Adam Lambert Raises a Certain Middle Finger to Out


Well here’s one way to tell the editor-in-chief of a major gay magazine to fuck off: replace “fuck off” with “chill,” and then his “send” on your Twitter account. Which is how Adam Lambert is responding to Out‘s Aaron Hicklin, who was all, “Why you so scurrred of being gay?”

Tweets the Idol star: “Dear Aaron, it’s def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine. Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.”


Well, Adam is right on one account: The editor’s letter did draw attention to the magazine. (We doubt it’ll drive sales, though.) But was that a pseudo invitation for the pair to sit down and hash this out, without publicists prepping Hicklin first? Make it happen, Cap’n Adam.

Meanwhile, just 10 hours after posting that tweet, Adam linked to this Huffington Post piece from Joe Vogel, which lists 10 suggestions from the “Gay Thought, Fashion, and Culture Police,” including this nugget: “Please re-consider your gay-hating handlers, particularly 19 Records. They clearly have too much control over your creative choices. Could that album cover have been any more straight and predictable?”

We just want to know if 19 Entertainment gave Lambert permission for Adam to tweet that.

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  • Swarm

    Thank you for finally not bashing the boy for his actions.I predicted he bitch slapped Gene Simmons publicly and would do so here. Meanwhile, Twitter-gate has started with Queerty readers claiming his Twitter is under the control of RCA, that he’s too busy for Twitter. A ridiculous notion given Adam’s pattern of tweeting dumb funny stuff and his personal friends.

    Yes, it’s advisable to run your comments by a pr person for feedback but everything Adam does pretty much has his message including the lyrics of every song on the album.


  • scott ny'er

    bravo to Adam. I’m actually liking him a lot. Too bad I don’t dig his oversinging. Hopefully he’ll rein that in on his cd. I do dig that Britneyesque single of his.

  • RomanHans

    What do you know? We’ve got an honest, plain-spoken, out gay man as the Number One figure in American entertainment.

    That bitch.

  • Mark

    Queerty, you cagey bitches. You nailed this one.

    “We just want to know if 19 Entertainment gave Lambert permission for Adam to tweet that.”

    Sly dogs.

    I don’t think he tweeted it either. I hope his PR people are having fun at the keyboard.

    I love this site!

  • SeenZ

    Haha OK, unlike many people apparently, I’m 100% sure that Adam tweeted that himself. You get to learn his style watching every interview of his repeatedly. You know? So for future reference, if you want to know something about Adam, just ask a full Glambert.

    Btw, his response was brilliant. It packed just the right punch without being overly rude. He’s always so polite even when he’s basically telling someone to f off. Gotta love that boy!

  • wtdp

    Adam you just go on taking over the world and ignore all this bs.

  • Andi

    great taking down ur own kind!!!
    petty bitter OLD every OLD queenSSSSSS
    adam is young and beautiful he will NEVER sleep with someone like u…
    thats why u(ugly old men in the gay community) bash him…
    and the young ones u’r just jealous

  • Kyrra

    Adam is a honest man who has no problem with who he is. He just isn’t going to let anyone stick him in a box and label him with the nice easy labels. Not unlike a lot of the latest generation within the gay community.

  • MM

    Huffington Post was being snarky. Everybody needs to just leave him the hell alone and let him sing his face off. He is who he is, he doesn’t need YOU, OUT, other gays, straights, 19E, RCA, or anybody to tell him what to do or how to live. He’d give everyone the FU … he’s an artist who happens to be gay. So what. He is amazing, and he’s very honest and articulate. I appreciate that.
    Adam rules!

  • captivity hurts

    LOL queer commentary without research on the queer in question.

