Adam Levine Tells His Dirty Sex Secrets To Howard Stern, Cleans Up For Anderson Cooper

Adam Levine took his model girlfriend Anne V. for a date yesterday on The Howard Stern Show, where he opened up about how they practice birth control: the pull-out method.

“This is the longest, most functional relationship I’ve ever been in,” Levine said. “I don’t want to screw it up. [I use] a foolproof birth-control system, [the pull-out method].”

Not that we’re experts but our straight friends with kids might debate how “foolproof” that method is.

While Anne V. confirmed they’re in love, the Maroon 5 singer also revealed that he usually deposits his post-coital love juice into towels, which he then leaves for hotel maids to clean up. Nice!

Speaking of cleaning up, Levine did just that when he showed up in the CNN offices for a stuffed-animal-filled segment of Anderson Cooper‘s daytime talk show, which will air Monday.

The Coopster noted that Cee Lo Green, Levine’s co-star on The Voice, usually strokes a white cat on the show. With nary a pussy joke cracked, Cooper set out to find Adam a lap-dwelling mascot to call his own.

In the preview clip below, see the Silver Fox offer a red fox to the Pull-Out Master:

Photo via Cosmopolitan magazine

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  • Chris

    Actually, studies have shown that the pull-out method is statistically just as effective at preventing pregnancy as using condoms – they both fail around 18% of the time.

    Mind you, that’s under “typical use,” not “ideal use.” If everyone used condoms perfectly according to the instructions, and pulled out perfectly every time, the failure rates are 2% and 4%, effectively. But in actual real-life usage, they’re about equal.

    Also note: this is solely talking about PREVENTING PREGNANCY. There are lots of other nasty things condoms protect us from that the pull-out method does not. That’s not to be taken for granted.

  • Seamus

    Condoms protect against bacteria, viral infections and diseases. I have encountered some gay men who practice bareback sex and honestly believe that because they only bareback with their monogamous partner, they are assured to be protected from disease. This is false. A person’s rectum contains a host of bacteria. These bacteria can easily result in a urinary tract infection. My point is, use condoms for the sake of being sensible. This is logic, folks.

  • Cam

    Adam looks a bit like a heroine addict to me.

  • jason

    I’m sick of this worm Levine and his fake heterosexuality. Fuck off, Adam.

  • Marie Cohn

    Anne V to Adam: “I am NOT your bukakke bitch! Leave it for the maids to clean up.”

  • Red Meat

    First of all, he said he is in a long committed relationship so condoms to protect yourself from an STD is a sign of untrustworthy at best of the relationship. The pullout method does work depending on the guy, there are many guys that like to see themselves ejaculate so they always pull out. If he doesn’t pull out, I’m pretty sure it will be obvious enough to do something about it.

  • UWSguy

    Love Adam but he ought to promote using condoms to his fans

  • Mark

    Too bad he ruined his body with all the ink.

  • D.


    You jelly that a “fake heterosexual” has a hot girlfriend and a mob of girls drooling over him? ;)

  • seaguy

    @Cam: I don’t hang with heroin addicts so I would not know what one looks like. So Adam just looks hot to me!

  • BlueBird

    Not a lobster but a hermit crab…

  • arbiter

    I loved it when they called it the “rhythm method” in high school sex ed, I guess because it’s less graphic. LOL I was like wtf does rhythm have to do with it? I take this means he isn’t one of those guys who ‘leaks.’ Heh, definitely couldn’t be my method, were pregnancy a concern. Thank god it’s not.

  • BubbasBack

    That show with Coops pulling out stuffed animals. Yikes. Bad. Burp!

  • Doug

    @arbiter. The rhythm in “rhythm method” refers to the rhythm of a woman’s menstruation cycle. The idea of the method is to only have intercourse on the days in which a woman is not fertile. This method often includes coitus interruptus (pulling out) as an extra precaution against pregnancy. The two methods often go hand in hand and the terms tend to be interchangeable.

  • Alex

    Anne V should be taking that “post-coital love juice” in her mouth, instead of leaving it in a towel for a maid.

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