Adam Lambert Suckled a Breast Just Before Breaking Up With Drake LaBry. Coincidence?


Just before we find out whether Maine will keep its gay marriage law and Washington its domestic partnerships, we learn glam rocker Adam Lambert won’t be exercising either option with boyfriend Drake LaBry: they’ve split.

The timing is all but curious. Lambert, already a household name through American Idol, is set to multiply his celebrity in the coming weeks as his debut album For Your Entertainment drops, along with his track for the film 2012. Now, we may never know what happened to lead to the break-up so soon after they were snogging for the paparazzi, but we’ve got one theory: women.

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  • Spence

    Whatever. Just because he did a photoshoot with a women doesn’t mean he’s had a “straight” conversion. What a stupid speculation. He is the one that came out as gay. Not bi, not straight, not straight-curious. Gay.

  • james p. p.

    this. this right here is the reason why queerty is the last site i check on my internet rounds… right after i check myspace.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I’m sure Queerty: “The Gay Haters” won’t get the exclusive!

  • scott ny'er

    it means he’s straight of course. Adam was always straight. He just did it for the publicity.

  • Hal

    Queerty is now written by dull morons. I know you’re joking, but this post is so boring and unfunny. I miss the old Queerty. I may have to stay away until someone informs me of a staff change. There must be plenty of gay, out-of-work writers/editors who could do a better job than this.

  • romeo

    Hey, Queerty – LMAO Ever get a load of the kind of guys that are available in Hollywood to gay celebs? Heard Drake and Adam had a rather public fight a couple of weeks ago over Adam chatting up another dude. About your hit-count inspiring speculation, it’s possible he’d try that ploy with the album dripping, but how dumb would that make him look. Also, how could he chat up cute guys with the media riding his ass to make sure he stays “straight.” LOL Think, Adam, think!

    Kind of think he has more integrity.

  • mightyten

    Wait, are you serious? You MUST be joking. This is our message, now? All it takes to turn a boy straight is to come in contact with a naked breast?

    How many times does Lambert have to say he’s gay for you to get it? How many boys does he have to kiss on camera for you to get it?

    Or maybe this is just to get more hits on your website, so congrats, I guess.

  • romeo

    @ Mightyten #7 — LMAO — I was breastfed. Didn’t do shit for me. Can’t believe Queerty made you fall for this. LOL

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Are you serious? I’m not suprised at this attempt at journalism. After all, these writers riled everyone over the Detail Pics a few weeks back.

    1. Drake should paid’ve attention when Adam tried to teach him how to dress. He tries to pull off tank tops in Hollywood/LA of all places w/ the paps snapping their shutters all over the place?

    2. The night they had a fight was really Drake throwing a good old fashion, southern, Lousiana style fit right in front of someone very important Adam was trying to network with.

    3. Drake kissing Adam in front of the paps.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    that should have been, should’ve paid. Multi-tasking–never a good thing.

  • staciegirlie

    I’m using my original handle name now. Why do you keep saying Adam suckled a breast when that is a thumb on his tongue. Please stop making him out to be a pornstar wanna be.

  • romeo

    LMAO Here it comes! Seriously, if we weren’t both tops, I’d be trying to get in front of him now.

    But let’s stop talking about Adam. Let’s talk about ME!

  • staciegirlie

    @Romeo–Okay then, Whatcha eating?

  • romeo

    @Staciegirlie: Just had my usual probiotic yogurt, but still hungry. Gonna do a PB&J. How about you?

  • Brette

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Drake was a famewhore who was dragging Adam down. Now Adam is free of that twink in the tank tops and can date at his own level. I would love to see him with Anderson Cooper or Neil Patrick Harris – both talented and high-class. He also has said in interviews that he finds women beautiful, enjoys kissing them and has hinted that he might be bi-curious. So maybe he will end up with someone like Katy Perry, who knows? His album will be out soon and is already the most anticipated release of the year. And if he gets an Oscar nomination for Time For Miracles, they could walk the red carpet and look aMAZING.

  • romeo

    Brette, let me look in your eyes. I need to see if they’re dilated.

  • Bianca

    Oh LORD! Gay couples (men) are so stable, they never split up

    It seems they’ve been dating for about 9 or so months. During that time he was on the show, on tour and then recording and working. They barely had any time to be together so why the surprise?

