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Adam Lambert Quizzed On Whether He Can Do Manly Things

The Talk, daytime’s ensemble talk show that manages to make The View look like Meet The Press, welcomed Adam Lambert on the program today. The lady hosts quizzed his masculinity based on whether he can perform certain tasks like break down a door (he can, and has), carry someone over his shoulder, and change a car battery (but not a car tire). Then he twirled around big lez Sara Gilbert, giving her the most interesting segment she’s ever had on the show. Julie Chen, meanwhile, is still just terrible.

Then they talked about whether he ever wants to be a dad.

[flv: 650 400]

And then they played some Don’t Forget The Lyrics-esque game show. Which was pretty cute.

[flv: 650 400]

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  • oriharakaoru

    Adam was so great! And, aw, the bit about maybe becoming a dad was precious. He’s so gracious to his fans in the “karaoke” segment, too. *_*

  • remede

    He was a very good sport with that manliness bullshit.

  • Shannon1981

    I like The Talk so much better than I like The View. Adam was charming, and the fireman bit with Sara and the lyrics game were really cute.

  • Shannon1981

    @remede: its daytime talk with a bunch of ladies. I am not surprised by that at all re: the ‘manly things’ part, and I bet Adam wasn’t either. I have to admit I like the show though I don’t really appreciate the stereotyping either.

  • Harbo

    I not only like Adam Lambert as a performer, I admire him as a person. He’s mot afraid to be himself. He is who he is with no pretense. But this show is terrible. Julie Chen is inept in every way and if she wasn’t married to the head of CBS-TV she be clerking in a porn shop somewhere in Manhattan. The other women are pretty awful as well.

  • Reggie

    Wow finally a postive article about Adam on this sites. Dreams do come true!!!

  • TheRealAdam

    This was very disrespectful to Adam. Apparently, people still cannot handle the fact that he’s gay without filtering him through some bullshit heterosexual masculine posturing. He’s GAY. GAY, GAY, GAY! Leave him alone. Adam should not have put up with it and should have told everyone there to fuck off – maybe not in those exact words, but still.

  • Gigi

    What was with Adam being asked to pick Melissa Gilbert up and why was she giggling like she was in love with him? Maybe he picked her up because she’s a sister.

    Adam is so nice and gracious!

  • Marilyn

    I wasn’t impressed with the stereo typing either, but the end results were amusing. Otherwise I loved the show, Adam was charming, articulate, funny and sweet just like he always is. And, The Talk had balls enough to have Adam on during a Live show. Not many will. I salute you Brad Bessey.

  • Rachel K

    I actually think Adam was tickled by the whole conversation. I’m sure he is happy to have the same boring questions behind him and a little frivolity sent his way. The ladies obviously were loving him and I don’t think the whole discussion would have gone any differently if John Mayer were the guest, except Mayer does not have Adam’s personality nor ability to roll with any situation and turn it into a WIN, WIN, WIN. By the way, his fans just reached the goal of $290,000 for Adam’s charity:water, and did it in 26 days. He seems to bask in the love and adoration of his fans, not questioning their motives nor (now) the fact that he deserves it.
    Don’t find insult where none is meant, life is better that way.

  • Chris

    He seems like a nice person, shame about his music :p . And was anyone else staring and waiting for the hair to fall down?

  • ForeverGay

    Adam is a great guy. He handles every interview so well.

  • hephaestion

    Wow, Adam was GREAT on this show. That audience was k-k-k-razy about him!!! He is rather adorable and level-headed and well-spoken ‘neath his glam exterior.

  • Peggy

    I loved the show and Adam is a man…….for sure….

  • Giovannidude

    Adam rose above the predictable stereotytpe thing and the awkward inept Julie Chen to show that he is charming and has charisma. Without probably wanting to become one, he is also becoming something of a default ambassador of good will for the gay community. Even critics are coming around due to his likeability and genuine qualities. He is the poster child for being true to who you are.

  • thematics

    All Queerty needs to do is mention Lambert, Bieber or Cooper and the fanz stream in! More ‘views’ = more revenue!

    Adam was a good sport, but REALLY how long must we gay male folks try to pass (questionable) tests on how ‘butch’ gay men can act?

    Do we now have to request lesbians show their skills at frosting a cake (or lactating) to prove they’re feminine enough?

    Was Ms Gilbert REALLY okay with this spectacle?

  • Shannon1981

    @thematics: I doubt, being gay herself, that Sara was totally ok with that, but, you know. Gotta play along. Kinda like all the ‘games’ on Ellen’s show that cater to straight women(ie, the sexy male santas game at Christmas time where the blindfolded women sat on the laps of topless muscle men in santa pants and little else). Playing along…And both she and Adam were good sports. Once again, its that thinly veiled gay stereotyping/homophobia that straight people who are less than knowledgeable about what is and isn’t offensive are guilty of all the time.

    And hey, this comment section is mild compared to some I have seen…

  • Daez

    There is no way that this self-obsessed half drag queen should ever have children. The amount of damage he would do to them is untold. He can’t even understand why he shouldn’t make out on live television with a guy because it might be harmful to children. I’d rather not hear about him making out with his partner in front of his own children.

    Also, how the hell is he grammy nominated, it must be in a category with very little talent such as pop music. If its him against Lady GooGooGaGa then it explains a lot. Oh for the days that pop music didn’t suck and they didn’t have to play the same old crap on pop radio for a year because nothing else was worth listening too. To bad this generation lacks any real talent. There are no Madonnas, Chers, Bette Middlers anymore. Its just all crap.