    Yes, the management team tweets for him,, yeah really:

    adam lambert:

    Sh*t. Yeeeeeaaah it’s early poeple! Give me a break 10:32 AM Nov 6th from Echofon

    Twitter is full of twats. Hahaha 4:13 AM Jul 8th from Echofon

    So – when I read lame, boring tweets I call them TWATS. 4:13 AM Jul 8th from Echofon

    Most of my tweets have been twats too. Guess I need to get more creative. 4:15 AM Jul 8th from Echofon

    Anyone that found that offensive should best lighten up a bit. It’s funny. 4:33 AM Jul 8th from Echofon

    @OhFerras fairuza balk was my idol in the craft toooooo! “I bind you Sarah!!!!” 12:47 PM Oct 31st from Echofon in reply to OhFerras

  • Rocker _Girl

    I am glad Adam made the tweet and believe he is in full control of his twitter account. It is Mr. Hicklin who went public with his statement and Adam has every right to respond – and he did so eloquently I might add.

    All Adam wants to do is sing his face off and entertain. I did read the Out interview part 1 and 2 and must say it was very informative and Adam explains his position on things. Read the article if you want to understand where the young man is coming from and then go buy his CD and listen to his fantastic music.

    PS. I Love his upper register and that is what makes him truly unique. The album has all types of songs and since he can basically sing every note on the guitar his range allows for him to also do much of his own back-up vocals – Adam heaven for someone like me that can’t get enough of his vocal talent and range.

  • terrwill

    Guess thats what happens when the label and publicty machine doesn’t have the “what happens if everyone finds out you are Gay?” ax hangin over your head for your entire career….please take note the other 90% celebrities who are closeted…….

  • Cam

    Oh God, here they are….the new version of the “Clay Aiken Fans”. If regular Queerty people will notice. The first post or two seem normal. but then they get really really over the top and hugely overpraising. Saying that the tweet was BRILLIANT etc… and usually by a bunch of people who’s screenames have never been seen here before. Again, I remember this from not that long ago when Clay Aiken first came out. His fans would scour the internet for any mention of them then head over to that blog en masse to attack others, extoll his virtues etc… Ugh, can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • Josh

    EW has sided with Adam in this Out controversy. Huffington Post and AfterElton has also sided with Adam.

  • Mike

    Aaron Hicklin is a douchebag.

  • dreamadam

    What part of Adam’s,4 Your Entertainment Album Cover or Single. .
    Looks Straight. Which Day Has Adam, Ever Been Predictable..
    Lookin’ For A Straight Picture…
    Check out the Cover Of,”Out Magazine”,Class Of 2009″

  • romeo

    Forget about the tweet. Forget about the douche publicist that didn’t know his job. Has anybody read the interview that Adam finally gave to OUT? I just did. Wish I hadn’t. Thought I’d clicked into the EXODUS website by mistake. Sorry, Swarm, I gotta do a 180.

    Gee, Adam, isn’t there anything about gay people you like? Maybe you should branch out a bit beyond that crowd you’ve been hanging with.

    Seems Adam thinks ALL gay people are promiscuous and unfaithful. (Lot of hot guys into monogamy, Adam, you just gotta go out and look. My next door neighbors are hot and happily married.) Heterosexual relationships are better. There are no well-acted gay movies, (guess he never saw “Wild Reeds” or “Maurice” or a shitload of others). He can’t even stand watching poor LOGO. This is the best he could do with that interview with OUT? I think I might be getting Hicklin’s perspective more into view. Adam owns up to being gay alright, but he sure doesn’t seem too happy about it.

    C’mon guys, Adam’s way too coy with the fangirls, but we need to take him at his word that he doesn’t want to be part of us and our concerns. I’d say we need to stop obsessing on him as a gay anything. Just like that guy he’s always bitching about, he’s not going to do anything but break our hearts.

    And do us a lot of damage if he keeps running off at the mouth with that limited perspective.

    He’s still a terrific singer, and I wish him well with his career. If you’re gay and you like his music, then support his music. But like I said, way too coy, don’t be a sucker.

  • karin

    Ha Ha, Adam Lambert is the gayest looking one on the OUT cover!!!! Screw OUT.

  • Aaron

    Adan will self-destruct. Too much queen, not enough substance.

