Adam Levine Tells His Dirty Sex Secrets To Howard Stern, Cleans Up For Anderson Cooper

Adam Levine took his model girlfriend Anne V. for a date yesterday on The Howard Stern Show, where he opened up about how they practice birth control: the pull-out method.

“This is the longest, most functional relationship I’ve ever been in,” Levine said. “I don’t want to screw it up. [I use] a foolproof birth-control system, [the pull-out method].”

Not that we’re experts but our straight friends with kids might debate how “foolproof” that method is.

While Anne V. confirmed they’re in love, the Maroon 5 singer also revealed that he usually deposits his post-coital love juice into towels, which he then leaves for hotel maids to clean up. Nice!

Speaking of cleaning up, Levine did just that when he showed up in the CNN offices for a stuffed-animal-filled segment of Anderson Cooper‘s daytime talk show, which will air Monday.

The Coopster noted that Cee Lo Green, Levine’s co-star on The Voice, usually strokes a white cat on the show. With nary a pussy joke cracked, Cooper set out to find Adam a lap-dwelling mascot to call his own.

In the preview clip below, see the Silver Fox offer a red fox to the Pull-Out Master:

Photo via Cosmopolitan magazine