  • Daez

    @TheRealAdam: Perhaps that is because being gay doesn’t mean you have to be some feminine cross dressing freak of nature. Oh, and I highly doubt that Adam really is anything like his public persona behind the scenes. He is just doing what sells, and gays are buying into his “in your face” routine because they feel the same way themselves, but in most cases are not stupid enough to act on it. The ones stupid enough to act on it are finding out the hard way that studies have shown time and time again that gays normally make 75 cents on the dollar of their straight counterparts, are the most likely to be overworked, and are still the least likely to be retained in times of financial crisis in a company.

    Go ahead and throw it in everyone’s face, just don’t be surprised when that face comes back to bite you. Now, throw up A gays and other shining examples and attempt to prove the rule wrong with counter examples, but the rule still stands that you are detrimental to your career by being loud and proud.

  • Daez

    @Gigi: She is into chicks, so I can understand her being in love with Glambert.

  • Daez

    @Marilyn: Just like he always is my ass. He started off as a total douche bag. He couldn’t have been more wrong in how he handled the kissing incident. He basically told the world that its his party and he will play how he wants. After that turned a lot of people off to him, including gay ones, his handlers told him to shape up or ship out, and now we have the Adam that kisses people’s asses just to get ahead. I don’t know why people tout him as some hero to the cause when, like most musicians, he is just selling an image.

  • Daez

    @Rachel K: Not really surprised that his fans managed to donate $290,000. Most of them are bleeding heart liberals that were looking for a way to get a tax right off anyways. A great deal of money is going out right now to charities since its the first of the year and time to start making out those “get out of tax free” checks.

    Half of his fans want to bone him, and the other half are women. Oh, who am I kidding, the women want him to turn straight so they can bone him too.

  • thematics

    You poor confused sod. It’s NOT “the first of the year,” bitter munchkin, it’s now FEBRUARY. Get a calendar, nutjob!

    What is a “tax right off”?

    Your multiple posts filled with abject ignorance have been flagged due to TOS violations.

    Bye, Troll!

  • hmm...

    The more I learn about Adam Lambert, the less I like him.

  • Russell

    Nice job on The Talk- he always manages to handle all the inane and repetitive crap that gets tossed at him and still look classy, articulate, and even engaged while doing so. Love the look, too.

  • Tony

    Adam was fine a good sport. The Talk however…what a piece of crap. Hey CBS…bring back As The World Turns. I miss Luke and Noah.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tony: OMG another ATWT fan! I miss that and the Guiding Light. Hopefully they don’t ax Y&R too..

  • swarm

    “He started off as a total douche bag. He couldn’t have been more wrong in how he handled the kissing incident. He basically told the world that its his party and he will play how he wants. After that turned a lot of people off to him, including gay ones, his handlers told him to shape up or ship out.”

    @DAEZ21 You have no clue and just mouthing off based on nothing. The Adam Lambert on this show is the SAME Adam Lambert from before, during and after Idol. There are thousands of hours of video, interviews and personal attributions proving it.

    Never since EVER has Adam Lambert been called a “total douchebag” by a single person who’s met him. And if you’re being obtuse about the Out interview, it was his “handler” RCA VP Roger Widynowski who FUBAR’d that setup and Lambert had nothing to do with it, and was, in fact thoughtful, open and candid for the interview. It’s been well documented and rehashed here so stop making a fool of yourself making up a false narrative.

  • magsmagenta

    I liked the way this was done, Adam was brilliant, and I thought that they were making fun of the silly manliness book and the expectation that gay men can’t be manly, not making fun of Adam himself, some people can just be too over sensitive. The reason Adam is such a good ambassador is because he’s a good sport and he leads by example, it gets so boring when people preach at you.

    And Daez, you couldn’t be more wrong if you were trying to be, but then as you’re a troll you probably were.

  • queenrosered

    Adam has already stated MANY times that there is not ONE gay “type” just as there is no ONE hetero “type” He is masculine yet still in touch with his “feminine” side. More straight men could learn from him! He is a CLASS ACT!
    There have always been and will always be the “Daez’es” of this world who put down gay men because of their own personal fears and maybe even because THEY are in their own “closets”
    Adam could have picked up and twirled ANY of those women around! He is tall (6’1″), broad-shouldered and strong.It was ALL in good fun and that is exactly how he handled the whole appearance.
    I donated to the water charity because it IS a very worthy cause and we pay ZERO taxes so it was NOT for a write-off, sorry to disappoint your half-baked theory again Deaz.My musician hubby who is also a Vietnam Army Ranger airborne veteran ALSO admires Adam and his musical abilities.Wanna go toe to toe with HIM? LOL! If so, it’s your funeral.
    There is nothing wrong with being gay and EVERYTHING wrong with just being ignorant and hateful.Work on it, for the sake of your own peace of mind if nothing else.
    Your remarks are merely an outward manifestation of the ugliness of your soul. Presuming you have one.
    We have met Adam in person twice and seen him perform live 8 times so far and are looking forward to his sophomore album as well as his next WORLD TOUR. He was in NO way effeminate when we met him, strongly shaking my husband’s hand and smiling graciously all the while.More stars need to follow his example in how to treat fans.

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