  • staciegirlie

    Romeo–That’s not even funny LOL! That’s what I’m having minus the yogurt. You’ll have to convince me some more on that one.

  • staciegirlie

    Just in case I get brave, what brand is it?

  • Scoop

    Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t put anything past him at this point.

  • staciegirlie

    I still believe that if Drake had been even a little classier, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Scoop

    Why did he hook up with him in the first place, then?

  • fern

    He was asked in an interview after the Details pics came out whether he thought women might now think they had a chance with him. He looked at the interviewer incredulously “because of a picture”? I gather he expects people can tell the difference between performance and real life.

  • YellowRanger

    The titty-licking photo shoot, the “dates” with Katy Perry, the winks and nods to bi-curiosity, the break up less than a month before his album comes out…..This whole thing reeks of a publicity stunt engineered to fuel hausfrau fantasies…

  • romeo

    @ Yellow: Puhleeze, don’t fuel this. Actually, I live in L.A., and I’ve already heard a fairly substantial rumor here about who the “new guy” is. But I ain’t talking. Totally has a dick, though. LMAO !

    @Stacie: the Weight Watchers brand. It tastes a little funny at first, but I got used to it. Helps boost immunity supposedly and grease the lower G.I.. LOL

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I love hanging out with Gay Losers on Queerty. Especially, the NYU drop-out editors who disintegrate day by day into a K-Hole. Adam doesn’t care what failures think – he’s going to be so rich and fabulous that you wished you could be his purse just for the whiff of FAME!

  • romeo

    You tell ’em Dontblameme ! What’s a K-Hole?

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Ketamine (source: Wikipedia)

    Ketamine hydrochloride, or “Special K,” is a powerful hallucinogen widely used as an animal tranquilizer by veterinarians. Users sometimes call the high caused by Special K, “K hole,” and describe profound hallucinations that include visual distortions and a lost sense of time, sense, and identity. The high can last from a half-hour to 2 hours. The Drug Enforcement Administration reports that overt effects can last an hour but the drug can still affect the body for up to 24 hours.

    Use of Special K can result in profound physical and mental problems including delirium, amnesia, impaired motor function and potentially fatal respiratory problems.

    Special K is a powder. The drug is usually snorted, but is sometimes sprinkled on tobacco or marijuana and smoked. Special K is frequently used in combination with other drugs, such as ecstasy, heroin or cocaine.

    Liquid Ketamine was developed in the early 1960s as an anesthetic for surgeries, and was used on the battlefields of Vietnam as an anesthetic. Powdered Ketamine emerged as a recreational drug in the 1970s, and was known as “Vitamin K” in the 1980s. It resurfaced in the 1990s rave scene as “Special K.

  • romeo

    Thanks Dontblameme. Holy cow! I had no idea. Well, that certainly would explain a few things around here. LMAO !!!

  • Bianca

    Come on Romeo, spill! Don’t leave us hanging.
    Is he hot? How old and all that.

  • heloksi

    what blogs should i be looking at before queerty?

  • staciegirlie

    I think I can guess the new beau in 2 guesses. But I don’t want to get in trouble, so I won’t.

  • romeo

    Hi, Stacie. Yeah, I saw him mentioned online. But I don’t like to dish until the sh*t has hit the fan. Been the object of gossip myself, so I try to be cool. Besides, Adam needs his space.

  • romeo

    @ Bianca: around the same age as Adam, and he’s okay.

  • Bianca

    Romeo, LOL, if it’s who I think it is, I’m happy for both of them! It’s great! Are you sure about it or is it just speculations and the usual gossip that pairs people together for no good reason?

    U hope it’s that guy:)

  • Bianca

    Should be “I”, not “U”.

  • romeo

    Actually, Bianca, if I were Adam, I’d just play the field for a while and not get paired up too quick. There’s a whole new international world of HOT men opening up to him now that wasn’t available in his Silverlake/Weho days. You should see the guys hanging around New York/Paris/the Riviera/Milan…and on and on. OMFG!

    Check ’em out, Adam! And lucky you, you don’t have to do it on the downlow like all those Hollywood scaredy-cats. LMAO

  • Trisha

    Adam is not the type to just see loads of guys, he wants to be with someone special. To be in love is his goal. Hopefully he will find the right person and be with him for the rest of his life.