  • romeo

    @Aaron: am tending to agree now. Been thrown in way over his head. His instincts and reactions are just not serving him well. He’s had to take a lot of guff, and I feel for that. But he may wind up becoming his own worst enemy. I think he thinks he knows the game he’s playing, but…

    Time will tell.

  • Catttt

    Ha! The HuffPo piece by Vogel is hilarious.

    I tend to think that the guy doesn’t ask for permission to tweet stuff. He’s kind of impulsive. If I were AI though, I would have encouraged him to Tweet it. Vogel nails the gay police to the wall.

  • Cam

    No. 22 · Catttt said..
    Ha! The HuffPo piece by Vogel is hilarious.

    I tend to think that the guy doesn’t ask for permission to tweet stuff. He’s kind of impulsive. If I were AI though, I would have encouraged him to Tweet it. Vogel nails the gay police to the wall.

    The gay police? Oh, you mean those people that may have been offended that Adam didn’t want to seem “Gay” in his pictorial? I’ll say it again, if Rihanna’s people had told “Essence” Magazine “Hey, she needs to sell records, don’t make her seem to black.” people would have been flipping out and nobody would be saying that Essence Magazine was wrong for being pissed. I get that his female fans want to pretend that he would really want to fuck them so they don’t like gays or the fact that he’s gay, but you all really need to take it down a notch.

  • Scoop

    Gay men as a group have to be, bar none, the most self-loathing individuals on the planet.

  • Star

    Way to go Adam! Why cant we just enjoy the most fantastic debut album from any American Idol ever?! Seriously, Adam gave a wonderful, candid, honest, vulnerable review for OUT mag and then they diss him publicly afterwards for something that could have been handled with a phone call possibly. Im really proud of Adams’ class and the restrained way he has responded.

  • godsake

    CAM – I am fan of Adam and I was never phased by him coming out. And there are many other women who feel the same. My favourite moment for Adam was when he was in the American Idol final and appeared in full glam dress with rhinestones glued to his eyelids. I believe in equal opportunities for each INDIVIDUAL! Knowing what a homophobic society we live in, I could not have been prouder to see Adam do so well in the competition. I am under no illusion as regards having any “chance” with Adam or anyone famous for that matter, neither would I want to. I can salivate a little at the fantasy but that is what entertainment is all about, escapist fun. People either love Adam or hate him – whether straight or gay. And I think the reason is that some people cannot deal with such honesty from anyone. Somehow his energy, joy for what he does, confidence mixed with humility – a real human being who is trying his best to straddle many conflicting pressures – and seeming to succeed – and be loved for it – is obviously disturbing or threatening for many who may not understand that Adam is just what he is. In many ways Adam is naive. To me that adds to his charm. I worry about the cynics out there and hope they don’t pull him down. Obviously I don’t know Adam’s full personality, only what anyone can read or see in interviews, but my impression is that he is genuinely a sweet soul.

    Also do you actually believe that Out have never had to have this type of conversation from a public figure or their handlers before? Or that any publication never had a few guidelines about what the artist/famous person may or may not want to talk about? I do not agree if 19 gave the impression they do not agree with gay lifestyle or made personal hurtful comments to the staff – but that is not what they did – and besides – read the interview, read all Adam’s interviews. Adam has said he will concetrate on that side of things later (more political stuff) – for now he just wants to concentrate on his music. 19 are selling a product, and trying to sell it to a mainstream audience. It is suspect to me that Out chose this particular interview to raise the issue – and in the same issue that they feature their “star” interview. Rude, selfish, disrespectful, counter-productive are just some of the least offensive words I can produce to describe their actions.

    19 are supporting and promoting an openly gay artist – that has to be complicated and needs careful handling if Adam is to get the best results. I don’t see they are generally trying to keep him in the closet, deny his sexuality or undermine the gay community – they are just trying to optimise Adam’s appeal to a broader audience. It seems to me that 19 are doing the best they can to market a potentially unviable product in uncertain times – but at least they are trying to do it! Out on the other hand Out have undermined Adam at a fragile time in his career. Bullying and prejudice is always wrong – no matter how worthy the cause.

