Adam Pally Talks About Gay Max, Madonna And Happy Endings Season Finale

The season finale for ABC’s Happy Endings airs tonight at 8:30pm, which means it’ll be a few months before we see more antics from Max, the unconventional gay member of the gang. And unconventional in Hollywood terms means he has more than 3% body fat and doesn’t know who designs Rodarte is. In tonight’s finale, Max’s friend Derrick (Bear City‘s Stephen Guarino) is getting hitched to his boyfriend and convinces Max to perform at the wedding with his all-male Madonna cover band.

TV Guide chatted with Pally about his character, the show and possibly showing some (tattooed) skin:

TV Guide Magazine: In the season finale, we find out that Max was in an all-male Madonna cover band called Mandonna…What do we hear you sing?
“Like a Prayer.” And let me tell you something, I nail it. It sounds more like what a grunge-rock version would be, but nevertheless, I nail it. [Laughs]

We love Max for so many reasons, but one is that he’s probably TV’s most normal gay character. How has the gay community’s response been?

It’s been amazing. It is so nice that they have responded to it and I think a lot of people that it’s an honest representation of who they are. I can’t thank them enough and I hopefully, going forward they’ll like him just as much.

But the fat jokes? Come on. You might be “Hollywood pudgy,” but in the real world, that’s nothing.
Look, I know that. And thank you for saying I’m “Hollywood pudgy.” [Laughs] But I am legit not a slender man. My wife and I just had a baby—here’s a spoiler for you: Max is putting on a few. I continue to put on the baby weight. I eat as if I am running the New York City Marathon the next day, every single day.

Back to the Happy Endings finale, Brian Austin Green also shows up…

Pally: Yes, the “BAG Man” as well called him on set.

Is he as handsome in person?
He is a very handsome man. With very cool tattoos, I will say that.

Speaking of, what are your tattoos?
I have one. I may get another during the off-season, I might get my son’s name but I’m not sure yet. The one I have is my Hebrew name, which I share with my grandfather, and it’s not the best tattoo. I got it when I was 19 and now it looks like I was in a Tel Aviv prison and that I am someone’s property. [Laughs]

So you never got the “Tacos Mi Corazons” tattoo?
No, but they actually put it on me every day no matter if I am talking my short off or not, because there is always the case in a scene where I might improvise getting naked.

We certainly wouldn’t mind if Pally improvised getting naked, but we’re still on the fence about Max. He’s a nice change of pace from the mincing, OCD queens who so often populate network television, but he’s also got the biggest Peter Pan complex this side of, well, Peter Pan. Gee, a gay man who refuses to grow up? That’s not stereotypical. Nosiree!

Are you a fan of Max and Happy Endings? Are we missing something? Set us, er, straight in the comment section!