  • Trisha

    I think Adam’s next special someome is NPH or Dmitry Chaplin. It will be known soon I am sure. Just hope it lasts forever.

  • Swarm

    @Romeo #12, #16 I heart your ass so much! Metaphorically of course LOL

  • Swarm

    @Romeo #37 HOW ABOUT THAT? OMFG is right! Actually he interviewed that a couple of days ago. He’ll be dating on tour. An endless supply of beautiful boys are out there. Go watch Shakira youtube “Did it Again” THUD…(if he’s one’s type). One of Madonna’s dancers.

    Near term let’s watch him sing FYE to moms on Good Morning America Nov 23 or 24 pounding out “once I’m in I’ll own your heart” bwahahaha

    @Bianca #35 No.


  • staciegirlie

    I should’ve said I could guess Adam’s new guy in one guess. I just saw the article speculating it. I wish Adam would take some time to breath for a second and recenter.

  • romeo

    Stacie & Swarm: some fangirl totally horned in on him last night at a club where he went to hear a friend sing. Drag cause she gave out details on a fansite that were none of her business. At least she didn’t spill the guy’s name that he was with. She gave out some other info that was off limits I think, as well as making him pose for a zillion pictures. Hate to see him invaded that way. He was just out for a couple of drinks and a few laughs, he wasn’t on duty.

    Re: the rumors, it’s in Star magazine. LMAO

    @ Swarm: I worked in Europe a couple of years ago. I was there about a year. Wall to wall men. LOL

    Did you guys see that Youtube of the guy dancing to FYE? So-so dancer, but nice body. Tight.

    @ Trisha: I hope Adam meets the love of his life, too. Hell, I hope I do. BTW, I think he says all that stuff about finding true love because his mother is within earshot. LOL But in the meantime, I hope he gets laid all over the place. Use it or lose it! But bag it, Adam, bag it!

  • Trisha

    Well Romeo, I want Adam to be healthy and safe. If he starts getting laid all over the place, the likelihood of maybe picking up something will be more likely. He needs to find the right monogamous guy and stay with him. I just worry about him and want him to be happy. Hopefully his mom is reminding him to stay safe. Adam used cocaine and he said he was a “slutbag” in 2006 and if he goes back to that lifestyle, how will he stay in the mind set of the importance of being “safe” and not sorry.

  • staciegirlie

    Yep, he needs his mother’s advice more than ever right now. Life sucks when you have to live with regrets and should’ve, could’ve, would’ve(s).

  • romeo

    Guys, Guys ! That’s why I’m telling him to “bag it.” Jeez.

  • Tarry

    Adam never said he was in love or planned to settle down with Drake. He only said he was “dating” him. Adam’s whole life has suddenly changed and he probably needs old and dear friends more than he needs to date someone exclusively. The breast you are referring to hardly registered on the breast scale. I don’t think preference changed–but found humor in your theory anyway. Nice try. Are you trying to say you found a “cure” for gayness?

  • romeo

    LOL ! @ Tarry, see my response in #8.

  • Nicole

    Ok, what the hell? Really, just because he did a photoshoot with women doesn’t mean he’s automatically going to turn straight. I mean I don’t get what the big deal is whether he’s gay, straight, bi whatever, he has an immense voice. He probably broke up with his boyfriend because he has to promote his album and is busy working all the time now – people really need to stop looking deeper into things and get on with their own lives instead of trying to analyse and decipher someone elses xx

  • romeo

    Nicole, you’re obviously lost in the woods here. But, tell you what, if you walk down that little path over there, you’ll see a really pretty little house all made out of candy. There’s a really nice little old lady that lives there and I just know she’d love to have you over for lunch.

  • Nicole

    What’s your problem? Why do you care so much what his sexuality is? It’s not a big deal!
    He did some photoshoot and he breaks up with his boyfriend and you’re saying that the photoshoot is the reason why? Really, get a life would you? If I turn out to be wrong so be it but like I said, who cares?
    He’s got amazing, incredible talent and you’re wasting your time trying to analyse his personal life? Does there really have to be a deeper meaning than what it is?
    It’s not that big a deal so why try and make it out to be something bigger than what it is?
    And quoting fairy-tales? How old are you, 5?