  • Barbie

    Aaron’s pissy two-faced editorial and later justification of anger at 19E ONLY is BS. He flat out questioned Adam’s own solidarity to gay men everywhere, by fondling the barbie doll in Detail mag. Even as a woman, I understood it was a ploy to grab a larger share of the straight male demographics. I didn’t delude myself he was changing his spots for “us”. It didn’t stop me from enjoying the shock and hottness of it all anyway. Too bad Aaron couldn’t put aside his lil’ tantrum and enjoy the extra revenue this article could have generated, and at the same time further his ultimate cause of helping gay professionals evrywhere gain acceptance and making sexual preference a non-issue.

  • romeo

    Forget about Aaron. Read what Adam says about gay people in the actual interview. Kind of hard to misconstrue. “Solidarity” with gay people? I don’t think so.

  • JonathanHasHadIt

    OUT NEEDS A NEW EDITOR. FIRE THAT FREAK THEY HAVE NOW. humm, maybe Adam would like to be the new boss there! It’d sure make that rag more interesting…

  • Sarah

    Screw you Hicklin. I think Adam has done a hell of a lot for the gay community by just being Adam. He didn’t need you to go mess it up. Having a hissy fit about Adam not being gay enough is not going to help the gay cause. On the contrary , this type of reaction will just make straight people wince and back off. Look at Obama, the best thing he did for the black community was not draw attention to his race. Had he demanded attention for being black he would not have gained the following from mainstream America that he did. As Adam says, entitlement is not sexy.

  • idiotsidiots

    did it ever occur to anyone he doesn’t want to yak to hicklin??? if this was back when the Advocate ruled and that amazingly cool woman who got everyone to talk was in charge, the boy would be pouring out his beautiful soul.this site needs to kiss her ass and pray someone else gets the gift to do this work.

  • romeo

    I think Hicklin is doing fine. Adam hasn’t done much for gay people except bitch about them. And we’re for damn sure not worried about Adam being gay enough. He’s got that baby down to a science. LOL

    What we might not like is him shitting on our heads and then acting like he’s too good for us. At the very least, his interviews are going to have to be something other than cliches like “it’s not that deep” (maybe you aren’t, Adam) and rants about how awful gay people are. And, of course, he’ll have to start selling some albums.

    The guys got talent, but he and his management are way fucking ahead of themselves.

  • Marilyn

    Did anyone read the letter that Hicklen wrote? He was insulting Adam as a person by addressing the letter to him personally and then he tells Adam not to mess it up. Adam had every reason to tweet what he did. Adam is gay, wow what a surprise! He is also a man that is trying to do something he has worked toward his whole life, to become a recording artist. THAT is all that matters and that is what I support him for. I don’t want to have sex with him, sleep with him, kiss him, I just want to listen to his music. Thanks Hicklen for trying to ruin some of that for him. But I’ll move past you now because I have just listened to Adam’s album and it is incredible.

  • romeo

    @Marilyn #33: the album IS great, but it’s NOT all that matters. And neither is Adam. Some things are deep, like it or not.

    But Adam neither reads nor cares about what we say here. This is for gay guys to make some considered observations about stuff that effects us. Adam doesn’t consider himself a part of that apparently. But, from what I’ve seen at other sites, all things considered, we’re a lot more civil here than straight sites.

    You girls have no cause to get shook by what’s said here. Gay people are entitled to their own views. What Adam said in that interview is far more serious than what Hicklin said to Adam.

