Adam Lambert: Still the Best Thing On Idol

Oh, you mean to say Adam Lambert competed on the show last season? And yet his performance last night was still better than anything the current contestants have offered? And he didn’t even have to suck face with another dude? Simon Cowell is a wise man, getting out of there before the jumping shark eats him.

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  • Cam

    My only problem with the performance, wasn’t Adam, he sang well and put on a show…it’s just that the song sounded like something Kara would write. Somebody in his production company please write the guy a good song.

  • AlwaysGay

    Great to hear some variety because I’ve heard this song 1,000 times by now and needed something to keep it fresh. Adam’s next single will be “If I Had You”.

    @Cam: Max Martin wrote the lyrics. He is a very talented hit-maker, I’m sure you’ve heard many of his songs before.

  • alan brickman

    really like the new song…

  • Ed

    I’m sorry but that nasal whining is too horrible. I couldn’t get through it.

  • sophie

    Adam Lambert is excellent cos he is always gets a stone to talk, hahaha

  • puffyl

    Adam Lambert is cool cos he is always gets a stone to talk, hahaha

  • puffyl

    @Ed: @Ed: Hey Ed, do u know wat is the difference between singing and talkin? i can feel u whining when u talkin so u beta shut up cos when u talkin with UR nasal dat really make me pass out, haha too bad! Oh by the way, sorry for peeing on u too much:(

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