  • romeo

    Nicole, honey, you came swooping in here not even bothering to read what had been said in these posts. This is a gay site for gay people. We make fun of clueless straights who come in here shooting their mouths off. Deal with it. And we’re not saying he broke up with his boyfriend because of the Details photoshoot. BTW: Adam said the photoshoot was just for publicity. It meant nothing. As for Drake, the relationship probably just ran it’s course. But everybody’s still gay. Deal with that too.

    And no, I’m not five, I’m all grown up with two graduate degrees. And you are a moron. Try your best to deal with that. Good luck.

  • Nicole

    Please don’t call me honey.

    Soo … I wasn’t refering to any other comments I was refering to the actual title of the article .. who said anything I said was refering to you at all?
    When I said “people really need to stop looking deeper into things and get on with their own lives instead of trying to analyse and decipher someone elses” I kinda meant the media ’cause it’s pointless.
    And wooow I’m straight, buut I do have many gay, bi and lesbian friends and if the site is on the internet in general doesn’t that mean anyone can have a say on what their opinion is refering to the article? Whether they’re striaght, bi, gay whatever?
    And I don’t care about who’s gay or who’s not I was just making a point saying it’s a pointless debate – my opinion, deal with that.
    Really? So you’re all grown up with 2 graduate degrees and you’re on here mouthing off to a 16 year old who has an opinion and has the right to say that opinion no matter who the website is aimed at? – Real mature! What ever happened to freedom of speech, eh?
    And I am not a moron, I can tell you that now. I may not have 2 graduate degrees but hey, at least I’m working towards something which is more than I can say for most my age. I am at college because I did get the grades I needed meaning, no I am not a moronic idiot why don’t you deal with that.
    I couldn’t really care less what you think of me or what you think about what I say because it’s my opinion and you’re going to have to deal with that because I have every right to say what that is.
    Like I said, no I didn’t read what was said before because I wasn’t talking about any of you guys. I was talking about the article – the world doesn’t revolve around you and neither does this site.

  • romeo

    But, honey, the world does revolve around me. But I’m sorry I called you a moron. I had no idea that you were a 16 year-old straight girl swooping in to a gay website to straighten everybody out.

  • Nicole

    You’re pretty niaeve then if you think the world revolves around you.
    And how dare you! I don’t care whether people are gay, straight or bi or whatever! What the hell is wrong with you?
    I didn’t ‘swoop’ in here, did you not read a word I just said? It’s an opinion! You can either agree with it or not but how dare you even think that I came in here trying to ‘straighten’ everyone out!
    I didn’t know this was a gay website and I don’t really care I stand by what I said before. It wasn’t insulting to anyone homosexual or bisexual so don’t even think of twisting my words around!
    Like I said, this may be a gay website but it’s open for anyone meaning you might have to put up with some comments from the general public whether you agree with them or not. They’re just as valid as your opinions (not more so, not less so) equal!

  • romeo

    But I’m not naive, Nicole. It’s absolutely true, the world DOES revolve around me. And, honey, as for the general public posting comments, you can post them, but where did you get the idea we had to put up with them? C’mon, honey, I’m kidding you.

    (in case any of the guys see this exchange, yes, I know. I should hate myself, but I just don’t ! LMFAO !!! )

  • Nicole

    How exactly does the world revolve around you? I’m curious.

    I never said you had to ‘put up with them’ but you could at least respect them and if you don’t agree tell me in a non-argumentative, non-patronising way. To be honest I am an open minded person and if you don’t agree (and tell me why) then I will respect your opinion and move on.

    However, you did come at me in an argumentative and partonising way therefore, I will stand my ground and say what I believe is right.

    You haven’t really said what was wrong with my post, it was an opinion, the first thing you said was about Hansel and Gretel .. so yeah, I’m gonna come back at you for that. From there it escalated. – Yes I am going to apologize and say I’m sorry if my post was offensive in any way or form to you or any of the people who usually post on this site. I didn’t mean to offend anyone but could you tell me why it was so offensive so I don’t make the same mistkae twice anywhere else? Thanks.