  • godsake

    ROMEO Adam was interviewed and gave his opinions. To me it sounded like his honest opinions – I don’t think Adam would lie about his opinions. He is usually honest to a fault. So are you saying you don’t like to hear what he says or that he is lying? Are we talking about what he says about gay relationships etc? Just because he prefers to sleep with men doesn’t mean he has to approve or accept all gay norms. He is an individual – and it seems a sensitive one with regard to relationships. He has two major relationships he says – he is finding his way. As a straight woman there are many things I dislike about the expectations placed on me in relationships and by society in general – and I let the people in my life know about it. For instance – and I admit this is a mild example – my husband might expect that I will be home cooking his dinner every night, or to want to spend and devote every minute of my time with him – if you watch enough straight romance or media – you would expect that is the norm. I however, as much as I would not want to upset my husband, have to let him know as gently as I can that I have an individual life of my own. This, to some, and my mother in law in particular :) may seem as though I don’t want to be part of this type of relationship really. That is not the case – I want us to be a team – but also have respect for seperate time too. Adam is being asked questions and he is stating his opinion about how he feels about being in relationship. Is there really only one way to be gay? And do I as a straight person have no right to disagree with some aspects of straight relationships. Or should I stay silent too?

  • maryny

    nice condensation of the whole Out thing…and it’s spelled “skerd” not “scurred”

  • Landon Bryce

    Adam comes off very anti-gay in the interview. He shows no gratitude to the people who paid the price so that he can be as open as he is. He wants to be allowed to just be himself, but does not think it’s okay for others to identify as exclusively butch or femme. No, Adam– others get to define themseves, just like you do! And your idea that mixing butch and femme traits is new proves that your concept of gay history is as wrong as it could be.

    The number of Lambert fans who love him but hate gays in general is obvious from the comments here.

    I think Hicklin treated Lambert very badly, but not as badly as Lambert and his fans are treating the gay people who paved the way for him to titillate them. Romeo’s right– Lambert hates gay people, everything about them except himself.

    What gay man would waste money on album now?

  • Cam

    My post from the other Lambert thread….works here too.

    Adam’s fans really need to take a hard look at what Clay Aikens fans did to his career. Sure they were obsessive and bought multiple copies of his CD’s however, they also went around foaming at the mouth and attacking anybody who dared to not like their precious Clay. They so put off people, radio DJ’s, people who may have given his CD’s a listen that in the end they really contributed to his career stalling. Adam’s fans are going down exactly the same path.

    Example, if I don’t like Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga nobody comes on and attacks me, name calls etc… If I hear a good song later on by one of those two, I’ll buy it. If I say something about Adam Lambert and a bunch of people sign on, attack gays, attack me etc… there is no way I’m going to buy anything he does after the fans have left that kind of bad taste in my mouth. So all you obsessed 15 year old girls or older women that have a weird crush on this guy just like Aiken’s fans did, coming on here in some sort of holy crusade to defend him need to take it down a notch.

  • equityactor

    “So all you obsessed 15 year old girls or older women that have a weird crush on this guy just like Aiken’s fans did, coming on here in some sort of holy crusade to defend him need to take it down a notch.”

    IKR? Ignorant. Invading your private space that’s limited to begin with, shoving opinions down your throat, pressing an agenda on you that you don’t embrace, being oblivious to the larger more important point…they really need to get the f……

    uh….I retract that. It’s exactly what Out and Queerty are doing to Adam Lambert.

    Stop waiving red flags at the bull, then.

  • romeo

    Hey, equityactor, is that a threat we’re getting from Adam. And who’s doing what to whom now?

    And Godsake #35, Adam is entitled to his opinion, that’s been repeated over and over here. But Adam isn’t talking about his opinions about himself and his own limited experience. He’s talking about EVERY gay person. And he gets to do it in Entertainment Weekly, People, Good Morning America, etc.. We are confined to defending ourselves here where it’s mostly just us. He hasn’t the intelligence or sensitivity to be fair. It’s all just him, him, him. And, I suspect, what he’s saying has more to do with ingratiating himself with straight album buyers than merely expressing an opinion.

    He’s going to be on Letterman next week who is a notorious homophobe to the point that he barely keeps it under control on the air. That should be quite a cozy tea party with Adam sucking up to ol’ Dave publicizing his album drop.

