Adam Lambert Performs Live During Primetime And Nobody Has Called the FCC (Yet)

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see any of So You Think You Can Dance‘s talent actually dance to one of Adam Lambert’s tracks, but there he was tonight, performing on the show’s finale. Uncensored! Can you believe?!

The performance itself was okay. But we paid attention for another reason: Like Bill O’Reilly once said, “We’ll do it live!” (Then again, we didn’t see the “Live” image bug during the broadcast, which could mean it was pre-taped. Egads!)

Also, Lambert wasn’t censored. The camera showed his hips and his crotch. OMG SCARYZIES! Of course, Dance airs on Fox, the same network that airs American Idol, which never had a problem with Lambert like ABC did.

More impressive, though, was Nigel Lythgoe’s ability to make not a single derogatory comment about homosexuals on stage. Well done, the both of yous.

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  • amanda

    This article is so funny The camera showed his hips and his crotch. OMG SCARYZIES
    Love that haahahah, well he sang whataya want from me so…

  • sal(the original)

    DAMN that boy can sing

  • Mike

    Dude nailed that vocal. Good to see he hasn’t lost his mojo after all. And now that song is in my head, dammit. Looks like I’m surrendering to my iTunes overlords.

  • mariana

    That. Was. Fantastic.
    Thank You Adam for your performance and as always your incredible vocals. Brillant performance.
    Stunned by the outfit, the look, the whole thing. The song, the performance, the intent.
    Adam shown us again that he’s extremely talented, beautiful and SMART.

  • scott ny'er

    on fox no less.

    too bad adam’s album isn’t doing as well as most people thought it would.

  • AML

    Adam’s vocals were stunning. What a great performance. Loved his look. The audience seemed to really be in the moment too.

  • Martin

    I echo the foregoing. Adam is hot, sweet, nails the notes clearly … and on and on….I can only say, “WOW…” Some lucky guy will have one delightful life with him, I hope.



  • RomanHans

    Taped it; didn’t watch it yet. Did he sing “Whaddaya Want From Me”? Great, great song, and it’s terrific to see him sing it on every network EXCEPT ABC.

    As for the makeup, dude’s said he has a lousy complexion, so don’t blame him.

  • Alexa

    Adam was very good last night, much better than the other guest stars (that English girl whose name I can never remember is possibly the most boring performer on the planet, how is she so popular? And good job lipsynching J-lo). It wasn’t the result I wanted, but I’m not surprised, everyone I know loved the winner.

  • kw

    Adam is amazing. His album sales on itunes are going up. I think he will do just fine in the long run. Alot of non-idol fans are just getting to know who he is. We’ll see how he does in the New Year. His singles are stating to sell on itunes and his video is #1 right now.

  • Jon

    Love the suit without the octopus on the shoulder. Super vocal performance.

  • Candice

    Adam has sold 300,000 cds in 3 weeks and over 200,000 singles so seems pretty good to me. #2 debut for the whole year. #1 video on Youtube (FYE). Top 40 song (WWFM after only 3 weeks). #1 song on Z100 today. Making every top list imaginable (Time, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Billboard, EW, Google, Twitter, etc.) Headlining Gridlock NYE party. No worries for Adam. He is brilliant and so talented.

  • AlwaysGay

    Thanks Candice for providing those stats. Adam performed amazingly last night on SYTYCD and was enjoyable on Chelsea Lately.

  • edgyguy1426

    The Fox network must have done a collective butt-clench when his guitarist came near him and did a back-to-back thing. Glad to see he’s not on auto-pilot and he changes up the vocals with every performance.

  • jiffypop

    adam doesnt actively support lgbt so why’s evry1 supporting him? before his performance he was like ‘i’m not a politician’ and he wasnt gonna make a statement. but when he gets stupid and does somethin he shouldnt have then he’s all oh no, that was unfair, we need equality. and why doesnt he talk bout gay marriage? cuz he dont care cuz it doesnt affect him. charlize theron is doing more for gay marriage than he is

  • Lane

    The difference is not everyone wants to gets married but we all need to be able to work and banning him would prevent that.

  • mariana

    I dream of that day when we could have an ADAM fix at any time on TV. Just like this: we came back from work, all stressed out, tired, unable to eat or think………but: we HAVE THE OPTION TO SEE ADAM ON CHANNEL # ???. The day when we are all going to have such option, we are all going to live a better life. The name of that life will be: Totally safe, totally satisfying, entertainment FUCK. No strings attached, pure fun, sweet dreams guarantied, OMG! Who needs alcohol, drugs or ??? JUST USE ADAM! HE WILL FULFILL ALL YOUR NEEDS.

  • Swarm

    Mariana, quit while you’re ahead. Please stop spamming here. I saw you posting all over the place word for word like here,”Nancy”:

    And the Adam tv nonsense I saw on twitter. kbye.

  • Jie

    To: Jiffypop:

    Why Adam needs to actively promote gay marriage. He has no responsibilities for that, but you know what, you changed a lot of straight people’s view about gay without actually saying the word. I’m a straight woman who does not really understand gay before, now I totally get it because of Adam. You should thank him!!!