  • romeo

    Nicole, Nicole, you seem like an intelligent girl, one that I wish had more of a sense of humor, but let me take a moment here to point out a few things to you that may help you understand where I’m coming from.

    I’m assuming that you came directly to this thread because it was Adam related and had been bookmarked somewhere else, which means that you bypassed the Queerty main page. If you look there you will see news stories and serious discussions about matters that are important to gay people such as the murders and beatings many of us have to endure, the serious job discrimination we face, how religious and political prejudice denies us many fundamental rights that every other citizen enjoys, and on and on. Though there are celebrity stories here from time to time, this is not a fansite. Most of the stories here are quite serious in nature. For instance, at the moment many of us are very concerned for several young boys, about your age, that are scheduled to be executed by hanging in Iran – just because they are gay. The world is not a friendly place for gay people. We have to make our happiness for ourselves, no one hands it to us. And coming here where we can be free of the outside world and speak our own minds freely is part of that.

    Which brings us to Adam and your posts here. Adam is gay and we here are gay. We can relate to Adam and his circumstances in a way that people who are not gay could not possibly. And his career is, of course, of great interest to us. We understand clearly the discrimination and hatred he has had to face which makes his success of great importance to many of us here. Sure, some of us will criticize him for some things, and, believe me, Adam will understand those criticisms. He knows we’ll let him know. But much of his greatest support will be found here amongst us. I am one of his most devoted fans, trust me.

    Which brings us to his straight fangirls. Every time a story opens here on Adam, the thread is besieged by women and girls, repeating the same things, that have become cliches, unnecessary and redundant, crowding us out of that thread so that no discussion or exchange of thoughts can take place. And this includes you, Nicole. What you said was identical to what we’ve seen in every thread about Adam. And let me tell you something further about what you said, namely that sexuality doesn’t matter. Well, it certainly shouldn’t matter, but the people here know that it does. So you were patronizing us by saying that. We understand all that better than you, believe me. None of you probably intend it, but the cumulative effect is that you’re all trying to intimidate and control the people here. I know you want to support Adam, but how much help do you think this gives him? Frankly, I think you and the others may be irritating people to the point that it reflects badly on Adam, and loses fans for him. Careers today are made on the internet. When the girls come in to this site for an Adam story, they are almost invariably rude and insulting because they don’t understand that this site is different.

    So that is why I did not take you seriously, and you found me patronizing. Does this help you to understand? I hope so.

  • Nicole

    Yeah it helps.

    Thanks for taking the time to explain to me and everything. I didn’t realize that many others before me had said the same thing and that it’s become irritating to all of you.

    I found the link on a site and it did take me straight to this thread, which is why I posted what I thought on what the article was about, I didn’t realzie this site was mainly for people who are gay and that it talks about issues in the world involving people who are gay.

    I know anything I write won’t help Adam or anything like that, I wasn’t really expecting it too .. I thought it was just one of those threads where you post what you think, it’s read and ignored basically. I probably should have found out what the site was about before I posted anything. Sorry.

    As for the two boys in Iran, I don’t know what to say. I can’t say I understand or whatever, because obviously I don’t because I’m not in your poisition. It’s discgusting what’s going on and I also should have said it ‘shouldn’t’ matter instead of it ‘doesn’t’ matter. I realize that I mainly focused on my thoughts there and not considering things that all of you go through in your everyday lives, I guess. I didn’t mean to patronise or anything, I realize the mistake I made and also apologize for that.

    If I had known all of this when I was brought to the site then I wouldn’t have been so quick to jump in and post what I thought.

    I do have a bit of a sense of humor .. I guess I just mis-interpreted or something and viewed it as mocking or something. – which it wouldn’t surprise me if it was but, I probably deserve it.

    I just re-read what I said in my first post and now understand why the last bit of what I said (mainly) was probably out of order – because like you said, it’s not a fansite. So again, I apologize.

    And I’m sorry for being rude or insulting or anything I said that may have been interpreted in that way.

    I understand where you’re coming from now and I am sincerely sorry for what I have written in the past.

  • romeo

    BTW: Adam’s album shot to #1 on iTunes when it was charted today and is holding. HE DID IT! And all the nasty gay-haters and closet cases in Hollywood, and everywhere else, can just suck his BUTT !!!

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