.

  • Chloe

    the frightening thing for me is that he’s a dead ringer for my ex. . .30 years ago.

  • Stenar

    I didn’t care for him at all. :P

  • David


    Yeah, I left it out because I’m also not sure how its gonna work. I’m a little confused by it lol

  • scott

    @ mister c.

    yeah, i figured that people wouldn’t understand my mixed metaphor. I meant that I didn’t think people would vote for Obama. People, meaning, middle American, fundamental, Christians, etc. I truly thought the time wasn’t right for America to vote in a Black President. And I was wrong. And I’m glad I was wrong. It was close tho.

    so, I think Middle American, fundamental Christians, Mormons, homophobes aren’t ready to vote for a gay American Idol. If Adam is gay and he makes it thru to the top 10, I’d be surprised if he goes all the way. Especially, if the press publicizes his proclivity.

  • w00t

    He’s very cute& talented and I think 99% of teen girls will not care about his sexuality because, as this site loves to emphasize, girls LOVE their gays. That said, I would be concerned about how sponsors treat his openness bc i think thats the real problem the show has with having gays on it. Religious groups have been know to protest certain products that support gay rights or gay people (sponge bob anyone lolz) & i hope fox doesn’t cave in

  • The Gay Numbers

    Well in fairness, American Idol is like bad Keraoke.

  • Magan

    I love Adam. I think his performance of Ring of Fire was Adam being Adam and him testing the waters. I actually started to like him more because he is in your face, not to mention he is extremely talented. I would love for him to win being true to himself. I was surprised Idol didn’t have the photos of him pulled of sites because of the controversy it would cause, but then again isn’t that part of Idol every year-the drama. There are still a lot of homophobics out there and the more people that find out, the less that will vote. I think that works both ways and he will have just as many crushes by girls and the boys. The fact is he has extreme talent. I have never been a huge fan of Idol, but he makes it worth watching. I would hope even if everyone in the gay community does not like his vocals they will support him for being the first Idol to be out.

  • Terri from Cheap Art Cafe in Philly

    boys! boys! chill!

    Being gay isn’t gonna stop people from voting for Adam – hell – I wish it WOULD – he’s too good to be a friggin American Idol!

    But from everything I’ve seen on the blogs, this boy has fans from 8 to 80+, male & female, gay and str8. No one cares that he’s gay – except for some fool church that’s telling all their parishoners not to vote for him (like they matter LOL).

    Talent is the key – and he’s got it in spades! BTW, that’s not a high tenor – Adam is a counter-tenor – so was Freddy Mercury. He has a 4+ octave range and can maintain control at all levels, plus seems to have a superhuman lack of need to take a breath!

    Either click on, or cut & paste these links and you’ll see what I mean:

    “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

    You wanna see out? Check this one:

    And for anyone who thinks he can’t sing, listen to this:

    Search on – you’ll find lots of his past performances that will show you that what he’s done on Idol so far is NOTHING compared to what he CAN DO!

  • GayBuster

    This homo is truly sickening. What a flamer.

  • HeteroDefenseLeague

    If you homosexuals are so “proud” of your chosen sexual lifestyle, why do you need to remarket and repackage your chosen sexual behavior by calling it “gay” instead of the apolitical and accurately descriptive “homosexual”?!

  • Applesauce

    what an awful singer!

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