Adam Lambert Explains Why Freddie Mercury Didn’t Come Out Publicly

lambertMercuryFrom what I understand, it took Freddie a bit of time to come to terms with his sexuality, and once he did … he was living in a time when, as a celebrity or a rock star, it was something that was kind of off-limits.Maybe, for diehard fans of the band who loved Freddie, it’s a mind-opener for them, and they can go, ‘Oh yeah, now Adam is singing these songs and is open and out, and we think that’s OK because we loved Freddie so much.’ … Freddie might not have been out, but he certainly was an original. He was bold, he was risky, he got onstage and did whatever the fuck he wanted, and had a very cool approach to being an individual.”


Adam Lambert, currently touring as frontman with Queen, discusses the band’s legendary lead singer who died in 1991, in an interview with Huffington Post