Adam Lambert’s Dinner Date With Zac Efron


While other websites debate whether American Idol‘s Adam Lambert is the next Elvis Presley or Zac Efron, we’re going to conclude: Who cares? Not us, when there’s this shot of Efron (and “girlfriend” Vanessa Hudgens) dining with Lambert last month. A post on an American Idol forum reads: “Ok, so my brother and his wife and kids walked into their local deli last week and they walked in at the same time as Adam. He was there to have dinner with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. My neice, who is 5, has a huge crush on Zac. She’s not that fond of Vanessa. *Smile* My sister in law talked to them and they invited my niece and nephew to come and sit with them, but both were too shy. After they ate though, my nephew, who is 3, did go over and give them each a little sucker-lollipop. Here’s a pic taken from the cell phone.” Hah. A little sucker-lollipop. Fitting. (YES WE’RE IN THIRD GRADE.)