  • jiffypop

    ok wow, gay marriage wasnt even my point. it was that adam is so self serving that he’s only made being gay and equality in media his issue because it only just affected him. it’s a really selfish attitude that he wont acknowledge that he’s part of/affecting a movement. like Jie says, she ‘totally gets’ it now. what is it? wearing heavy eyeliner, being lewd and showing great disrespect to your audience by flipping them off? thats not ‘being gay’ thats being a pompous jerk named adam lambert

  • jiffypop

    ok, full disclosure. obviously, i dont like adam lambert. firstly, he just seems so fake esp during Idol when he would thank the band, etc. Now, i’ve found a new reason to dislike him; his AMA performance because now he’s put an offensive image of gay ppl into straight ppl’s minds. like if we get rights then we’ll be face humping each other in the streets. it wont serve anything but his own record sales and i’m disgusted

  • freya77

    I understand that some of u think he’s fake and all shit, but thinking that he represents a movement is just weird. So every straight singer represent straight ppl? Its just coz gays are deemed different therefore every ipenly gay artist represents all gay community. Why, can’t we just focus on his music? Btw, if u judge him by one performance you’re the selfish and ignorant one

  • freya77

    If I ur image of gay ppl change coz of adam, then wow, u are judgemental, ignorant and prejusdiced. I mean he’s just one person out of millions.

  • freya77

    And just coz his album sales drop, doent mean it sucks. A lot of indie musicians aren’t even heard of, coz not everyone likes them.

  • romeo

    Adam’s album sales are fine. He’s doing great for a newbie, and his career is assured. BTW, was in a clothing store today and FYE came up on the station they were tuned to.

    That said, I’m all for accessorizing, God knows, but that thing on his shoulder needs to be re-thought. The concept was cool, the contrast between a conservative gray suit, etc., but it needed definition. It looked like it was going to eat him. LOL

  • freya77

    Omg yea his SYTYCD performance costume was great, but nomatter how I look at it, the blob on his shoulder was VEY distracting. I dunno what it was oh well, he was awsome that night

  • jiffypop

    freya, he is part of a movement whether he likes it or not. You may want to only focus on his music but the people who want to keep the gay community down wont. and those people do matter because they’ll pressure politicians who support discrimination. for adam to think he’s not a part is just plain naïve and by acting like an idiot, he slowed progress.

  • freya77

    That’s coz those ppl are close minded, he’s trying to be a musician, not a gay activist. Its totally irrelevant.

  • Swarm

    #27 Hai, Romeo, hai…Merry Christmas! The man eating shoulder epaulette can be seen resting on Lisa’s head at the AMA’s LMAO. (I LOVED IT but prolly since Adam’s a big clothing re-cycler he just threw it on there :)).

    I hope you were shopping for your NYE gear for Gridlock? No, I can’t go but you need to!! Damn if we had a month’s notice you, staciegirl, bianca and I could meet up in various iterations of Adamesque-drag. I’m a pro at that from years of my brother dragging me to the bars in various fab creations ha ha.

    Have a good holiday!

  • jiffypop

    well, i guess i’ll be getting nowhere with this selfish ‘it doesnt affect me’ mindset. just ignore the problem and they’ll go away, yes? well, dont go crying when hate crimes on gays go up and people are fired for talking about their gay lifestyle. tides are turning against but we’re all good right now and we can just do what we want as long as we dont claim activism, eh?

  • Swarm

    #32 JIFFYPOP (sigh) You haven’t been following the story. Adam Lambert said from the start if his publicity supports a dialogue then he’s all for it but for now he is focusing on his career and is not a political person. Then when Aaron Hicklin attacked him [essentially for not wanting to talk politics about the DC march etc] he was publicly backed into a corner the WEEK of the MOST IMPORTANT personal & professional event of his life.

    The AMA performance was Adam coming of age, a “throw down” (quote Romeo) and the Bar Mitzvah he never had.

    THAT was his entrance into politics. When ABC BLACKBALLED him due to the Liberty Counsel FCC complaint citing “H O M O S E X U A L acts as obscenity” he became as activist as his personal and professional boundaries allow.

    Adam Lambert did more for LGBT in 2 tweets and a 5 minute tv show than Hicklin, Out Magazine or any other entertainment even in history. And he continued the dialog on every public appearance including everyone’s favorite Lesbian who couldn’t even bring herself to say the word “gay” during his interview and left the water carrying AGAIN, to Lambert.

    Enough now. The boy has a career to manage. Move on to self declared [useless] “activists” like GLAAD. Adam Lambert has more than paid his LGBT dues.

  • Swarm

    Adam Lambert did more for LGBT in 2 tweets and a 5 minute tv show than Hicklin, Out Magazine or any other entertainment even in history. And he continued the dialog on every public appearance including everyone’s favorite Lesbian who couldn’t even bring herself to say the word “gay” during his interview and left the water carrying AGAIN, to Lambert


    Adam Lambert did more for LGBT in 2 tweets and a 5 minute tv show than Hicklin, Out Magazine or any other entertainment EVENT in history. And he continued the dialog on every public appearance including everyone’s favorite Lesbian, ELLEN, who couldn’t even bring herself to say the word “gay” during his interview and left the water carrying AGAIN, to Lambert.

  • Swarm

    I take it back he did mention it in the piece, I missed it.

  • Swarm

    Actually what’s much worse is her ass in that outfit. ewww.

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