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Adam Lambert’s Old Songs Are Coming Back to Haunt Him


Adam Lambert’s new nightmare? It’s called On With The Show, and indie label Hi-Fi Recordings/Wilshire Records says not only did the American Idol runner-up sing on the record, but he co-wrote some of the songs. The move from Hi-Fi chief John Hecker isn’t sitting well with Lambert, or 19 Entertainment, which is planning to release Lambert’s “official” debut album this fall and needs all the buzz they can get.

The release, meanwhile, has got Lambert denouncing the record, saying, “The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on. Back in 2005 when I was a struggling artist, I was hired as a studio singer to lend my vocals to tracks written by someone else. I was broke at the time and this was my chance to make a few bucks, so I jumped at the opportunity to record for my first time in a professional studio.”

Except: Hi-Fi’s Hecker insists he did most than just sing.

And Hecker wants you to believe he’s not in it for monetary gain! “We saw that it was the right thing for fans to hear this music. We’re doing everything on the highest level, from the mixes to how we’re promoting it.” Not to mention it’s easy to backpack on the endless promotion Team Lambert is involved with now.

Most of Lambert’s reluctance to acknowledge his work on On With The Show likely stems from the album’s first single, “Want,” which was recorded in 2005 and is making the web rounds now. Hint: There’s not much screeching in it. All of which could affect the rock god cred we’ve all lavished on Lambert. It’s threatening to destroy this carefully manicured image! It’s like when you see your favorite A-list actor schilling for a third-rate fragrance overseas — how can you ever love him again?

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  • magsmagenta

    If Hecker thought the album was worth releasing why didn’t they release it at the time, and offer Adam a recording contract?
    Now they know that we don’t care that he’s gay they’re kicking themselves that they missed a very lucrative opportunity.
    I believe Adam.

  • Dan

    This Hecker guy sounds like a sleazebag. Are they intentionally trying to ruin his career? What the hell?

  • jae

    Agrees with the previous poster. These people are just opportunist and obviously didn’t feel Adam was worth the time of day til now. Unless Lambert backs this material, i am not buying it. I will wait for his RCA debut. Want is an inferious song. not worth my change anyway. I can’t imagine the others are any better, Adam’s vocals or not.

  • razz

    to be honest…it’s not that bad…it’s pretty will this ruin his image?

  • BrianZ

    @razz: I’m at a loss as well. The song clip isn’t anything to get excited about but I can’t imagine it would make me switch to another station in disgust.

    So the guy wants to make a buck … *faint*

  • jan lynn


  • RAW

    Now that Adam is famous, Hecker has suddenly recognized the talent of one of its studio singers from 5 years ago! This crass opportunism is a shame, but unfortunately it is the way the world works. I hope the public will recognize that this is a cheap shot and wait for the “real” debut album to be released this Fall.

  • Fabulous

    This whole thing sounds strange. If Adam indeed wrote much of the music, does he not have any say in its use? How can this happen? This would be like finding some old music any artist did during their early years. Chances are they would not want it to be presented as it was before they had developed their style and were not at their best.

    The obvious greed displayed by this record company is disgusting. They absolutely want to undermind Adam’s career while making money for themselves. Admit it Mr. Hecker, it’s all about the money! You timing suggests that. Why would you hold the music until this young artist finds success and is ready to launch his career with another recording company.

    I certainly hope Adam fans will not purchase this music, and I further hope it will not be played. This is Adam’s wish, and I respect will respect it. I will attend the AI concert, and I will eagerly purchase his RCA recording.

  • rick

    ENUNCIATE! he really isn’t very good you know.

  • Ariel

    Adam Lambert demonstrates much artistic integrity in all his work. The other album won’t steal his thunder or undermine him; it will just whet the appetite. On the other hand, as a loyal fan, I refuse to buy any song or album unless Adam puts his stamp of approval on it. (However, I will make an only exception for Bohemian Rhapsody–want so much to hear Adam sing that song.)

  • Rudy

    It’s sung beautifully.
    The lyric needs work.

  • AlwaysGay

    I recognize Adam’s musical stylings in this song. It doesn’t matter what he sang before or where he came from. His voice is amazing no matter what he sings. Buy Adam.

  • RainyHere

    Adam’s voice and styling of the song is a thing of great beauty, as always. Adam has the magic touch! I agree these old songs won’t hurt him a bit. They just whet the appetite for the main course in the fall! Love this guy! He has stellar talent and will fly high!

  • ElDani

    I have absolutely no idea how an album which he recorded some years in the past can come back to haunt or harm him in any way.

    The people who will be furious about this are likely those that want to earn big money with Mr almost-Idol Lambert – Fremantle Media, 19 Entertainment and whoever else is invested in record deals with Idol participants.

    Not only can this thing be valuable (and free!) publicity for Adam, but, should this really be co-written by him, there’s a chance for real fans to get some of his early works. Judging from ‘Want’, the album should be good enough but I expect more from his new stuff.