    You want to come in here to express an opinion, fine. But this isn’t a delusional Adam fansite. We don’t have to smile when someone’s shitting on us.

  • godsake

    CAM please! Try not to generalise about Adam fans, particulary that they hate gays! I find this attitude upsetting. And whilst I can understand how you feel having this blog over-run with Adam fans – the ONLY thing that they have in common is their love of Adam. Just like in the gay community the only thing you have in common is that you like to sleep with members of your own sex. Although I am married straight, I have a few close friends who are gay, I have dabbled in bi-sexuality myself (I promise you I don’t hate myself for that :) ), I have a very dear friend who is currently undergoing trans-gender reassignment and we are very close (much to the disdain of my husband who refuses to have anything to do with this person) and another friend who knows they are gay but will not come out because of the effect on the family. So I personally have a little experience and compassion for those who find theirselves having to deal with the pressures of having alternative sexuality to the “norm”. I have even questioned if I am gay myself and possibly in denial. Time will tell. I hope I have gone some way, as an Adam fan, in establishing my lack of hate for gays. I am not here to attack gay people, just lodge my feelings about what I see to be intolerant behaviour of the Editor of Out magazine. And I know, I know, I know, it does sound crass of Adam’s management to ask for these provisos before the interview, who knows it may even have been at Adam’s instigation – but I don’t believe Adam is hating on gays, he is just trying to progres his career. Frustrating as it may be for some to hear Adam not wanting to get politically involved (at this point in his career) – or indeed appear too gay – as if that were really possible, I think the more successful he is can only be a good thing for the gay community.

  • Landon Bryce

    Here’s the thing Adam ignores, Godsake:

    He is standing atop the corpses of gay people who paid very heavy prices for the freedom he enjoys. He may not want to be the poster child for gay rights, but without the sacrifices of other people, you would never have heard of him. He gets to be who is because other people have been willing to be poster children. When he attacks gay people and gay culture in order to make himself seem less threatening to straight people, no one should back him up. That includes straight fans who are supposedly gay friendly.

    Write to Adam and tell him you’ll still love him no matter how gay he gets and he needs to stop working to distance himself from other gay people.

  • godsake

    ROMEO – I actually really get what you are saying. I have no doubt Adam is trying to ingratiate himself with straight audiences and to be honest I have no problem with that – if you want to be a rich, successful popstar that is what you will aim for. I have always thought Adam was being totally honest in his interviews – he seems so sincere and the words flow easily as if he is not having to think too much about it. And as much as I find it really hard to think that Adam will be purposely lying about anything I will re-read everything and listen out for this angle in future. But just to respond to some other comments here, it is not just Adam fans who have been upset by the Out editor’s actions, there are many, many comments from gay people either here or on other websites in response to this issue and they disagree with Aaaron too.

  • equityactor

    “You know? That’s the thing. But the funny thing is, in order for us to progress, we need to stop segregating ourselves. And a letter like that, that viewpoint — the letter that Aaron wrote is holding us back. Because it’s recognizing the big difference as opposed to letting us all ignore preference and just be people. So I think in attempt to champion a cause he’s actually taking a big step backwards.”…Adam Lambert

    Out of the mouths of babes. And you don’t segregate yourselves?

    As in Cam…and sparklecow references

    #40 no, that was a reply to cam who is sick of Lambert fans posting on Lambert threads. You know waiving the Lambert headline like a red flag brings the bull of the fans here. Fans imposing their views here is the same as everyone imposing their demands on Lambert. If you don’t want an answer don’t ask him questions. Oh Snap. deja vu.

  • Don't you know that all gays are really bisexuals in disguise?

    I’m sure the next thing will be Lambert breathlessly detailing the particulars of his upcoming first time with a woman to his Glamberts.

  • alicia banks

    i bet he wishes he had reserved that finger for the one he has now received from abc tv…

    memo to adam:
    gay porn on prime time tv trumps gay mag covers..always

    alicia banks

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