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  • Geoff M

    Some people are simply devoid of any character or intelligence. What an ignorant thing to do.

  • Cinderfellow

    He must have an entire collection, that´s he doesn´t need a new one…

  • thatguyfromboston

    Yeah, everyone knows that with silicone or gel you’ll get a truer flight with more spin.

  • Mike

    I love that he looked down at it and then punted it without hesitation.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Oh, my GOD! No, no, no. I can’t stop laughing. Oh my GOD! Oh LORD, LORD, LORD.

    People have no tack what-so-ever. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………….

    It looked like a great performance to. Just wait, Adam. There will be more to come.

  • scott ny'er

    but… ben wa balls will hurt, dildos are softer.

  • dgz

    didn’t miss a beat. what a pro!

  • Adam Sank

    Well, he WAS singing the words, “I’m going to give you every inch of my love.” So a dildo was an appropriate toss, no?

  • alan brickman

    Just accept them and say thank you your career will depend on how cool you are with this…tom jones had panties thrown at up!!

  • stuck!

    Whereupon it hit a tweeny fan in the forehead, traumatizing her for life.

  • stevenelliot

    Id sincerely like to see Adam’s living dildo attached to his body :~) screw levi johnston. I wanna see Adam in the buff

  • Kid A

    I honestly had not heard him sing a single note until I saw this video. I’m impressed, I would actually go to a show of his. Since when has something come out of American Idol that rocked?

  • Phoenix (You'll Pry The BeDazzler From My Cold Limp Hand)

    @ 10,

    Naw, she’s all good. She’s got Edward Cullen in her dreams.

  • You do realize

    A guy threw that dildo at him.

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