  • Carlescah

    There are so many holes in the record company’s explanation. If this is what they call their “highest level” in mixes they must employ the industry’s worst sound engineers. Adam’s voice is Adam’s voice – magnificent – but the instrumental work behind his voice and the overall sound quality are just awful. There has been a level of polish and excellence in all of his Idol releases that is completely absent from “Want.” Hi Fi Recordings should come clean and admit this is a shameless attempt at riding the wake of Adam’s Idol success.
    That said – I love Adam, can’t wait for his real debut album, and all the other amazing things he will do in the years to come.


    Who cares? That was then. This is now. Hecker’s concerns are irrelavant.

  • Mithril

    Adam did session work for a flat fee for another recording company pre-Idol and before signing with 19E. Why in the world wouldn’t that company now try to sell the material they paid for given Adam’s huge popularity? It’s a business for christ’s sake, not a charity. 19E doesn’t like it, and Adam has to put his name on their press releases since he’s now their asset, but frankly I doubt he’s unhappy. The songs may not be the best, and the production may be of lower quality, but balancing out those two things are is wonderful voice and the fact that he’ll have material out to the masses, keeping him in their thoughts, before his 19E CD drops in the fall. It’s win-win for Adam, imo. I’m sure he won’t get royalties, but why should he since I’m pretty sure he agreed to a flat fee and got that compensation for the work. It’s just business.

    Love, love, love Adam – he’s going to be fine and a superstar no matter what happens with this early CD.

  • carrmuse2

    I love the song, Adam’s voice is beautiful, but the quality of the production is pretty demo-ish. In fact that is what it sounds like. I don’t have a problem with the song. I do have a problem with Hecker (HiFi exec.) saying that Adam wrote most of the songs and that he endorses the album. Nothing could be further from the truth. Until yesterday the same song was listed in their catalog by another artist under the name “November”. ( I wonder if he wrote it too) They have since taken the song off the list. HiFi is lying and they do not have Adam’s best interest at heart. He will not receive any compensation from the release. Seems to me using someones name to promote something without their consent is shady.

  • Alex

    The song sounds good to me. Often an earlier work can give insights into the musical development of an artist. It is the job of artists to create. It’s the job of the record company to make money. That’s all.

  • clayton oyer

    Why is he doing this now that he is already famous? Looks like he’s up to something.

  • Mithril


    I love Adam and he’s gonna be fine, but the plain fact is that he game them permission when he took the payment for the session gig way back when. There’s no take-back’s in business just because now he wishes he hadn’t done it.

  • AdoringAdam

    Your article was a litle snarky toward the end. He is a rock god!

    Of course, the other recording company is going to cash in on Adam. The good old American way–anything for a buck. I listened to WANT online and thought Adam sounded great. He has a fantastic voice. Some fans are going to buy anything Adam records and others will wait for the CD from 19/RCA recordings. I think Adam will be fine and let’s cut him some slack. He needed the money and making demos or being a back up singer is nothing to be ashamed about. GEE!!!

  • Rubyhfa

    I’m an Adam fanatic and love all his music, but I will not buy this CD as this is not the real music that he’s working on. I will wait for his first CD in the fall. Besides, HiFi lied when they said Adam co-wrote the songs. It’s an inferior recording and they’re just trying to make a quick buck. Adam is not endorsing it and I will not support it.

  • jimmy

    Sounds like real music to me. At least it’s not overwrought.

  • Dorena

    I wish they would just wait until his real debut cd comes out then release this. Would be less shady and give Adam a chance to debut his choice of music. I like the simplicity of this song and Adam’s voice is gorgeous. I won’t buy but I’ll certainly find it somewhere!

  • Reny

    @Rubyhfa: “I’m an Adam fanatic and love all his music, but I will not buy this CD as this is not the real music that he’s working on.”

    How is this not the real music if Adam wrote it himself? And he had meetings with Hi-Fi Recordings just this May, so he clearly violated his Idol contract. And he will make more money from this little album than from his proper debut, because RCA and 19 cannot take a percentage of his royalties.

  • Paula Carr

    I don’t agree with your last statement. There is no way to diminish his amazing talent and talent will out. Adam Lambert will be a worldwide star even with all the leeches trying to take advantage of him. One last thing, Adam does not screech he wails and he does it better than anyone else in the world. His image is that of a amazingly gifted singer and no one can take that away from him.

  • wtdp

    WiFi sounds kind of desperate now, I guess they weren’t expecting such bad publicity – I am afraid they have really underestimated the cohesive loyalty of Adam’s fans. We really really love him and want the best for him.

  • Loretta

    who does HiFi & this jokester Hecker think they are fooling with all this BS propaganda, oops publicity regarding their release of demo sessions recording of Adam Lambert that are around 3-4 years old. They just see all the $$ signs in front of their eyes when they realized they had these recordings. I am not going to buy any of their products until they release them after Adam Lambert’s official CD is released from RCA and they release the truth behind their reason as to the rush to ride Adam’s coattails.

  • bebe

    I read the Billboard interview with Hecker, and I have to say he comes across as a plaid suit who’ll say anything to make a quick buck. In fact, Adam didn’t write the songs he recorded for Wilshire. He was hired as a demo singer to record other people’s songs. And he won’t be getting a dime from this. Hecker tap-danced around the whole question of compensation, implying that the benefit to Adam will be the publicity involved. Thanks for nothing, Hecker.

    As for this hurting Adam’s image–b*tch, please.

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