Adam Lambert Is Getting Pissed You Keep Asking Him About Lady Gaga

Hey, foreign reporters? Stop asking Adam Lambert about how he feels being described as “the male Lady Gaga.” It’s pissing him off.

Today, 10:10am: Just did my third German interview where I was told that I have said “I’m the male Lady Gaga”. Lol I would never say that. I’m Adam Lambert

Today, 10:14am: Of course Im a fan and have the highest respect for her and there some theatrical sensibilities that we share- but we are different people.

Today, 10:17am: The first question too many reporters ask has to do w GaGa. As much as I love her- it’s becoming tiresome. Would prefer to discuss MY art.

Today, 10:18am: I’m sure she would agree.

Today, 10:21am: More redundant questions that can be put to rest: yes it was amazing meeting Madonna. No I wasn’t asked to be Queen’s new frontman. 🙂

It’s a sad day when Adam Lambert has already become so uninteresting entertainment reporters are asking him about other Twitter trending topics.